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Hello to all you wonderful RealSelf junkies.. Let...

Hello to all you wonderful RealSelf junkies.. Let me start by saying that you ladies have given me so much knowledge and courage.
Ok so for a little background. I'm 29yrs old. I will be the big 30 on New Years. I have 4 kiddos. 12yrs(girl) 4yrs(boy) 2yrs(boy) 9.5mon(girl). All breastfed.
I'm almost 5'1" (yes I'm giving myself that 1/2 inch. I like to round up) and as of this morning I weighed in at 137lbs.
This blog/rant/review will be about my mommy makeover journey.
This whole process is so exciting and scary. Like I'm seriously feeling anxious just sitting here at my desk writing this.
I have wanted this for so long but was waiting to be sure we were finished having children.
When my last daughter was born in January, I made a deal with myself that if u dropped all my baby weight(including leftover weight from #3) by her 1st birthday, then I could so my surgery. No one told me I needed to lose weight or anything. I just wanted motivation to get back in shape and feel like I really earned my surgery.
Now, as for my pics. These are from this morning while getting ready for work. Wow! You ladies should have seen my 12yr olds face when I asked her "will you take some naked pictures of me?" It was priceless! lol yeah that's what she gets for doing her hair in my bathroom instead of her own :-)
But she did it for me. Thank goodness. I really didn't want to have to ask my Hunny to do it.
At this point i am still shopping around for that perfect connection with a surgeon. In not sure that really exists BUT I'm doing my best to find it.
As you all can see from my pics, I have already had breast augmentation in May of 2012. They were great for the first 2 weeks or so but once the swelling started going down and my implants started to settle, they no longer matched! :-( after a few follow ups, my surgeon decided that I must have a leak on the left side. Did I mention that I have something hard that pocks me inside the left breast?!? Dr Steeley did offered to cut whatever it is out in his office at one of my follow ups but "no thanks" that sounds painful! I'd rather deal with it until I have the implant fixed.Wonder if that is what could have caused the leak... I'm also not a fan of how he made my scar go off to the side on my left breast when he did the lift on that side.
Anyways- we became pregnant with #4 and I could not get that implant replaced before my warranty was out.
So fast forward 2years and 1baby later... I'm finally going to get fixed.
So far I have had consults for my with Dr Straka, Dr Kim, today at 12pm is Dr Basu and tomorrow is Dr Gill. I'm very excited for today's and tomorrow's app. Based on things I have ready in RealSelf.
Also, don't mind the bruises you see in the pics. Last Saturday I did an even called a toughmudder. It was awesome but brutal at the same time. I signed up months ago as part of my accountability to keep up with my weight loss goal.:-)
I need to get to work and finish payroll before I leave for the day. Other wise we will have some very upset employees if they don't get their direct deposit. Yikes- don't want that. Will update after my consult tomorrow with pros and cons of each.
Hope everyone has an awesome day!

I Set As Date!!

Ok. So I left you ladies a few days back just before my final (2) consults..well I'm super excited to say that I Found My Surgeon! Yay :-)
I was pretty sure that I was going to like Dr Basu befor I even had the consult with him. I was pretty impressed with information I had gathered from my "homework" obviously otherwise I would not have scheduled the appointment to begin with. Anyways- I immediatly felt comfortable and welcome once I arrived at his office. Well not even his office really, just his building.
It's a little tricky for new comers to the building because you use one elevator from the garage and then need to switch elevators to actually get to the offices. DUAH Tasha! Well now I know. So I called the office and told the girl that answered the phone that I was in the building but wasn't sure how to get to office. She was so super nice. Instead of telling me how to get to the office, she told me "stay right there" and she came all the way down from the 21st floor and escorted me to the office making small talk the entire time like we were old friend. I felt so relaxed and welcomed by the time we made it to the office. Turns out her name is Vivian and she was the same girl that sent me my appointment papers to fill out and confirmed my appointment.
Then after a short wait I was called to the back to meet with Linnea. Also super nice and down to earth. She was very helpful and informative.
Then I had my looonng very detailed consult with Dr Basu. Followed by another q&a cession with Linnea and of course the $$ talk.
Basically I loved his office and put my deposit to hole my January 21st date.
Yes I know I still had my appointment scheduled with Dr Gill for the next day. Some of you may think I'm crazy but I actually still drove to the Woodlands the next day to meet Dr Gill. Sorry I just had to be sure! I was going to cancel it but my little sister urged me to go. She knew the "what ifs" would just bug the cramp out of me. And she was right. They totally would have.! Now I can rest easy knowing that i did my homework and I made my list of surgeons I liked and I checked everyone of them off.
So that's it for now.
Wow it seems so far away and not far enough to calm my nerves at the same time????

January 21, 2015

I wish I could do it this silly little personal deal I made with myself has me in a very small window of time.
So I gave myself until my youngest daughters 1st birthday to get to my goal weight. Her 1st birthday is January 16. So no surgery before that for sure. Plus I have 10 more pounds I would like to lose. Then.... I have all my year end stuff I have to have submitted for work that is due by January 31. No biggy there. I usually have all that submitted by mid January.
THEN my oldest daughters 13th birthday is on Febuary 25. And 13 is a big one and she finally wants a party. So I want to have my surgery as soon as possible after Sophia's 1st birthday and be ok to shop and decorate for Alyssas 13th. I think a month should be fine.
Also I scheduled for a Wednesday so I can do payroll early in the week on Tuesday, have surgery on Wednesday, rest and recover for a week and "cross my fingers" I'm able to get to work by the following Wednesday to do payroll for that week.
Pros for working at a small family business: I pretty much get to make my own hours, I have been able to bring all our children to work until they start walking and get off the boob before we ship them off to daycare :-) movie dates in the middle of the day with my hunny.... And it goes on
Cons to working at family business: there is no-one else to do the work for you!! you can never leave for very long because the work just stacks up.
Hey I shouldn't complain right . I am so blessed already and even more so that I get the opportunity to have this surgery. So I can deal with all the scheduling craziness with a big ol smile on my face :-)

25 days to go..

Hey everyone. It's been almost 2 months since I posted.
A lot has been going on with work, kids, holidays and all that jazz.
Let's see... Surprisingly I have NOT been freaking out that much. I think party because I have been so busy and (everyone knows that mommies take the back burner) and also partly because I have wanted this for so so so long and I always knew it was coming but just didn't know exactly when.
So surgery is January 21st :-)
By some crazy miracle I have lost weigh. Like almost 10-12lbs I'd say. I have no idea how!! Honestly we had been working out and running like 15+ miles a week for months. Until November 1st. We did a ToughMudder and then our "let's take a break" (I hurt my ankle and hunny wanted to baby his elbow) has turned into 2 months of hardly anything! Anyways- I'm not complaining, I'm just so happy for miracles. lol
So Monday we are going to Colorado for my 30th. We will be there for 4 days.
Mixed Feelings: Happy for vacation and sad about getting older and leaving my kids. And also hoping I don't break anything trying to ski. Lol
My Pre-op is on January 7th. Its starting to feel more real now that I actually counted the days and it's time to start gathering items BUT I think maybe it will hit me when I go in and actually PAY. That's like the point of no return. Not that I'm second guessing. I'm totally sure and confidant in my choice. Only wish kinda that Dr Basu did like the first night in a hospital. Kinda nervous about the "in office surgery wing" and recovery. But hey, u guess if anything goes wrong... Herman Hospital is right across the street :-) I hope I didn't just jinks myself.
Anyways- I'll update after my Per-op.
I welcome any advise on supplies.
Happy Holidays!

Less than 2weeks now

So my PreOp went well. Tones and tones of paperwork! And I'm so poor now :-) but the anxiety is gone. I was really stressing cleaning out my account even thought it was intended for this all along.
I was expecting to see Dr Basu and go over final plans with him but that wasn't the case. He went out of town earlier that day. My original appointment was for 10am and I would have been able to talk with him then but his office rescheduled me for the afternoon last minute. Anyways- the ladies did go over some different shape/size implants and answer a few questings that I had. I do feel better.
One thing I am pretty upset about though.... Friday(12days before surgery)Dr Basus office called me to inform me that I could not have my planned surgery date and time(the one I paid $500 for 3months ago) that Dr Basu had to give someone else my 8am slot and I could either move to 12pm same day or another day. SERIOUSLY?!?!?
I planned work, kids, help, everything around my chosen and paid for date!!! And no thank you, I do not want to wait until 12pm without anything to eat or drink since the night befor. Not to mention. I'm paying $17,400 for this and I want everyone bright eyed and bushy tailed! Not tired from a first surgery and expected to be on their A game for my 7hr surgery.
So I opted for the following Thuresday morning. Not a long delay but still a inconsiderate and unfrofessional one. I still have to be back at work the following Wednesday to do payroll. so now I just have 1 less recovery day.
Really hope I didn't bump someone else out of thier spot on the 22nd. I actually asked that but the lady just said " no you are fine" Now that I think about it, that wasn't exactly a straight forward answer.
Anywho- so labs r done as well. Just need to fill scripts, borough recline and get my recovery supplies.
I'm so sinkin excited :-)

Crazy nervous

Less than 24hrs to go. Dr Basus office called for my pre-op call. Just went over last minute instructions and wanting to answer and questions or concerns I may have.
She told me to shave my entire "downstairs"..?!? Ok. I guess I understand that bacterial can be held in the hairs.. But dang. I got laser hair removal on my bikini line so I never had to deal with the itchiness of the hair growing back. O well, guess I'm just but picking trivial things.
Other than that little detail, everything great. Last minute straightening of the house this evening and try and get to bed early.
I had originally planning to cook a couple meals for him and the kiddos BUT u know what. He is a grown man and I have complete faith that he can handle feeding our children for a few days. So I'm just going to sit back, relax and try to make the best of my down time :-)

Finally my dream at last

Well nattyneedsanewrummy, looks like we made it!
I was so nervous because my hunny had last minute this at work and if I would have waited in him I woulda have been late :-(
But my lovely step mom and daughter drive my(school starts at 10:15am here on Thursdays)
So my big girl was able to hang out for whole time while they marked me up. I think that was a huge comfort for both of us.
Once they walked me to surgery room, I remember laying on bed and getting covered up... The end!
6hrs later I faintly remember my hunny voice. He came to pick me up! Yay!
So for the pain. It sucks for sure. Surprisingly my hips/flank area hurt the most. VERY swollen. Also underarms very sort. ( I had extra skin/fat/ breast tissues removed from my from crease of underarms.
I have gotten up sever times to go potty but that's it. My hunny and oldest daughter won't let me do anything else. I'm gonna have to have surgery more ofter if this is what gets to get off the computer :-)
As far as meds go. I have taken 3 pain pills since yesterday evening and / muscle relaxers and stool softers. Here are my preop-postop pics
I should be able to bath tomorrow :-)

4days post

So it's Monday. Everyone is at school or work:-(
I'm doing fine though. I was alone Friday (the day after) and managed just fine.
I'm still very tired and weak. One minute in reading or eating a sandwich and the next my hunny is picking my plate up our if my lap. This morning I have stated laundry. Not hard but very slow going. I can only grab a couple things at a time.
I watched my binder today so I could wash the one from Dr Basu. Also switched ace bandage from my chest to right fitting sports bra that buckles in front.
My hunny helped me shower Saturday i think and yesterday(Saturday) I needed to wash my hair for the funeral I attended yesterday.
Dr Basus office called and it is ok to shower if I was sure to dry the tape off with hair driers before I put wrap back on. O yes, last nighty took quick hot bath (not cover my incision) all by myself.
No issues yet. My boobs look fantastic from what I can tell. I hope they are still as nice and even after swelling goes down. Tummy tuck incision is very low as well.
2) small little concerns though.
First is that I have. Blister along my incision under the tape. Approximately the size of a quarter. Does not hurt though just curious what it is.
2nd thing is that on my left side there is a pretty significant indention that has been there since day 1. Almost seems as if he did more lipo on left than on right.
My one else experience this?
Will update later. I need to nap now .

Blister ..?? Day 4post

So I took my binder off again earlier this afternoon to check on the blister under my tape. Doesn't seem so hurt when I touch it but does look a tiny but larger. Have any of u ladies had any experience with blisters? My follow up is still 3days away. Also took another pic for u guys.
I was in a lot of pain once the exparel wore off but hunny went to pick up stronger pain meds. They do help but make me pretty much worthless at the same time because all I can do is sleep. So I only take them before bed or in the a.m. After the house is empty.
Anyways - thank u ladies droll the advise and recommendations concerning the blister :-)

I Have No idea Y The Pics R Loading Upsidedown. Sorry

Day 5

It isTuesday and I'm at home with my 1yr old. (Grandma had Dr appointment)
I feel terrible today. I have no energy and my back really hurts. I have not taken any pain meds because I have Sophie home with me. But this is just crazy. I have been feeling pretty good and getting bursts of energy here and there but today seems like I took a step backwards :-(
Did have very small BM lastnight. Still cramping a little like I need to possible go but nothing happens when I try. Anyways- my blister popped on its own. Not good! So just trying to keep that clean. My boobs r kinda itchy. Really that's it. Incision area is fine. I just feel weak and exhausted today for some reason.
I hope this passes quick. Back to work tomorrow. Follow up Thursday and maybe these evil derails can be taken out. The output is really low at this point. Like 15mL at most in a12hr period.
Hope everyone has a great day. I'm Going to go nap with my Soph.

Day 10 - Those 5 days flew by

I'm back. Man it has been a rough past 4 day. Right now it is the morning of my 10th day.

Day6- so I did go into work for about 3 hrs. It was pretty tough. And I drove myself. Lower back pain mostly. I came home took my meds and crashed on the couch until hunny got home with kids that evening.

Day7- was my 1st post-op. Had someone drive me downtown. They said I needed to wear garnet tighter but everything else looked fine. Removed tape from incisions and was able to get 1 drain out. Thank Goodness!

Day8- went back to work Friday. And my 1yr old had her 1yr check up. Long day! Worked a couple hrs. Went to pediatrician (hunny came with) went to lunch and back to work for a few more hrs. I REALLY OVERDID it. By the end if the day I was in so much pain and so swollen. I had the worst imaginable headache and was so nauseous I could barely drive home. I took meds when I got home at 5:30pm and laid on couch. I did not wake up until 11pm and everyone in house was sleeping.

Day9- Better. Was able to take it easy in the a.m. Hunny picked up BBQ for lunch and the whole house(even kidos) helped clean the house. YAY!! Call me crazy but I swear I feel worse and my mood is worse when the house is dirty.
Hunny did(he really tried) to do the mopping and sweeping my me. Bless his heart. and switching laundry over. All the heavy sort if things.
FYI I still have not picked up any of my kids or really anything other that purse, food, clothes, keys, etc small things.
Then went our for my stepmoms birthday dinner.
Tough day but better. I did take 1 pain pill befor we started cleaning house.
Feel like I'm able to stand up straighter more today :-)

Day10- it's only 8:30a.m. But I only plan to cook breakfast in a bit and lay around all day!

Tomorrow -Monday is my next post-op to remove 2nd drain. They said if output is less than 30ml in 24hrs. It's only about 10ml in 14hrs

Missed facts

I didn't evens mention how I have been sleeping.

I think I already today u ladies that I quickly abandoned my recliner for the couch. The couch is wonderful with pillows propping me up. Night 8 I moved to bed. Still propped with pillowed but just back in my lovely bed next to my hunny.

Walking.- I was very hunched for the first several days. Friday Day8 at pediatricians office(been using this office for 11yrs) everyone was so concerned "if I had back surgery." At that point I realized how hunched I was and I needed to start walking straighter.
So just in the past 2 days that I have been more AWARE and focused. I have been walking much straighter and my back feels much much better. :-) my back was the worst Friday. Then so much better right away.
So just went you feel that you can't take it anymore...

New Pics! Post Drains

Ok. 2nd post op today. Had my 2nd drain removed today. YAY! And my stitches.
Here are a few pics from today after work. Day 11
Also have had an indention on left side since Day 1. I'm thinking from lipo. Was told just to massage for now and we will address when bruising and swelling goes down.

I feel so negative!

I feel like such a "negative nancy"!!
I am so happy but at the same time, all the pain and discomfort and just overall difficulty with my daily chores has my emotions like a roller coaster. Not to mention this super annoying itching along my incision!!
I'm so frustrates! I have a life...or atleast I and kids and groceries and laundry and cleaning and yard work! I feel helpless and like my entire routine is out of whack.
When do I get my life back? Everything feels so chaotic and disorganized like I'm constantly behind on everything.:-(
Yes, complaining like this makes me feel a little like a brat. But this is honestly how I feel.
Is this normal? Any or you ladies had such a difficult time adjusting?

Scar Revision *8mon PostOp

I'm just under 8mon post-op. Tomorrow I will be having a revision of my tummy tuck scar as well as my belly button scar.
I had such a terrible reaction to the sutures that my scar widened and is very irregular from the blisters and suture spitting :-( my belly button didn't react as badly. However, I'm not at all satisfied with the looks of it.
Early in I noticed an ends ruin on my right hip. Turns out it did not correct itself and Dr Basu will be taking a little fat from "somewhere"(I think my belly) and using it to fill in/smooth out the ends ruins in my hip from the lipo.
Fingers crossed that everything goes well!
I'm going to ask if he can lower my scar a bit at the same time. I had a really hard time finding swim bottoms to cover it.
Here are a get pictures I took a little bit ago so you guys can see how I have healed over that last 8months.
Hopefully my scar will be thinner and smoother this next go around.

Pictures befor Revision

2days Post-Revision

Today is Saturday September 19.
2days out from my tummy tuck revision.
I'm feeling much better today. I got up, cleaned the house a bit, and even showered today:-) yay!!
I seen my incision for the first time today. And my new belly button. So far so good I guess. I'm not positive but I think dr Basu was able to get my scar a tad lower. That's great if he did. From what I can see under the Sterie strips, the line seems to be smooth and straight.
My goodness I hope I don't have a reaction to the futures like last time.
I'm super nervous about my belly button. The tummy tuck scar can always be hidden with clothing but the belly button will be visible in the summer.
Fingers crossed!! Dr Basu said they were using a different type of stitch this time so..
These r a few pics from befor my shower this evening. My fist look at the revision. One things I found out is that on the left side, he extended my scar all the way back. I was not anticipating that goodnight into surgery but I guess he felt it necessary to obtain a smooth look.
Is worried that I will look weird that my scars on both sides don't match now.

Im Back and I Need help.

Hey guys
So it has been about 10months since my scar revision. Things are pretty good. I feel like I have healed very well. I'm much happier with my scar and belly button since the revision.
Remember way back when.. I had a issue with some indentation on my left hip/love handle area? I felt immediately that it was from the lipo. Some, (including my Dr) thought it may be from my compression garment. So I gave it time. And more time. And messaged regularly for months...And still I have it. It has improved some. Slightly! But still noticeable and still makes me self-conscious. Especially this time of year. (swimsuits)
So. All that said. I have made my mind up to have some liposuction done to this area in hopes of smoothing out the dents a bit. I have been reading on the smart lipo and think maybe that is the way to go. I'm hoping that between the smaller cannula and the laser, I can get a smoother look.

I'm a little worried because I'm having a hard time finding very info on realself about local patients that used local Drs for their smart lipo. I can read reviews on the Drs websites but I want more than just them cheerleading for themselves.
Anyone in Houston Texas that can give me an honest review of a local Dr for smart liposuction?
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