Panniculectomy and Tummy Tuck- Houston, TX

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Hello, Well I got my approval for my...

Well I got my approval for my panniculectomy found out they submitted approval for abdominalplasty they got the insurance to approve both thank God, im scheduled August 20th im very excited so ready to get it done and want to see how all my hard work from 120 lbs loss has paid off with a flat tummy. Pics coming soon.

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Panni/tummy tuck

I'm working really hard to loose more weight before my surgery date I've lost 9lbs so far I would like to loose 25-30 more pounds any advice?

Panni/Tummy Tuck Question

Does anyone know what all I will need to purchase before surgery? They havent let me know yet I think there gonna wait till pre-op testing or something but if anyone knows what necessary itmes you felt you needed to have to make it a little easier please let me know! Also what binder or girdle helped you the most? I have seen so far the Squeem had good reviews for people...Thanks!!

Tummy Tuck

Well I have 4 more day's till surgery I gotta say im starting to get nervous having second thoughts cause just reading and looking and I'm nervous I wont get the results I want cause my top of my stomach is still full I been trying so hard to loose more weight don't know if I should wait till I can get my stomach flatter and I been loosing weight but not in my stomach area lol why cant we pick were we want the weight to fall off!! My breast and arms getting smaller but not my stomach very frustrating I don't wanna have to get a second surgery I just hope it all works out good maybe I'm thinking and doing to much searching...dont know uggh frustrated :(

I did it

Had my surgery yesterday morning I feel so much better today but yesterday was horrible! Im home in my bed my husband is my caretaker I don't know how I would do it without him.

before and after pics

I weighed 260lbs on day of surgery.

Before and after pics

He removed 15lbs

3 days post op

Feeling so much better today I'm able to get up by myself and walk around without getting light headed. Just relaxing not stressing myself out took a shower last night got a little freaked out when I took my binder off saw my scar but had to remind myself that was what I already knew so oh well I feel a lot lighter already my back feels good except from sleeping on my back so much but never the less I feel pretty good praying that my healing speeds by and I can get back to working out and back to carrying my baby

lost weight

Went to see my surgeon today for follow up everything went good he said im healing well and gotta keep drains in a little longer I go back next Tuesday. I even lost 12lbs!! Yay!

feeling better

Well im down to 243 lbs loosing about 2lbs a day excited about that but I would like to just get my incision healed so I can move around like I want my belly button is dead lol my doc told me that today. Just want this over an done with.


Did anyone cough up mucus with blood after procedures?

Drains are gone!

Well tomorrow will be 3weeks! Everyday I'm feeling better especially today since my drains are out! Thank you Jesus!! Go back to work tomorrow not so excited lol but gotta get my money :-)

Smaller Size

I'm now a size 16 so excited I started at a grateful! Still swollen but dealing with it.

Incision issue's

Well feeling good till a small part of my incision looked like it open and smells kinda funky so I gotta call my doctor's and see what needs to be done just hate that happened and don't know why feeling a little disappointed and discouraged hopefully this is over soon wanna feel better.

Cant wait till incision heals!

Well my incision is still open and my surgeon keeps telling me it will close soon, whatever that means! Im pretty upset that this process is taking so long i thought maybe him giving me some antibotics or something would help but nope he sayd it will close on its own and on my last appointment last week he said i dont have to see him anymore so im like ok uh i just gotta stay like this?? He just says it will close in about 3 weeks oookkk i guess i will just have to wait and keep doing what he says to do and put gauze and just wait! anyone else has these incision issues?? PLEASE HELP!
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