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I'm 44, 5'4" and 205 lbs. Im overweight but this...

I'm 44, 5'4" and 205 lbs. Im overweight but this is my stable weight ans since my husband prefers a thicker figure, I'm having my procedures done to correct the parts of my body hit hardest during pregnancy and a sedentary lifestyle.

I'm having a full tummy tuck with lipo of my abdomen and flanks, breast lift with 450cc silicone implants and well as lipo to my inner thighs and knees.

Even as a relatively thin teenager I had thick, muscular legs and my thighs were similar to those of a linebacker. I also have a large stomach that hangs down over my underwear and looks disgusting even in clothes. I don't have great issue with my breasts but they could use a lift. I'm a full B or small C. They're not deflated but I have always wanted to have more cleavage and thought that I might as well get it done at the same time.

A change of heart

I've been having some doubts as to whether or not I should go forward with the liposuction of my knees and inner thighs. My legs are big and I have a lot of excess fat and I'm concerned that once the procedure is completed I'll just have a lot of saggy skin and then I'll need to have additional procedures performed.

I feel pretty sure at this point that I'm not going to have it done. I think I can put that money towards a personal trainer and work on tightening up that area.

Pre-op Photos

Well, I finally took a couple of photos and trying to come to terms with posting them for the whole world to see.

The mister thinks I should go forward with the thigh lipo saying he thinks I'll regret it if I don't. And says if I need a lift afterwards then we'll get it taken care of. I'm back and forth because I know he's right.

Dr. Coretes says 450cc should do good for me. I'm wondering if I need to ask him for 500cc since he's doing a submuscular implant. I do have concerns about a birthmark I have on my right breast. It's fairly large now and I can't imagine how big it'll be when it's all said and done.

Making Preparations

Surgery in three days! O.M.G.

Spent the day running errands and trying to clean house to make sure it's spotless before the big day. I have all my meds, heating pad and ice pack, wedge pillow for my legs, and other random comfort items.

I've been getting feedback and it seems that I'm getting a lot of encouragement to go forward with the lipo on my inner thighs. It looks like it's back on. Although, I'm pretty confident that I'll end up with a lot of saggy skin and need a thigh lift at the minimum. Luckily it's winter time and not too many shorts/bathing suit days so maybe I'll have some time to evaluate the skin situation.

Seems like there's just too much to do and I know I'm going to forget something important. What am I forgetting?! Ugh.

We really are all the same on the inside, aren't we?

I keep reading review after review looking at everyone's photos and it's funny how we all have the same insecurities or unhappiness with our body. I look at so many women on here and would be thrilled to have their pre-op body yet they say they hate it. Others I feel so much empathy for them and they're so strong! So inspirational.

I didn't realize how much reading all the reviews and following other people's stories could help me and my frame of mind. Y'all help ease my mind and the encouragement is amazing.

I'm looking forward to my transformation and following the progress of so many others.

Twelve Hours To Go!

I can't believe I have to be at the hospital in less than 12 hours! Even though I just created my profile on here a week ago, the information and support I received from others has been incredible. I appreciate being able to follow everyone's story and lessons learned.

I'll update as soon as I can. Prayers are welcomed!

A Few Recovery Pics

Five Weeks Post-Op

Been battling an infection in my right breast as well as in my belly button. It wasn't terrible looking but the breast pain was really bad. Looks like it's clearing up nicely now with the help of some powerful antibiotics from my doctor.

So far my biggest challenge is keeping this compression garment on like I'm supposed to. I feel like I can't move around enough to get anything done and I've woken up several times in the night and had to strip out if it as quickly as I could due to severe panic attacks and feeling like I couldn't breathe. Hate. This. Thing.

Overall, I'm feeling really good. I still have pain, numbness and a couple of hard swollen lumps in my thighs from the lipo but it's getting better every day.

I've been doing lymphatic massages twice a week and I want to say they're working but It's a slow process. I read an article today about dandelion root tea that's supposed to be great for ridding the body of toxins and I plan to pick some up tomorrow and give it a shot.

I'm confused as to whether or not I still have swelling. I'm hoping I do because I will like my abdomen is a little thick up top. Lord knows, anything is an improvement over what I had previously! Just wondering how you know when you've reached that point.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cortes seems very confident and knowledgable. He listened to my concerns and desires and made suggestions based on my body type. I have high expectations but I believe Dr. Cortes can deliver the desired results.

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