Tummy Tuck, Implant Exchange with Lift, Lipo to Flanks - Houston, TX

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I became a member of real self in 2009. So I have...

I became a member of real self in 2009. So I have been wanting to do this for quite some time! I have 4 children from 16 to 4! I am 5'4" and weigh about 135. 39 y.o.
My main problem is rectus diastasis! (sp)? Which we all know cannot be corrected thru exercise alone. I am traveling to houston, Tx to have the procedures done because I have family there and My small town is pretty isolated.
I had breast augmentation 12 years ago and breast fed my younger three with them. I have to say they have held up well but its time for a little lift! I will be downsizing about two cup sizes as well. I was 30 lbs lighter when I had them placed! so they look disproportionately large for my body now!
I really liked the ps that I chose and think he is a good choice. I traveled down there last month for consultations. I booked my surgery and am scheduled for January 3rd! I don't know about you ladies.. but since I scheduled the date.. I'm having pretty much daily hesitations! One day I am happy the next terrified and unsure! I do have a good support system with my husband and family so that helps!

I will get some pics up asap. I have a question.. Today I very suddenly came down with a horrible flu! Ive pretty much laid in bed the entire day feeling like death! My surgery is 8 days out! I wonder if this will affect my surgery and or blood tests that Im getting Monday? starting to panic lol! so much planning has gone into this! I look forward to sharing my journey with all you real self ladies!

Adding Pics

Wow its harder than I thought to post pics for all to see! lol
7 days till surgery. And I am still kind of freaking out about the TT part! I keep wondering if I should live with the muscle laxity... Ps said I could change my mind up until they wheel me into surgery ha ha
I guess I am just worried that the scar is worth the tradeoff.. mixed feelings are probably normal at this point.

Still VERY sick.. Getting worried!

Hi everybody! Well I am six days pre-op and three days till I am supposed to fly out to Houston. I am kinda starting to freak out over this flu that turned into a major chest cold. Ive emailed the dr. but have not gotten a response. My congestion's so bad that I cannot even cough up the mucus yet. It hurts too bad! Also I can tell it really hasn't started to break up yet. So the problem is I cannot even imagine getting a Tummy Tuck while coughing and hacking (sorry if tmi)
up the remnants of bronchitis! Ive read enough on RS to be very afraid! Ive heard things can happen as to even ruin the muscle repair? Not to mention the PAIN ugh! What about the anesthesia? Will they put a person under that has a lung infection? I wish I had some answers. If anybody has any info please let me know, because I am guessing that I probably am not going to hear from my PS till monday morning!

Just so you all know, I have been taking extra vitamin C and drinking tons of water and eating clean. Trying to hurry this sickness along! My PS has said nothing about what I should be doing before surgery as far as diet to follow, vitamins or anything! I almost think that over the holidays is a bad time to do this! The Doctors offices are closed a lot and there is nobody available to answer questions. They have been unavailable since Wednesday and won't be in till Monday.. thats five days! Right before my surgery and I'm dying sick people lol!! Tis the season for everybody to be busy, I understand, but I would have planned it a little later after the holiday had I thought of these little big things :)

New pre op pics

I thought I'd add even more pre op pics so all can see what i am working with here! and better to compare results to after surgery! Many women have said they wished they took more.. so I am following that advice!

It is kinda hard to hit that post button! I feel so awkward showing all my insecurities that I am used to covering up HA HA

Anyways I am feeling better today for those of you following my posts. Going to head out to get that mucinexx that was recommended, Thanks!!
surgery in 5 days. hopefully I'll be well enough! can't wait till tomorrow when I can find out whats up from doc! and what he thinks about my chest congestion.

Surgery center called today to finish up registration and gave me a time to be there! 6:00AM surgery at 7:30! Wow thats getting real!

So all you fellow RS'ers... How important is the recliner and or lift? Cant decide if I should rent one or not? Ive read both people say the couch and pillows were fine and others say it is a must!

Getting better!

I am definitely getting way better! My lungs feel like they are clearing up well. Really one is fine and the other is still a little sore and only minimal amounts of mucus is coming up! Trust me i am force hacking lol

My Dr.s office is calling the anesthesiologist to see what he thinks! I am pretty nervous! Of course all my tickets and the condo I rented have huge change/ cancel fees! I already checked. So please everyone cross your fingers and pray to please. Thanks all for the support!


Sorry it took me so long to post! Yep postponed 6 days till Next week. Anesthesiologist said "no way". So it will be January 9th.

I was freaking out at first. But After rearranging all my hotels, flights, rental cars, work schedules, babysitters and swallowing the expense... UUNNGGH big block of concrete! We (my husband has been great) decided that it is definitely for the best and good reason. I guess it would be foolish to do otherwise, anesthesia is scary enough!! So I guess after all day of rearranging things.. I am relieved because it was worrying me, being sick and all.

So there is the skinny, lol, Literally i hope!! Thanks ya'll for the prayers, wishes and crossed fingers! Keep them till next week! And I am wishing the same to all you that are going in this week!

OK.. so Now two days pre-op!!

Sorry for not updating for so long! It has been a whirlwind. My surgery was postponed because of respiratory infection! But all my airline tickets were not refundable and neither were my condo reservations. Plus I reserved our car on Priceline... NON refundable! All of our time off work and babysitters, house sitters etc,.. So we came To Houston anyways and have had a great 4 days just vacationing.

I changed my return ticket only. and even tho my husband has to go back before me (5 days post op) .. I will still have family to help, as they all live in the area .

Did not sleep well the last few nights but I feel a little calmer today (3 nights pre) Idk? Have heard others say they feel a calm shortly before. Hope it continues : )

I am praying for all of you ladies out there getting ready to go under! I pray for your health and speedy recovery! Please do the same for me!

10 hours and I'll be under!

Wow. I'm pretty nervous ! But calmer than I was the last several days.
It's 10 at night I have to get up at 5am ! And I cannot sleep :( even with the Valium the Dr. Have me.

I am going to try more just wanted to say good luck to all you that are having theist surgeries tomorrow and I'll pray for all of us!

I will try to post ASAP when the surgery is complete! Thanks for the support!

On my way to surgery center.

It's 6am. Have to check in at 7. Surgery at 8.
So nervous! But I'm really irritated at not being able to have COFFEE! Haha

3 days post!

HI All, I made it! Sorry it took so long to post. Day one was a blur. I stayed in the surgery center so I was pretty self medicated lol. Had a morphine pump so I'm sure you can imagine... no pain but pretty out of it. I had a catheter in so I had no need to get up or anything.

Day two was a little more real. The doctor came and saw me and told me that the tummy tuck part was very difficult. Since I had previous lipo on my abdomen, there was a lot of scar tissue and my skin was in worse shape than he thought. Plus my belly button was affected too. I was so upset even tho he assures me that the results should still be very nice but it will be a long time healing. The scar will even heal normally and look as nice as it should but to expect swelling for months to come. He said 4/5 months of swelling. This all seemed weird to me I mean why just extra swelling but everything else turn out great? I don't know. I ended up with the fleur de lis scar as well. I was warned this might be necessary since there was not a lot of skin to stretch. This looks great, however! and it is just a slight short scar very low into bikini area! Doc also said he was disappointed in the amount of fat he was able to lipo from my flanks and back as well. Basically he said there was just very little. So we shall see! Breasts are awesome!

So needless to say I was pretty upset with the trauma of surgery and the doctor being cautious and did not want to really look or post for a couple days!

My husband has been doing all my incision and garment care. He has been great. I am so thankful! Anyways He kept encouraging me to look and saying how great he thinks it looks and how cute my belly button is! He insists that I was upset after surgery and that I took the doctor wrong. What he heard is that it was difficult to get the results that he wanted and it took 8 hrs! But that it turned out wonderful but my skin was pretty traumatized so even tho it will heal perfectly it may a little longer, depending on my body of course!

So I looked... And I think it looks GREAT! I couldn't be more pleased! The scar is very low and looks perfect, My tummy is totally flat and tight and even tho it is very swollen, I think I had myself worked up unnecessarily. Oh and did I mention my Boobs lol? Love them! I will post pics very soon. I am still very sore and swollen but will try to get some up tomorrow!

My best suggestion?? Keep up on your pain meds! The only time I felt like I wasn't doing ok to pretty, good was when I let myself get behind on meds. I am already starting to slow down on them at day three, but first 2 days? keep them coming!!

Day 5 post op

Well I am now on day five po and I am doing better I have to say.
Yesterday day 4, I think was kinda my turning point. I am a lot more mobile. Am able to go back and forth to the bathroom easily enough. But I have to tell you that by the time I get back to my recliner I'm nearly shouting out a Hallelujah! So long story short... After feeling so well,however brief, I ended up over doing it just by getting up too much. Made sand which. Washed myself. Changed garment. Skipped on pills. Then ended up exhausted and in pain. Today I'm taking it wayyy easier even tho I can feel the progress I'm making!
The lift recliner we rented has been the best recovery tool of all !!
It was able to give me a small bit of independence that I really needed. Asking for help to pee 10 times a day would be bad. I'm so used to doing everything for everybody that it's hard to let people so everything for me! Staying hydrated = lots of bathroom trips!

I am still hunched over, is say about 70% upright. Which causes a ton of back pain! And the bad posture kinda sets off a chain reaction in my back and dominoes to my neck and I end up with a migraine from being so out of whack! Even my pain pills won't help my back and migraine. I'm sure I'd I took enough they would lol! I'm trying to only take when I have to but sometimes that's leads to me waiting till I'm in terrible discomfort and pain then I break down and get overwhelmed with emotion and pain and cry !! But good thing it only lasts till the pain med kicks in!! Ibuprofen doesn't hardly help! I'm worried I'm taking too many. My husbamd keeps telling me to stay on top if my pain and not let them wear off. I think it freaks him out a little when I get emotional lol
I just read a lot if women that are off pain control by now. I just got a refill of 30 Vicodin 5 mg and acetinophen. I will be flying home in 9 more days and I just am scared to fly home without any. So I am trying to save. Hoping I will be fine by then!

I am happy overall ton and am going to try to post some picks from my phone. My boobs are hard to get a good idea of because I'm hunched down so they are looking down haha. But they look great and I think my ps did an awesome job! I'll take a pic lay g down next time so you can see a straight on view instead of a feet facing!
Thanks everyone for the support. And well wishes. I hope all is going well for everybody else out there and will keep you all in my prayers! Sorry thus update is so long! And I hope I didn't complain too much! Just kinda a hard day!
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