45 Years old 5'7, 133# with 475cc HP Natrelle Style#20

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Hi, I'm 43 years old ,weigh 135, thin, 5'7 . I...

Hi, I'm 43 years old ,weigh 135, thin, 5'7 . I wear like a 34 A or B , Doctor said I would look great with a small D , Is that to big, Im very nervous I just dont want them to look so big on me , getting them done in the summer in May very excited , Just hope they don't look to fake or to big ...can someone tell me if I'm going to big?

Not vet happywith the way I Look now cant wait till my inplants in May , very excited and nervous ...

This is the size and the look I want .....

Found my size ,i used a panty hose and measured with rice ,it was 2 cups in each, i love that size and so does hubby, Thank you

My small Boobies ...

Well since everyone here is posting the before and after pictures ,well here's a few of mine ,As soon as I get my boobies done I will show so many pictures , Very nervous but excited!!! Come on May!!!

Boo so flat:'(

Here's a few pictures of me with my flat self..lol

Not sure!!!

OK going to update a little on my status , I have been here since Nov. 2014 , so glad to say I have done so many research on here , I'm so glad to have found this sight ,without you lady's I would be so lost, I just need a little help ...My first visit was on Nov. 2014 with Dr. Thomas P. McHugh in the woodlands now remember I'm going there clueless , all I know I want a BA not sure what size all I know I want boobies ..lol The lady's there were pretty nice , I signed a few paper work just a little about my self and why I was there for , anyways they called me in the room ,which was pretty quick, she said so I see you want a BA I said yes ma'am , she said do you know what size you want I said no I'm not sure all I said I don't want them to small or to big ..lol she said Well you would look great in a small D ,I said OK , So 1 min. later here comes Dr. McHugh very nice and asked I see you want a BA yes sir , how big do you want them he asked not sure I said ,he did measured me but didn't say anything but I think you would look great in a small D, he said I will let you try sizers and see what you think, I said OK , well she let me try on the sizer which I didnt have a clue about it being a 350 or 450 or what remember I went blind going to his office and she said you look great with that size I said yes I do she said that's a small D , I said OK not bad , and that was it , so I went to the front ,they said so what date would you like your surgery on I said let me to talk to my hubby and I will get back with you , well I did talk to hubby he said babe do you mind waiting till May ,Cause I just started this new job and will be a little tight , I said you know that's OK babe it works out better since I will be off for the summer and I can heal better . .Well after I saw this sight I was like wow how cool is this ,everyone showing pictures before and after and what type and size I was like wait now this doctor didn't say the number of my boobs would be all he said a small D would look great on you ..hummm , anyways not sure about this Doctor now , I read reviews on the Doctors close by and I made an appointment for this Thursday with Doctor Paul S. Gill , both of these doctors are in the Woodlands area , so I'm going to see now how this Doctor is ,,,But now I know what to ask , I don't want a letter small D cause what is small D... like I said so glad I ran into this sight without this sight I would be clueless ,I have a few pictures to show this Doctor so far I'm loving the 415cc HP round silicone , if anyone wants to give me advice on how to choose a doctor or implants please feel free for any ideas ...Thank you lady's for your before and after pictures it has helped me out a lot ...

Down Payment!!!

Ok so I gave my $500 deposit for my BA , Yay!! Happy...At least I know I have my exact date and my spot..May 26...very excited ,almost here, I decided on 450 cc UHP silicone. I just hope they won't look to high or too big, but here's a few pictures I took at the doctors office,They don't look bad at all ..If anyone here has the same size please send me some pictures so I know at least how they will look ..

Need Pictures!!

Hi lady's, just wanted to ask anyone out here who has had a BA already ,Does anyone here have had UHP ,I'm getting 450cc UHP silicone ,just wanted to see a few pictures so I can have an idea how UHP look like , and if so do you like the look and are you happy you got UHP, I'm just a little nervous ,Please help me if you can.. Thanks

More wish pictures !!!

just a few more wish pictures!!!!

Never too Early!!

I was at Walmart and had to look at bras lol..so look what I bought!!!

5 more Weeks!!!!

I know I still a little ways..lol but I'm just so excited, I can't believe I'm doing this, hubby is backing me 100% ..I can't wait to buy swim suits and bras with no padding..lol ..still not sure about my size 450cc or 500cc , UHP or HP ..I want that round fake look not natural..lol I know call me crazy but that's just me and hubby loves that round look too ..no saggy ..lol ..if anyone has any ideas or would like to give an input please do , I won't be mad ..

4 More Weeks!!!

Hello lady's , yup only 4 more weeks, I'm just counting the days:-D I really think hubby is so excited , We were at Academy and tells me babe your surgery is soon why don't we shop for some sport bras ,I said well not sure what size ..lol well I ended up with 1 because no one carry's with the zipper in the front but under armour ,they didn't have much of a selection so I just got me one but I did ask the lady at the register if this doesn't fit can I bring it back ,she looked at me kind of funny ,I'm sure she was thinking oh she will be bringing it back..lol but she said as long as you bring your receipt .lol ,34DD wow I hope it fits....

Counting The Days!!

I have 22more days to go ..Yay!!!! Boy I can't sleep ..lol all I think about is Boobies ..my Bobbies lol ..Next week I will know my final size I will be going for , I know I keep looking at pictures here and I'm really thinking 475cc UHP :-D will see ,

Just Me!!!!

Before pictures !!!


Not sure what happen my pictures didn't upload..

my wish pictures..

I really hope my boobies will turn out like my wish pictures :-D

not to happy!!!

Cant wait for my real ones lol ..getting rid of my padded bras soon!!!

Wish pictures!!!

So love these pictures..These are all UHP profile...

460cc UHP Natrelle Allergen Style #45

I just got back from my PS And its going to be Natrelle Allergen 460cc UHP , I just gave the full payment ,no turning back , 11 more days boy I'm so excited , anyone here have the same implants ,please let me know and what ya think...

I need Help ASAP!!!!

Well I went to my PS Friday , When I asked what exactly was I getting he said 460cc Natrelle style 45 UHP ,I said oh you don't have mentors he says he prefers Natrelle and he said that's what he use in his patients ...but stated I was going to get the look I wanted ,Well I can home and Google. so many pictures with the style I was getting and notice there's a gap in between and the nipples are narrow it notice it doesn't look like the round fake I want ,so I'm so confuse ,but I looked up the HP Natrelle Style 20 which looks better in my eyes the style 20 still gives it a round look , I liked the 475cc Natrelle style 20 ,..What should I do!!!! Or its all in my head and trust my PS ..I need advice ...please help me lady's!!!

Does anyone here have Natrelle Style #20 or Style #45

please post pictures so I can see the difference!!! I'm just going crazy I guess since my surgery is May26 , and not to sure if I'm choosing the right size ,love the mentorsbut my PS use only Natrelle..he said he just prefers to use those... so if anyone out there have use Natrelle please holler at me thanks...xoxo

Changed my mind !!!

I'm calling my ps in the morning ,I'm going to change 460cc UHP to 475cc HP Natrelle style#20 ...I really hope my PS doesn't get upset and I hope I can change it without any problems ..Fingers crossed ...

Let the Count down begin!!!!

Yup 7 more days!!!! I called my PS this morning and asked if its OK if I can change the size and profile ,she said sure ...I told her well I have been doing some research and I think I will be happier with HP 475cc Natrelle style #20 she said are you sure cause we have to order them and no more turning back..I replied yes ma'am I'm sure...It was just my gutt feeling I had, and now I feel better and now let the count down begin..Boy I'm so ready!!!

Got my pills today !!Yay..

Hello lovely lady's, I just picked up my pills, I only paid $12 for all 3 with my insurance :-D are these the pills everyone here are taking for pain, am I missing any others if so please let me know my surgery is just 5 days away ,, 1. oxycodone 2.Cephalexin 3.Promethazine...I'm doing my shopping on Monday since I will be picking up my mother to take care of me for at least 2 weeks ,is that plenty of time for her to be with me ...If any of you lovely lady's will like to give me advice or help me in what I need to buy please let me know ..I did make a list on what I need after my BA but will take advice or help ..Thanks lady's...xoxo ...its getting closer ,oh and Friday is my last day of work and will be off for 3 months since I work for the school we are off for the summer....yay!!!

Bye Bye Zumba!!!

Well today I said bye bye to all my Zumba friends ,My PS said it will be a while before I go back to doing Zumba ,boy I'm going to miss those classes, I really enjoyed because I love to dance..lol ...but I need to take care of boobies first..maybe I will stop by so they can see the new me ..most of the lady's there know I'm getting my boobies done ..some of them said how jealous they will be :-D

Does anyone have 475cc hp Natrelle Style #20!!!

I would like to see if anyone here has 475cc HP Natrelle style #20 just to see how they look ,I know everyone here is different but I see mostly 450cc HP Natrelle #20 ,I just hope im not going to big..any advice lady's I'm 5'7 weight 137...Thanks xoxo ...just a little nervous 4 more days ..Yay!!!

10 more Hours!!!! (.)(.)

Woo Hoo!! In 10 hours I will have boobies :-D So excited ,I went to pick my mom up this morning we did a lot of shopping ,I got everything I needed ...so now I'm at home, its 9:00 p.m I have to be at the Hospital at 6:00 a.m so that means I have to be out of bed at 4 to be there at 6 ,its an hour and 30 min. drive but that's OK hubby will taking me ...I'm so freaking happy!!! I'm just praying it all goes well .. good night lady's its time for me to get some zzzz, not sure I can but I will try...Good luck to all who's getting there's done tomorrow 2 :-D

WooHoo!!! I have boobies!!

Hello beautiful lady's ,Had my BA this morning..Yayyy!!! And let me tell you, everyone at the Hospital were super nice, I will keep ya posted with pictures but my PS said do not take the bra until I shower in 3 days ..boo but I will keep ya posted ..The pain was not so bad as of now, I'm so freaking happy already ,threw away my last padded bra at the hospital ..lol ..OK well I'm about eat I'm so hungry ..Boy I'm feeling very good as of now ,I hope the pain of getting this done won't be as bad but I know some of you lady's had bad experience with pain ,but so far so good,.Can't believe I have boobies ...later beautiful lady's ,I'm hungry and sleepy I'm about to do both ..lol...later xoxo

475cc hp Natrelle style #20 silicone Are they all same style &shape?

Hello lady's, I just wanted to know is this stlye #20 are they all round smooth ..I don't see it on this card ..just wanted to ask this silly question..lol


My first day and so far so good ..love them :-D Very happy as of now praying they will turn out great...

Feeling great!!

Hello lady's second day,still feeling great, I'm so glad I'm doing pretty good as being my second day,they dropped a little , I'm really going to be happy with my size and all, I didn't sleep at all because the pain meds made me itch all over so I called the office today to see if they can give me different pain meds. they said sure no prob. just wanted different pain meds. just in case I start being in pain but as of now I'm doing pretty good, so happy with my outcome, what I love about my PS he did awesome and you can't see my scars ,and every staff at the Hospital were very nice ,they called yesterday and today to see if I had any questions or how was I doing, Dr. Gill A+ you did an awesome job on me ..Thank you so much ,I feel very beautiful now and hubby said he did a great job, and he loves my boobies ..lol anyhow Thank you lady's for your comments and kind words it means so much to me xoxo..I will continue to post more pictures later..just kind of weird asking my mom to take pictures for me .lol

Day 3

Hello lady's, Woke up this morning feeling hardly no pain as of today no more pain meds. I just can't believe how I feel, I'm just so happy that everything has been going so smoothly, I took a shower today with no help I put my clothes on with no help :-D So as of now I'm feeling awesome!!!I Here's a few pictures I took after I showered ..lol ..I can't believe how pretty they look ha, well in my eyes they do look pretty ,and my mom is like they look perfect no too big or not to small ,so happy I have her with me ,so far she has done all the cooking for me and hubby, we are loving her company ...xoxo

My Breast Itch!!!

lady's I need help ,I'm on my 3 day on my BA my Breast itch so bad and my back is that normal? What can I do , please help!!!!

Before and After

So far I'm very happy with my results ,I'm getting around pretty good ,no pain meds. This Procedure was not bad at all , I'm so glad I finally did this, I really want to go bra shopping can't wait till they drop and fluff :-D

Very Happy!!!

Hello beautiful lady's, Here's 2 pictures I would like to show the before and after my BA , as of now I'm very happy with my results ,These 2 swim suit tops I had them for years ,so I thought I would try them on just to see the difference, I was like heck yeah!!! lol ...

Few Pictures!!!

I just thought I share a few pictures, Still loving my results!!!! I'm feeling pretty good so far ,tomorrow will be the first time I leave the house and drive, me and mom need to get out of the house ,I'm taking her to Bingo lol I'm a bingo girl I usually go every Thursday night I sure miss it ..lol, I know I will be OK just a little pain when I'm trying to get out of bed and my nipples are a little sore :( but other then that I can't complain .. hope you ladys are doing well ...xoxo

Feeling Fab..

Hello Beautiful lady's !!! Today 11 days ...And I'm feeling just almost like myself again ..so happy went too PS yesterday he said looking good!! boobies still tight and hard but I'm feeling great...Got all pretty up heading out to a graduation party ,very excited going to see all my family well hubby side of the family so here's a picture of my twins!! and lady's if you just get out for a little while ,moving around you will feel a lot better ,me and mom went to the mall and felt a lot better ,just being able to get out of the house..so try it lady's you feel a lot better being in bed our couch just makes your body sore and just lazy ,so try it!! xoxo

Very Happy!!!

I was going threw my wish pictures and comparing my boobies and its like WoW my PS did an amazing job !!!!Thanks Dr. Gill you Rock!!!!! xoxo

14 Days Today!!!

Hello lady's today is 2 weeks since I had my BA..Don't get me wrong I love my results especially with my sports bras but as soon as I put a shirt on ,it covers them :'( I know its only 2 weeks ,but will they get bigger when they drop and fluff ,can someone tell me? I can't say that in front of hubby because he just loves the size and the look , but I just feel they hide under my clothes , I guess its boobie greed ha,ha ..anyways here's a few pictures of my 2 weeks progress :-D

Pictures with shirts!!!

Hello lady's ,Well here's a few pictures with a few of my shirts that still fit me ...lol I still think a few pictures here hide my boobs ,What do ya think be honest :-D Remember I'm only 19 days post ..or maybe is just boobie greed ..

3 Weeks Today!!

Hello lady's ,I'm 3 weeks today :-D I know I still have a long process ahead but the only problem I'm having is that my nipples are very sensitive ,my breast itch , and there's a feeling in my breast, its hard to explain but its like you know when your leg or hands fall asleep its like tingling but on my breast, I have a visit with my PS on Thursday ,and I will ask if that's normal which I know it is, its just crazy how we all go threw these weird feelings with our breast , but hey we all wanted boobies right and it is what it is , but at the end we will be happy to even have pretty boobies ..lol ...xoxo

3 week follow up!!!

So today I went for my 3rd week follow up, my PS said I'm healing great , but when he was showing new massages he was a little rough on them I was like ouch! He said your very tender he said I need to massage them more harder he asked me to show him how was I massaging them and he said oh no your way to gentle to them and that's why they hurt you cause they are very tender so you need move them a little bit more aggressive , and I should feel a lot better being a little rough on them , , and the nipple sensitivity it will go away up to 4-6 were or even up to 3 months I was like really ugh no bueno for me :'( oh well as long as I'm doing well and healing great then I'm good , like they say suck it up butter cup, or but your big girl panties , I think its time to do that lol...happy healing lady's xoxo

4 Weeks Today!!

Hello lady's, happy to say its 4 weeks today :-D Feeling great but just very sensitive nipples ugh!!! Anyways here's a few pictures, oh I'm not sure but someone here posed a few pictures of there swimsuits and they were so cute and very cheap , We'll the web sight is from Sammy Dress.com ..And OMG lady's you will freak on how cheap the swimsuit cost ,so yup I order 2 just to see for myself , Well check them out , very cute and yes I'm going to order more ..lol oh and they have cute dresses too , very happy girl here WooHoo!!!! Thank you for posting Sammy Dress .com xoxo

5 Weeks Today!!!

Today I'm 5 weeks not much has changed, a little softer now on my boobies ,still a little tender ,the sensitive on my nipples is little less now ..Yay!! , , Any how I have a little silly question ,if you lady's can help me out , OK we all know Saturday is July 4 , Well that day will be 3 days away from being 6 weeks, Well I'm invited to a pool party with friends and family ,with Bar B Q and fireworks ,all that fun stuff ,anyhow our PS tells us not to get in any pools till after 6 weeks , well I will be 3 days away from being 6 weeks , I mean I will just be in the water and drinking..lol I won't be out there like swimming ,moving my arms and all that other stuff ,Do ya think it will be ok ? I mean why do we have to wait 6 weeks is it do to the incisions or what? Can any of you lady's answer my question, Do ya think its OK ,or do I wait ,please let know ,xoxo thanks... Oh here's a few pictures of my boobies in my dresses lol

oops !!Pictures didnt upload!!

More pictures!!

Happy July 4th Boobie Friends!!

Hi My Boobie Friends, Good news I called my PS this morning and he gave me the thumbs up for swimming ..Woot! Woot! Happy girl here!! A few pictures here lady's , Check out my Muddy Girl T shirt lol , Well I'm about to go muddin with friends and family , don't worry I'm going to take it easy :-D and tomorrow will be the pool party and fireworks , its going to be an awesome week I think I deserve it I been stuck at home for 5 weeks I think its time to show off these twins ..lol , Now u lovely lady's I hope ya have a great July 4 weekend xo ..

6 Weeks!!!

Well I'm 6 weeks today ,My boobies are getting softer and the sensitive on my nipples is going away ,yay!! But I still have the morning boobs , when i get up my boobs hurt and tingles but once I start moving around it goes away, I heard that takes a while before it goes away, well I'm having my follow up Friday let's see what my PS about my boobies , Here's a few pictures lady's ,, I thought I would add my best friend ..lol She is my little Diva!! Hope you lady's have a great week and healing well xoxo

No more Restrictions From my Ps

Hello lady's my PS said I'm allowed to wear Bras as of now yay!!! Even wire bra but I'm not to comfty with that right now. I'm going to continue to wear my sports bras at night because he did say I have to wear them at night but I'm free to wear whatever during the day. I guess it depends what I wear and make my boobs look good..lol any how he said they look great and he will see me in 2 months ,I have to continue to do my massages 3 times a day, but hey lady's when do we stop massaging I forgot to ask him that question , I guess cause he said make sure you massage them everyday it didn't cross my mind, Does anyone know or is this a lifetime deal, lol sorry lady's I might sound silly asking but I'm clueless to all this its my first BA and pray its my last :-D I just don't see going through all this pain again , yikes!!! I must say though I love them :-D Well here's a few pictures I thought you lady's can use a little laugh ...:-D I order from another website is called Wish,ugh!! Big mistake thank God it was cheap lol and sorry to say even the material was cheap , I will stick with Sammy dress.com but or wait maybe not its pretty hard to order online because you don't know if it will fit ,well yup that's what happened to me boy I never had this problem before everything use to fit my flat chest well now its too small lol love to use that word too small ha, anyhow enjoy these silly pictures with my sexy lingerie lol dang it I wanted to take a sexy picture so that I send it to hubby so he can see them while hes away on work boo!! Now I really need to go buy a few :-D Well you lady's have a great weekend xoxo!!!

Need help from boobie friends...

ok lady's this swimsuit just came in, I think k the top looks a little small, but hubby says it looks good he says I need to quit hiding them and stop being shy, he thinks its OK to show off these boobs , Is he right or no its too small. im not worried about the bottoms because I have the shorts , Please be honest and let me know ..Will you lady's wear this when other kids are around or not, I don't have small children anymore lol , My husbands family all have pools and small kids so I'm going swimming but not sure to wear this swimsuit or even the other one I posted ,the black,pink and white swimsuit I think those 2 are too small . Be honest lady's,I won't be upset I just need help..lol ...is it OK to show these boobies or have respect ...

Feeling sexy!!

Hi, beautiful boobie friends I hope everyone is doing great with there recovery, and loving on there boobies lol, Well as you can see I am ha, I love wearing tank tops my boobies stand out more :-D Well I'm doing so much better ,less tender on my boobies yay!! I really think no more sensitive nipples 2 yay!! lol ..We'll you lady's enjoy your weekend ,heading to a movie ,going to watch Ted 2 lol then dinner , maybe I need to change tops or not ..lol Bye boobies friends xoxo

8 Weeks Today!!

Hi lady's, just a little update on my 2 months progress, Feeling great still a little tender on my boobies I do notice that my right breast is still a little higher then my left ,, still loving the round look ,I really don't think they look natural but that's OK because I did wanted the round fake look ..lol and so far they look round and little fake ha, I'm still feeling a little tight and tingling on my boobies when I get up from laying down is that still normal at 8 weeks ,my friend got hers done she said it took her a while from feeling the way I do so I guess I have to be patient ...Anyhow I had lunch with my co workers they were like wow the look so nice and perfect , They asked me if I was happy with them I said oh yes I love them I feel like a women now ..They were happy for me 1 more month before I go back to work :-D You lady's have a great week and hope everyone is doing great:-D xoxo

9 Weeks tomorrow!!

Well I will be 9 weeks tomorrow Yay!! I'm going to be very busy tomorrow getting my hair done and we all know it takes at least 3 to 4 hours ugh!! But I love getting it done so I figured I post a few pictures, actually they were from this weekend lol . Im going to post a video just to show you lady's how soft they gotten and show you my massages lol ..I am very gentle to them which I really shouldn't but they are very soft now .. Oh I had the radio on lol .. I am very happy at 9 weeks ,still have morning boobs :'( but that's all .I think I'm feeling 90% to my normal self ...You lady's have a great Day happy Monday and happy healings ,kiss,kiss

No Video..sorry

I don't understand why my video didn't upload, let's try this again... well it doesn't want to upload it says real self team unable to load that file type ..Why ,I see a lot of videos here ,Can someone tell me why I can't upload my video ..

Upload pictures..

I don't understand why Im having trouble uploading pictures ..I'm 9 weeks yay!!!

10 weeks !!! But a little worried...

Hello lady's, Well I'm 10 weeks today yay!! But I'm concerned ,please tell me its going to be OK ,would love honest opinions, I didn't cover my nips so you can see for yourself ,my right boob has not dropped like my left look at my left and see how round and natural it looks and more side boob, as the right still sits a little higher and doesn't look as round and natural ,I'm a little worried since I'm 10 weeks ,And before my BA as you can scroll back the right was a tad smaller then my left, I told my PS if I need 2 different sizes since 1 is bigger then the other he said no that once I get my BA you won't be able to tell , now I'm thinking was he wrong and one will always look smaller then the other because that's how I had them before, oh lord I hope he was right and I'm wrong ... Can anyone give me advice and be honest, But regard less I don't want a revision , I'm sorry but I'm going to be 44 I don't want another surgery I don't think I can handle it , I mean yes this was the best desion I ever made and money well spent ,I have never been more happier in my life ,I feel so sexy and very pretty now , I just cant handle the pain, not that it has been bad because it wasn't as painfull as I thought It would be , I just don't want a revision , ...Ugh! I'm very worried, I want to cry :'( Hope you beautiful lady's are doing well xoxo


OK here's the before picture you can see my left is aliitle bigger :'( I really hope they will even out ...

Cute Bras!!

Hello lady's , well i had to post these really cute and OMG very cheap bras at Ross ..Why pay more at other department stores when you can get it at Ross for less lol commercial .. well they fit perfect. 36 D yay!! Then I headed to JC penny and bought 2 more bras lol they were on sale buy 1 get the other half price , And they are so comfy with no wire ..I hate to admit it yes i have a problem I can't stop buying bras either ,boy I use to hate buying bras I use to just grab a 34 B with padding and never even tried them on , and now instead of shopping for clothes I go straight to the bra section... I seriously need to stop for a while ..lol ..You lady's have a great weekend xoxo

3 Months!!!

Wow I can't believe how fast time goes ..3 months already yikes!! All I can say I'm feeling 98% great They feel like they are part of me ,I mean they don't feel heavy on me it just feels so natural , I am so happy with my results ..Today we had a meeting at school everyone was like you look so good what did you do ,have you been working out..lol No I have boobies ha , they were like oh wow you look great ...Friday will be my first day back to work since I had my BA ,yup 3 months of no work not sure if I'm ready..lol .I told my boss I can't lift anything heavy..lol she said OK take it easy ,she said when will you be back to your normal self I said PS said for 6 months..lol Sorry I lied but I just don't want anything bad to happen I'm just so nervous lifting anything heavy but boss was OK ..Yes!! Well hope you beautiful lady's are doing well, here's a few pictures ..they look the same to me..Oh and the last pictures I bought that cute dress I will be wearing this weekend its my 5 year Anniversary with hubby being married . He said we will be going somewhere special that night ..Can't wait :-D You lady's have a beautiful and blessed week!!

Had to Share!!

I thought I showed you lady's a really cute picture of me and my hubby..Went to Kemah BoardWalk and we had a blast.Our 5 years Anniversary was awesome ..Love my hubby..Anyways here's a cute picture of us..

Feeling Awesome!!!

Hello beautiful boobie friends ,2 more weeks I will be 4 months post op Yay!! I can honestly say I feel 100% pain free yay!! It feels so great to get up with no more morning boobs ,or any pain , They feel so natural they are now part of me they don't feel heavy like I said they feel so natural ,I am so happy in my life now I feel so sexy now lol Next month I will be 44 yikes but oh my I don't feel that old or even look it..lol People really freak out when I tell them my age ..lol Love it ..any how here's 2 pictures I thought I share ,I will post in 2 weeks for my 4 months versary :-D You lady's have a bless day ,kiss,kiss B-)

4 Months Yay!!!

Hello RS Friends , I can honestly say I'm doing 100% great, I feel so awesome at 4 months thank you God :-D ...My right is still a little higher then lefty and my lefty looks more round and fully dropped , I hope it will even out but I really don't think it will happen but oh well like everyone says they are not twins they are sisters lol and I'm happy either way because you can't really tell unless I'm naked and no one will see me but hubby and he is happy with them no matter what. I went to my PS on Friday and he said they feel soft and they are looking great..I don't see him again till Dec. Well here's a few pictures on my 4 months versary :-D ...Hope you beautiful lady's are healing and loving there boobies:-D later my loves xoxo

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Hello beautiful boobie friends, just thought I share a few cute blouses I bought for myself..I feel so great and very happy ,I know I should have done this a long time ago but I never had the money..but I feel so bless to have met my husband who loves me for who I am and never cared if I had boobs or not but as a female we all want to feel sexy and pretty for our husband and mainly for ourselves ...I will turn 44 tomorrow but I sure damn don't feel it or look it , ha .. Well I'm going to celebrate my Birthday tomorrow at a 25 year school reunion ,,can't wait to see my old school friends...Wow 25 years ago how time fly's ...The truth I never dated anyone from school because I was very ugly..boo no one ever asked me to the prom or on any dates ..so sad I know, but any how I'm so excited for them to see me now , ha they are going to be turning heads like no way that's not ? Yup that's me ...lol silly me ..OK lady's I hope you all have a great weekend muahhh!!!

5 Months!!!

Hello beautiful RS lady's!!! Well I'm 5 months today, just can't believe how time fly's wow and I'm feeling so great, All I can say I'm so happy at this point .I have a few pictures on my 5 months progress not much has changed but as pain,what pain..lol none at this point ...Any how I thought I treat myself 2 bras from Victoria secret ..boy it was hard to just buy 2 ..lol oh I went 1 cup bigger 34DDD .WTH ...Really!!!! I bought 1 34DD and the other 34DDD Well they didn't have 34DDD in the pink so I got the 34DD but it still fits nice and comfty just shows more boob as you can see the picture ,not much difference on the cup but the 34DDD covers my boobs a little more ,..Its called body by Victoria perfect shape ,its very comfty ..anyhow I hope you lady's are doing well and dressing them baby's because its about to get cold ..lol stay warm xoxo

Oops pictures Didnt load....

Sorry lady's here are some pictures!!!

6 months today!!!

Hello my boobie friends, I hope everyone is having a great week, I just wanted to update a few pictures of my 6 months progress, I am doing so well thank goodness, as you can see I'm sitting here in my deer stand lol ,yup I'm a hunter ,kind of crazy but hey why not take a few pictures while I'm hunting..lol..I'm all alone anyways ,I have been very busy hunting so I thought I just post a few pictures, tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I know we will all be too busy ,so everyone have a great and blessed Thanksgiving , kiss,kiss..

7 months!

Hello lady's just wanted to show you a few pictures on my 7 month progress, I went for my last follow up,my PS said it looks real great and if I had any problems in the near future to make sure I call him,but thank you God it's been pretty good so far, I'm doing really great and I'm still very happy with my boobs ,maybe my nipples a little uneven but that's ok it's not like anyone will look at them but hubby..lol but he's very happy. Any how I went to VS and I finally found the perfect bra, Well so far ha, 4 of them are Dream Angels lined Demi 34DDD wow so happy and so in love with them and the other one is lightly lined plunge now that one goes over your head and you can't adjust the strap but it's very comfy. But as of now I'm done with bras..lol hubby gave me a $200 gift card from VS and I had to put in another $150 because the bras are high,so I'm done for a while :) Well I guess that's all for now ,hope everyone is doing well and healing great ..xoxo


Sorry but had to post this picture one of my favorites..lol love the bra :)

8 Months

Hello Rs friends ,not much to report but just reached my 8 months boobie versary,and still feeling beautiful . Just thought I let ya know if you want your boobies to look big ,wear tight fitted shirts ..lol.. Have a great weekend my friends ..xoxo

9 months!

Hello beautiful lady's , yup 9 months geez where does time go, All I can say very happy lady here loving them everyday:) I will be going swim suit shopping this week yay very excited, I wish I would of done this in my teenage years lol ,but never had the money or the hubby that has supported me like the one I have now :) very blessed for a great husband that I have now, my kids 22 and 23 grown and out of the house :( but thank you lord for making me feel very confident about myself now , you lady's have a great weekend hope everyone is doing well ,wink,wink xoxo

Swim suits!

Hello again:) well I went shopping for a few swimsuits and here are a few pictures of them. I have a question for any of you lady's who would like to respond. Do you guys see yourselves and say I don't look big at all and wish you went bigger but then you take pictures and it's like wow they look huge, well I'm having that problem :( I look at myself and say why do I look big when I take pictures but when i look at myself in the mirror I see myself small. Does anyone have that problem? Then I say I'm glad I didn't go bigger it's only when I take pictures of my boobs lol. Well anyways I had a hard time finding the tops :( The only tops I found that fit me perfectly was x large .. Wow really, never wore anything that big always a med. and always my boobs were covered with push up and thick padding and now it's like I have boobs and I'm just not use to show off cleavage. I mean don't get me wrong I love them and I'm glad I can show them off now lol . I know I don't care what other people might say or even look at me all crazy because I'm showing too much but damn I couldn't find xx large to cover my boobs lol oh well I guess im going to have to get use to showing off some skin ha, oh and hubby loves for me to show them off he said why hide them I payed to much so show some cleavage lol silly man but he doesn't understand I'm going to be 45 ugh! Damn I'm old lol. ok lady's enjoy the weekend and good luck to all who's going shopping for swimsuits xoxoxo

Addictive too swimsuits !

I never thought I would like swimsuit shopping but dang it every time I see a cute swimsuit I have to try it on ugh! Lol anyways I bought this one at Walmart I thought it was so cute and yes I bought it lol and check out these cute shorts for your swimsuits . Had to have them too lol xoxo

10 months:)

Hello lady's it's been a while but here's an update, yup still loving my boobies :) here's a few pictures. Xox

1 year :) need your help

Hello my beautiful friends, has anyone here have done their memogram yet? I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm kind of nervous, I guess I'm nervous of them putting a lot of pressure on them ,which before it didn't bother me because I didn't have much tissue lol, Well I know what I'm about to say have nothing to do with my boobs but any how I'm getting my memogram done asap because my brother needs a kidney transplant and I wanted to see if I was a match for him well I went to one of the best hospitals for a kidney transplant and they do so many testing on me and so many questions of my history, but so far everything is looking good, and I am a perfect match woo Hoo! But so far I'm waiting on all my other test to see if my kidneys are in good shape and that I will be able to live with one kidney . So I'm asking just a little prayer from all my real self team friends who haven been following my journey , so glad that I have been on this sight and have learned a lot from you guys and I just want to thank you all who have followed my journey , thank you for all the kind words that you guys have posted on my page this entire year... Happy 1 year and I'm so happy to say I love my boobs and have never regret it ,so glad I did this and I feel so happy about my body now much love to all xoxo oh here's a few pictures on my 1 year boobs :)

Mammogram Done :)

Hello beautiful lady's, Just had my first mammogram done since I had my implants , ouch! Not to bad but when they grab your breast tissue and not the implant it was alittle painful but really quick , and the lady was very sweet and super nice . I'm glad that's over with :) my results will be in tomorrow:) hope and pray everything looks normal. Well I have one more test done on Tuesday and then it should take up to a week to see if I'm a perfect match for a kidney transplant, for my brother:) still praying everything goes well, any how I'm trying to enjoy myself just in case everything falls through, me and hubby are going on a vacation , we are going to Puerto Vallarta Mexico :) on June 29 yay it will be like a honeymoon, we never had one so why not right :) Well here's a few pictures of the 2 swimsuits I just bought I had 3 already but of course we always need more ,right lol , very cheap and I thought they were cute , I bought them at Walmart lol yes only $5.00 top and $5.00 the bottom, my hubby said really,you crazy not from Walmart there too cheap , he said you lucky if they last more then 1 wash...lol oh well I thought they were cute will see...You lady's have a great week ...hope everyone is doing well xoxo

Hello beautiful lady's, Update pics

Hi , it's been way to long since I haven't been on here. So I wanted to give you lady's an update on my journey. I'm very happy with my results ,my life has changed for better :) Well a while back I posted about donating a kidney to my brother, I know it has nothing to do with my BA but if some of you were following on my updates I had asked for prayers for the results and my test will come out a perfect match .So I wanted to let you know it was and the surgery was a success. 9 weeks as of tomorrow. I haven't been able to work because of the surgery but I am so blessed that I am finally feeling like myself again and I'm so happy to say my brother is doing amazing. I just wanted to share to you lady's who were wondering what ever happened to me lol. I can tell you that it has been the most painful surgery I have ever had but it was all worth it at the end , Thanks to God who made this happen and that we are doing just fine. Well here's a few pictures I wanted to share with you lady's and excuse my body marks , like I said it's been 9 weeks since my surgery, 4 marks by my side and a bikini cut to take out my left kidney :( but I know all my marks will go away and I will look sexy again :) I'm so excited that booked a trip to Cancun in June I know by then I will look hot with my 2 piece :) Well lady's hope everyone have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year hugs and kisses xoxo until next time ...

Yay!! 2 year Boobie Versary!!

Hello beautiful lady's, it's been 2 years . I'm so happy to say I'm still happy about my boobies. Still glad I got them done. I just got back from my Cancun trip , we had a blast. I feel so happy that I can wear a 2 piece without being shy. I really feel like a real women lol . I'm so blessed that I'm finally back to my real self again after donating one of my kidneys to my brother. I actually work out a lot more then before, kind of crazy but I feel like I have more energy now ha, but we are both actually doing very well as of today ,Thanks to God that he made this happen for my brother and I was able to save a life . God is in control now and I'm leaving everything up to him now. I just wanted to show you lady's a few pictures and how happy I am now . Until next time my beautiful boobie friends xoxo.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I'm so excited to say I have chosen Paul S. Gill as my Doctor , awesome staff and Doctor ,so far so good, He answered all my questions , I really felt so comfortable so I know I made the right decision .Wow I can't believe how Dr.Gill did an awesome job on me ,everyone was so good to me during surgery and after, He is a great Doctor anyone around the Woodland area you need to stop by if your getting any type of PS , because he is awesome and so is his staff ...A+ DR. Gill

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