Mommy Makeover So Worth It Dr. Basu does awesome work - 3 week post op pics - Houston, TX

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I have had 3 c-sections with the significant...

I have had 3 c-sections with the significant weight gain and loss after each baby has caused a lot of loose skin and droopy breast. I am ready now that I am done with kids to do something for me.

Question was asked about what I was having done. ...

Question was asked about what I was having done. I am having a full tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation as well as some lipo on my waist area. When I went for my consultation Dr. Basu and his staff made the experience very comforting. He took a lot of time with me and explain the procedures with a level of detail that made me feel comfortable. In addition, I felt like he was interested in doing what is right for me - I even asked him about lipo on my upper thighs and he said no so I know he wasn't out just to make more money - he gave me his real opinion

I am getting excited. My pre-op appointment is Tuesday March 13th where I get to decide on size of breast - should be a fun appointment. I will be taking before pics as well so I will post those when I get them done. My Surgery is less than a month away. For those that have had this done before what would your top recommendations of what to get to be prepared when I come back home? How did you hide the drains- what kind of clothes did you all wear? I don't want my kids to see those?

So I went for my pre-op visit today. Pretty...

So I went for my pre-op visit today. Pretty standard information - they reviewed the things to expect during the recovery period. I also picked out my implants - I am going with 450cc Silicone but the doctor will go up or down 25cc to what looks good.

I am getting excited - 3 weeks to go.

So only a few days left - I am getting really...

So only a few days left - I am getting really excited to see what magic Dr. Basu can do on me. I am ready to see the results but a little nervous about the recovery period - my life is just crazy with 3 kiddos and full time work (at least I work out of my home). I will be taking off only a few days since I work out of my home just doing computer work and phone calls so hopefully I will be in the mind set to go back the following Monday after surgery.

I go in on Tuesday 4/3 at 7:30 they will get me prepped and I should start surgery at 8:30. The surgery is supposed to take 6 hours for everything so hope to be home 4 or so. I have my prescriptions filled just need to get my Easter basket stuff bought since I won't be doing any of that before Sunday. Mom and Hubby are going to be helping me play Easter.

Will post as I can after surgery with pics.

So tomorrow is the big day. I am not too nervous...

So tomorrow is the big day. I am not too nervous just ready to get it done and on my way to being the HOT momma. I am scheduled to be at the Surgery Center at 7:30 with surgery starting at 8:30. The doc said 6 hours so by 2:30 or so I should be on my way to the recovery stage. I hope all goes well. I will post pics through the process so everyone going through this or thinking about it can get some pics as I know that helped me.

So Post Op Day 2 - took a shower today and that...

So Post Op Day 2 - took a shower today and that was an ordeal but it felt great. I finally got to see my tummy and it looks good - so flat and all that extra skin is gone - so excited. My breast look good too - hard to tell for sure since I am leaned over so much but the cleavage is good. Pain is manageable with the drugs - try to take them regularly and it helps a lot. The drains like others stated are a pain and actually hurt worse than other places - they dropped a couple of times in the shower so I think it pulled on the spot they entered at. Posting my 1st post op pic - day 2.

So it has been 72 hours since I left the surgery...

So it has been 72 hours since I left the surgery center. I feel pretty good - traveled about an hour to our lake house and that wasn't too bad and then took a 2 hour a nap. Coughing really sucks - hurts like my stomach is about to rip open. Going to try and take another shower tonight - feels much better. Still haven''t had a a bm but not eating much yet - not much of an appetite.

Breast are tight and one seems more swollen than the other but I think overall they are going to look good - no longer hanging to my belly :)

I do have to say the drains are a pain - will feel much better when those are out - will try and take more pics if I can tonight and post so you can see the progress.

So Post Op day 5 is done. Feeling really good...

So Post Op day 5 is done. Feeling really good considering it was a busy weekend with Easter and all. Thank God for my husband and mom - they have been a huge help with the kiddos. The worst part of all of this is not being able to do the things I would normally do and be so dependent on so many others to help me - but happy to have the help. I did finally have a Bowel Movement - ended up having to take Miralax and it wasn't too bad to go - glad to get that over with - was a little scared to do that. I go for my post op appointment tomorrow at 11 - I sure hope he takes at least one of these drains out - those are the worst part of the healing process - just a pain. Starting to stand up more straight and walked a lot this weekend - started taking less meds- only took vicodine on the way home from the lake and some tonight so I can sleep. I will be back at work tomorrow - but at least I work out of my home and can do my computer work and phone calls from my recliner.

Posting pics day 5 - one breast looks lower than the other but I guess that will work itself out as well. They also look big to me but it has been a long time since I had any volume so I am sure I will get used to that too. Belly looks good I think- seems to be healing nicely and is flat. My bruising isn't too bad either - hope it heals up quickly.

Post-op Day 8: Yesterday I think I over did it...

Post-op Day 8: Yesterday I think I over did it but I did feel more independent which was nice. I actually drove my daughter to and from school and watched my son play baseball - even took a shower and washed my hair. Lots of activity during the day made for a very tired momma at the end of the day. So came home and went to bed after taking 2 of my pain pills to allow me to sleep better.

Today was a great day - feel really good -didn't even have to take Tylenol today so pain was really good today - more uncomfortable due to this last drain but that will come out Tuesday so getting close. My breast still look uneven but I still think they are pretty swollen so still hope that works itself out but my stomach has minimal swelling so that has been really nice - and I think is going to look great when the stitches are gone and I am all healed up.

Does anyone know how long until the stitches dissolve and this tape can come off?

Hope all that are going through this journey are having a great one - day 7 pics below for those that like to see pictures (I know I did)

So I am now 2 weeks post op - and things are going...

So I am now 2 weeks post op - and things are going well. I went for my 2nd post op appointment and the last tube came out and the tape came off - So excited. The tube as everyone says is one of the worst parts. I was so happy to have that out - feel more normal now.

Dr. B said all looked really good - he said that my results would get even better because I still had some swelling that needed to go down - I am happy now can't imagine it being better - so excited to see the final results. The tape came off and even without any scar therapy the scaring isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

My left breast is still more swollen than my right so they look a little uneven but the doc said that would correct itself too. He did tell me that my right one will be slightly lower than my left because due to the amount of sag in my right breast that he wasn't able to completely 100% match them up without the right one looking bad - so glad he made that decision - don't want it to look bad - being a little off is fine - he said it won't be that noticeable.

I go back in 2 weeks and the doc will give me a smaller compression garment and I will learn how to do the scar therapy - so I am making great progress. Post op 2 week pics below.

So 3 weeks post op - doing pretty good so far. ...

So 3 weeks post op - doing pretty good so far. Finally back in my bed which is nice. Today Saturday 3 1/2 Weeks post op) I am hurting a little. My upper abs hurt - nothing over the top just painful like I did a bunch of abs - Is this normal? It just started and scared I did something to pull something. My stomach at the end of each night is really swollen and tight mainly on the right side. My waist is uneven - look at the pictures. I think this is due mainly to the swelling and hopefully not due to uneven lipo - can that happen? I go back the doc on Tuesday which will be 4 weeks post op so can ask him but if you guys experienced the same thing would love to hear form you.

I will start scar therapy after the next week. My scar right now isn't too bad considering it has only be 3 weeks so hopefully doing the scare therapy it will get even better. I get a smaller garment too on Tuesday - maybe that will help with the swelling. How long did you all have to wear your garment. I have a Florida trip planed right at 6 weeks post op and hoping I don't have to wear it all the time - it wouldn't look to cute on the beach :).

I have posted my 3 weeks post op for those that like to see visual results and know how things are progressing.

For those of you just beginning your journey - mine hasn't been too bad so far and wish each of you a great journey to being that hot mamma you want to be.
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Dr. Basu has been amazing so far. Great care and from what I can see after day 2 post op - it is going to look really great. The nurses in his office have been amazing and have been great about following up to check on me.

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