Permanent Eyeliner Saline Solution Removal - Houston, TX

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I've never written a review before but I've read...

I've never written a review before but I've read so many forums on here I decided it may be beneficial to those considering permanent make up and permanent make up removal.

I decided to get permanent eyeliner done a few weeks ago. I wanted more of a lash enhancement rather than full on eyeliner. My biggest mistake was that I did not do research into the place I got it done at. I thought their website looked reputable. One of my suggestions would be to ask to see pictures of the artist's previous clients rather than photos that are displayed on the website or in the shop. I realized now these are not photos of people that were done by them. The artist had me draw on my liner how I wanted it and we discussed colors. She mixed three different pigments to create a black and said this was necessary to prevent the pigment from fading into odd colors. The end result of my permanent liner is very unfortunate. Very uneven and way thicker than I wanted. The liner comes down way more in my right inner eye than my left, which I did not want it to come to my inner eye at all. There are also two "bumps" on the inner part that she assured me would flake off. The lines are jagged and the left outter eye is much thicker.

Well after waiting out the healing time the bumps did not flake off. The liner doesn't look terrible with mascara on and I can cover the mistakes with liner but defeats the purpose of getting permanent make up. The artist told me she can fix the spots and has a lightening cream for the bumps. I did not want to fix this by adding more liner for a thicker and probably still uneven line. As for the cream, I have little hope I would get the desired results.

After much research and reading through forums on this site, I decided to find a well trained and reputable technician who does saline solution tattoo removal. The removal is pretty costly but I am optimistic for the results. The technician believes I will only need one treatment and possibly and spot treatment because the previous lady did not go very deep with the liner. The removal process was one of the worst things I've ever experienced in my life. A different type of tattoo gun was used than the initial permanent liner proceedure and implants a saline solution into the open skin in order to draw out pigments. I'm on day three and my eyes are still swollen, looks like I spent the night crying but a scab is starting to form. It is important to keep the scab dry and do not pick at it because it aids in the removal of the pigment. I am hoping when the scab falls off I will be left with very little pigment and a pink scar that will heal over time. From my understanding, scarring will depend on how your body normally heals wounds. Fortunately my body tends to heal cuts without any scarring, including ones I've had on my face. But only time will tell.

I plan on getting lash enhancement permanent make up once the removal is complete from the same person who is doing my removal. My experience has been made so much better through the compassionate care of the removal technician.

I will update this post as my removal process continues!

5 days post removal

The swelling has finally gone down and hard scabs have formed on the treatment areas. There has been a little flaking but nothing substantial. The removal tech has been so great throughout this entire process and continues to check up on my healing progress. She informed me today she has a plan for my eyes that shouldn't required another removal session and will give me what I intially wanted when I went to get permanent makeup! Hopefully my eyes reject all of the color and I won't need another removal session!

8 days post

Some of the scabs have fallen off and I am pleased so far with the results. The outer part of my left eye looks almost like no liner was ever on it! The inner part of my right eye (which the part that bothered me the most) has faded significantly and I will most likely need another treatment there. Or I may just cover it with makeup and save the money and pain because it isn't terrible! I didn't wear mascara at all last week so apologies the update photo has mascara. Some of my lashes came off with the scab on my inner eye, so it's a little bare but you can see it has faded significantly.

Almost two weeks post removal

So the lady that did my permanent make up said she would refund my money. I didn't ask her to, but it is nice she is going to. She said she's never had anyone complain about it before and I find that hard to believe. As for the healing, I only have one section left that has a thick scab on it. The scab is kind of hanging off but is hidden by my eyelashes. I don't want to pull it off, although it is very annoying. Other scabs that have come off were stuck in my lashes and ending up pulling lashes off with them. I bought some lash serum that had really good reviews from Amazon to help them grow back. I am a little disappointed with the results so far but didn't expect a miracle. I can't decide if I will go in for another removal because it is very expensive and very painful. I recently moved back home after finishing a masters degree and been trying to save money, so I've feel like I am being counterproductive. There are secondary scabs and it is possible for more pigment to come off. In two weeks I am meeting with the removal tech again to see what we should do next. I will add an updated photo once the last thick scab falls off and I don't have mascara on.

Two weeks post

It's been over two weeks since I started the removal process and all of the intial thick scabs have fallen off! I did lose some lashes in the process though, nothing crazy. There is some secondary scabbing that may remove some more color. Otherwise, there is a quite a difference in the appearance of the liner. Only one part really bothers me and its on my right eye where the liner came further down on my inner eye. I am probably the only one that notices it though.

Very compassionate and knowledgable.

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