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I started to look into the "mommy makeover" in...

I started to look into the "mommy makeover" in October 2013 ive done the impossible to lose weight and look fit.... I even got a personal trainer it worked help me lose 20 pounds but not enough! I am a mother of 3 oldest is 10 youngest is 2 I have a husband that's backing me up on this because well...he didn't have a choice :). Dr.Cortes was recommended to me by a friend says he's pretty good on what he does. he got BBL and it looks Great! hopefully my TT and BA come out the same. Im a little scared and paranoid but itll all be set and done come 3/13. The most thing that scares me is the scars I DONT want big SCARS thick SCARS I know im going to have scars I just don't want them thick and crazy...ugh..well im going to update after my surgery and put pics up soon!

Okay my before pics o_0

I hate them I can't believe I let my self go..I hate my arms too!!! Anyways I didn't want to do this but it's only fair.

2 weeks post op!!

Ok girls sorry for leaving u guys hanging I've been staying off from here bc it was bad for my thoughts lol! Anyways 2 weeks post op and feeling good I have some discomfort but no big deal the bruises in my arms are what bother my the most they go done all the way to my wrist! I must say he did a good Job I have a flat tummy still swollen but it'll go away so I'm not worried about it l. Also I've heard about lymphatic massages that I need to get that I haven't bc I'm back home and have no idea where but I've been googling! My cut is good my breast are good I did get a little sore on one of my nipple but I've been putting neosporin to heal it up! Curves are nice! Dr.cortez did and amazing job.

pic of breast

Nice size I love them best of all no scars!

3 weeks post op

So 3 weeks post op and love my results so far fit into a medium girdle when I started with and extra large !! Started lymphatic massages and I think they are helping a lot with swelling. I have to little sores that I'm worried about right now but I already send pics to dr.cortez and see if he can send me something for those..other then that not bad! Here are so pics of my 3 weeks post op!!


Well for 4 weeks I'm doing good have been having swelling a lot these past 2 days but I've been drinking red bull and heard that's no bueno for swelling. I have been going to my lymphatic massages and she tells me I still got a swelling of course :/ so I'm trying to be as patient as I can be. I go see dr. In 2 weeks I have a few sores that I'm having my own doctor look at one has got real deep and it's going to leave a huge scar unfortunately but I guess...I got my CG altered and got them tighten I want a flat belly so I'll be paying this lady 10 bux every 2 weeks to make it smaller it's better then buying CG every 2 weeks.


I'm already dealing with 2 sores and I find myself with another one now!! Ugh this is getting frustrating I'm going to have really bad scaring like I was praying not to get! It's finally hitting me and I'm finally jumping on to this emotional roller coaster..something I was dreading...btw not just any sore these are wounds they are deep holes that I have to try to close with butterfly band ads which aren't that great!! Getting desperate


Almost 5 weeks and not feeling it so far.this week I've been swollen most days I took pics from my back and I hope that's swelling I have fat coming out my sports bra o.O please let it be that I'm swollen. My scar isn't healed I'm cleaning it taking care of it daily it's starting to get old...I can't wait for a year to go by and all this is just my past...I see Dr soon I'm going back I need assurance. I'm still getting my massages she says I'm a little swollen so hopefully all this pain and sore cleaning is all worth it. I have also been eating right dieting no soda etc trying to avoid from being swollen ugh here are some pics.

so far so good!!! AMAZING!!!

Ok I went to see Dr.cortez and I'm amazed on my big difference !! I appreciate it big WOWS and THANK YOU. I know it's been an on going about his bad tummy tucks but I just had mine done I'm about 6 weeks out and I can't complain BIG CHANGE! I do have a few scars and bruises but nothing that time won't heal!!
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