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Let me begin by telling you that my initial quest...

Let me begin by telling you that my initial quest was for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I didn't have to search far. I selected Dr. Andrew Jimerson, paid my deposit and have my sx date scheduled for Jan 2014. Then I came across Dr. Wilberto Cortes, in Houston. After researching and watching many of his educational video series on Youtube, and his website RejuvenusAesthetics, I was COMPLETELY SOLD! I knew that I had to have his signature "Hourglass Tummy Tuck". I also liked his breast reduction and lift technique. So, I scheduled a consult, as well as a sx date and paid my deposit for a Mommy Makeover! You can follow my blog over at the BBL FORUM to get more details.

I'm getting excited!

The reality has finally hit me! Yeasss hunties in less than two months this body is going to be transformed! I spend so much time grabbing and manipulating my loose skin to get a better idea of what to expect when it is no longer there. I began my weight loss journey last March and I'm proud of my accomplishments. I've been blogging my journey in the BBL forum (initially, this was to be my first sx), however I'll be coming here to do my updates

more pix

Breast wish pix

My source of inspiration.

The photos of this RS member's amazing transformation gives me so much hope. Her weight 3 days pre-op was 311lbs. She has been the only person that I could find that had a body type that was most comparable to mine. She's 6ft tall, and I'm 5'10". I began my weight loss journey at nearly 300lbs, and now I'm down to 265lbs. I get so emotional whenever I see her results. I'm praying for the same.


Here I am. Don't get too comfortable with seeing me this way. This larvae is soon to complete her metamorphosis. I'm going to emerge from my cocoon as a beautiful butterfly!


Whasuppppp!!!!!!!!! Hey ladies I'm looking forward to bringing this New Year in with a bang! 2014 is MY year to shine. I get my body reconstructed a few days after my birthday, and is going to be LOVELY! Can't wait to join the rest of my sistahs who have already taken the plunge. Everyone stay safe tonight. Turn up!

299lbs vs. 264lbs and counting...

Just wanted to share my weight loss journey photos. I began in mid March and I've been holding steady between 265-270lbs.

Getting the new year started right!

I was at the gym bright and early this morning getting it in. Guess what? I was the ONLY only soul there!lol

My chi-chi's now, and my wish picture.

90 mins. of intense cardio

I want a strong healthy heart!

Lodging for 3.5

Well... I installed both Home Away & Airbnb apps. I found a gorgeous fully apartment in The Woodlands,TX . Just a short drive from the Conroe office. Bedroom #1 has a queen sized bed & A recliner chair. The 2nd room is a fully furnished nursery). The living room has a sofa sleeper (perfect for my caregiver/nanny) contacted the host with our itinerary date info. However, She was unable to accommodate our needs. She could only offer us 4 days max. and we need 21 days. The search continues....

Airline reservations...CHECK!

Alright so now that I've booked the flight, I'm one step closer to getting my goal accomplished, and one step closer to my dream!

Sh!t just got REALLY real!

It just doesn't get any better than this. One week after my birthday, is my surgery date! Needless to say I'm very excited. This year is getting of to a great start!

Another wish pic collage

Day 3 post op

Testing 123...

System continues to erase my blog entry.

I'm so tired of my post updates getting deleted


Ladies, I don't understand how women can do this alone???? I have my nurse friend and hubs. My energy is good once I'm moving, but when I stop.....Ahhhh hell. I thought that I would be able to have enough energy to finish my blog but I am exhausted . I'm getting ready to lay down I'll be back


Look at Marie in her office scrubs looking too cute!

1week post op!

Here a few pics



Hey ladies, I'm horrible with updating my "Mommy Makeover" Blog. For Real Time updates please refer to my bbl blog. It's cumbersome updating in both areas. I started my plastic surgery journey seeking a bbl, then I changed my mind midstream to the "Mommy makeover".


Healing nicely.

My Goody Bag

Nurse Deanna is the BEST and a life saver!!!!!! She hooked up this wonderful bag of supplies for me. Dr.Cortes staff will make sure you have everything you need!

Goody Bag

Before & After

This is the picture I sent to Dr.Cortes, back in March 2013, almost a year ago. Here I am today.

Hard to hold!

It's going to take a lot to tame this tigress!

I purchased my first cheap bra at Walmart today!

After years of paying $60 -$75 for minimizing, full coverage, ultra lift bras, I went to Walmart and purchased this cutie. I love it!

I'm tickled pink!

Everyday I look at the mirror in wide eyed amazement as I watch my body morph right before my very eyes. I love the way I look in my clothes. Especially the simple things, tank top and compression bottoms. My stomach is getting flatter with each passing day, and I'm very conscious about what goes into my mouth! I drink so much fluid throughout the day. I eat oatmeal for breakfast w/a banana, have a protein shake for my snack, at least one salad with a variety of veggies, and for dinner I try to eat grilled chicken, 2 veggies, and a starch. Still getting my walking in. Feeling fabulous!

Breast transformation

Lawdddd shawty baddd!

Amazonian Goddess!

Feeling Great!

Just finished my in office procedure. It only took 2 hours. My back is flat now since Dr. Cortes released the fluid from the seroma on my back. Yes I have that scoop in my back now!


Today is the day that I Get placed in my second stage garment!

FLATTY32 & MzPhatBooty

Our 2nd time meeting up at the office! She is looking fabulous!


*WARNING* GRAPHIC PHOTOS ~Liposuction Burns~

Hi ladies, I shared these photos on my bbl blog, but I felt the importance to share them here also. All of you who have been following my blog know that I vowed to be as candid as possible when it comes to disclosing the details of my plastic surgery journey. Be it good, bad, or ugly. I want to give an accurate account so that ladies to come can gain an indepth insight of my day to day recovery process. Now, you see the photos above and you are either shocked, horrified, or at worst scared to move forward with your decision to get your procedure done. First of all let me reassure you that Dr. Wilberto G. Cortes is a STELLAR plastic surgeon. The finest that Houston, TX has to offer! From day 1 he has carefully managed my case. Secondly, this is an "isolated" case. There is only one other patient besides myself that Dr. Cortes performed a procedure on that I know of that suffered a lipo burn, and that was LADYB2011. So, like I said it is a rarity. From looking at my before pictures you can see I was obese. In fact I weighed 274lbs. on the morning of surgery. I had large back fat rolls that were aggressively liposuctioned. I believe Dr. Cortes's mission, as in any other case is to give the BEST AESTHETIC result possible. This man is a perfectionist! He removed nearly 9 liters of fat! (imagine 4, 2liter bottles of coke + a 1 liter) The reality is that we sign a 28 page waiver detailing the complications that can occur, and liposuction burns happen to be one of the complications. As painful as they appear to be, I've never experienced any pain whatsoever. I think this was due to the long lasting anesthetic. My back has been pretty much numb since surgery. On the day that he did the debridement which took just under 2 hours in office (excising the burnt tissue away to expose the underlying skin to stimulate healing),he numbed me up so well with lidocain that I never felt anything. He then stitched all of those areas closed. So now I simply was the areas with antibacterial soap and warm water, apply triple antibiotic ointment, and cover with bandages. He did my second (and last) session at my appointment yesterday. It went relatively quickly, as there were only a couple of areas left to address. At this point the skin looks just the way he wants. Nice and beefy red. Now, the skin can go ahead and heal. I hadn't been able to get placed in my stage 2 garment due to the situation going on with my back. I thought I would be placed in it yesterday, but Dr. Cortes wants me to wait several more days. He suspects the compression level of the garment might bust my stitches in my back. In any case, I've been wearing a binder to keep my tummy as flat as possible. In closing, I choose not to glamorize the negative. It is what it is. Ship happens. Had he not adamantly sought to treat me, I would have felt some kind of way, but this clearly isn't the case. This doc came to my hotel with nurse Deanna to treat me, I had several follow up visits at the Conroe office, he texts me to see how I'm doing, and he has me to text photos of various areas of my body just to see how I'm progressing. I'm in love with my newly transformed body! Unfortunate that I suffered the burns, but the trade off was worth it! I'm optimistic about my recovery, and looking forward to seeing what the end will bring.


The burns are healing well. Dr. Cortes stressed the importance of keeping the areas moist. So what I've been doing is heavily coating the burns with triple antibiotic ointment, and covering the areas with Saran wrap, taping it down good, then placing the bandage pad on top, and securing it with medical tape. This way the areas are kept moist, and protected from the pressure of my CG. By the way, I'm now wearing my ARDYSS BODY MAGIC compression garment and it has done wonders for my tummy swelling!


I own both styles of this garment. I'm currently wearing the one on the right. I've had these in my collection for at least 4 years. They were designed by both a chiropractic, and orthopedist. The body Is brought into perfect alignment when worn, and it makes you look 3 sizes smaller. Best of all you can order it online for 50% off (the short one only) Inbox me if you are interested. Since the bottom portion is made out of power net your ass doesn't get smashed in.

My daily ritual

I wanted to show you photos of the healing, and the way the dressings are applied. AEH81, per your request,here are photos of me wearing the bodymagic garment. I'm also down 12 lbs. Since My Surgery.

Vedette 100 over Bodymagic

The Bodymagic is getting lose in the bodice. So I placed my Vedette vest on top of it for added compression.

Vedette 100 over ARDYSS BODYMAGIC

Getting Flatter!

Wearing the compression vest over my garment seems to be doing the trick. I lost so much fluid overnight that my chux pad was completely saturated! (I have an opening on my tt seem directly beneath my belly button, from which the fluid leaks out. I just cut a chux pad to twice the width of a standard maxi pad, fold it and cover this area.

On my way to church

Left these out

I've come a LONG way!

I feel like I'm looking like the BEST me! No. I don't look like my wish pic, but guess what? Neither do the models in my pics! ;-D LMAOROTF

Foot, Ankle & Leg Swelling

For the past 3 days I've had extreme swelling in my ankles, legs, and feet, more in the left leg. Wearing the compression socks brings the swelling down. I'm just trying to figure out why all of a sudden this is happening?


First, I'm wearing the new faja CG from Dr.Cortes underneath all of the dresses that I'm modeling. I love the way it fits because it's not smashing my boots in. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE beautiful dresses. The long one is my favorite being that the back is completely out, and the slit stops just underneath my ass(modestly long, but very sexy). What you think? Shopping is so much fun now!

more pix

Monif C. collection


I finally took my measurements:
Natural Waist:38


Much love, and shout outs to my girlfriend, LADYB2011!!! Yesterday, she sent me compression garments ranging from 2xl-medium! What a blessing, because you know how expensive these garments can be. O_O She has good taste! I know for a fact thay she ordered the best garments out here on the market. I can't wait to "pay it forward"!

20lbs. down!

Thankful for the garments that LADYB2011, sent me. As you can see it really smashes my hips in, but when I take it off they are still there! Down 20lbs. Since my surgery day (1month 2days ago). Getting ready to buy the gym tomorrow. It's beena long time since I was in the 250's but I'm so close to getting into my 240's that I can taste it! I'm ready to do this!

20lbs. Less to lose

The weight loss is coming along. Getting ready to kick it up a notch with my fitness program. Boot Camp and hiring a personal trainer is in my immediate future plans!

How could I not be satisfied?

A pix is worth a 1000 words! 3 pics=3000 BOOMMMM!!! Nuff said...

Am I blessed or what???????

Look at what I received in the mail today! That's right compression garments! Compliments of LADYB2011. LUV YA SIS, ^_~

My girls are looking good!

I'm using bio oil for now on my scars.


Please read my BBL blog for more info!


This is so sad....

Various poses




For the past 3 days I wore 2 full body compression garments to eliminate fluid build up and swelling. This is the result!!!! I haven't even stepped foot inside a gym or workout at home. Just eating clean and minimal walking. I didn't expect to look so good this soon. Keep in mind EVERY body has a different recovery/healing rate. So don't expect what happened to me to happen for you. I've been very optimistic from the very beginning. Even mentally prepared myself for successive rounds of need be to achieve my desired results. However at this rate I'm going to begin waist training. I've already ordered a double steel boned corset. I will wear a high waisted strong compression garment underneath. Meanwhile, off to the gym I go for my first session post op! Muahhhhhhhh


I'm trying to do better with posting over here, but keep in mind to check my BBL blog also since I generally give it my first priority.


Realself needs a "BLOCK" setting!

I know this isn't Facebook, but nevertheless I contacted Kristy to see if R/S has or have future plans for installing various filters & settings. If I'm not following a blogger, I don't need or want to see (less alone read), ANY comment made on their blog PERIOD! Realself is what it is today because of us. We need to contact the community managers and tell them what we want in order to improve the site for US- the users. There should be a edit option for our comments, and the ability for us to use Smiley emoticons, just to name a few ideas.

On a positive note

Now that we've expressed ourselves. It should be CRYSTAL CLEAR where we all stand. We know which blog page is for the HAPPY SATISFIED patients, and which blog is designated to the opposite. With that in mind let's get back to our regularly scheduled programing...



I was told by a community manager that my review would be closed for a couple of days NOT INDEFINITELY! In any case if you have questions or comments you can inbox me or leave them on my BBL blog. However,I will continue to update my mommy makeover blog.


Okay ladies back to business as usual. We are going to do what we have always done. Keep it POSITIVE, FUNNY, and LIGHT. We DEFINITELY know what time it is here at Realself. OVERT shade thrown ladies! At the end of the day I'm a RP **Real Person** staying true to myself, and standing up for what I believe in, and that's what matters most. Not a title... Afterall the community knows who I am! Lol!!!! Muahhhhhhh!

Shopping is so much fun!

Now I'm able to grab a shirt off the rack,and it fits like a glove!

This waist training is a BIOTCH!!!!

Okay ya'll my double boned steel waist corsette arrived, and I'mhere to tell you this waist training thing is not for punks! I've had it on for all of 2 whopping hours and I'm already crying MERCYYY!!! I feel like I'm wearing a bullet proof vest. It definitely corrects the posture and shoots my twin girls to the moon! I'm trying my darnest to do everything to improve my final results. Did I mention I also wearing my compression garment?lol

30 hours later.....

I'm still wearing my corsette! I like it when I'm standing up, but when I sit down it is a serious BEAST!!! It really affects your breathing, but enhances your posture to the 10th power! I'm going to keep it up.


CHANGE OF PLANS....Arghhhhh!!!!!!

Ladies, I'm really feeling some kind of way... Just received our FAMILY REUNION packet, and guess what? (Long sigh......)It is scheduled for our "Meet & Greet" weekend! Needless to say I won't be able to come hang out with my girls... :-( I was so looking forward to this event...#disappointed


I found this article. It's noteworthy of reading. I'm 2 days shy of being 2 months post-op. I have what I believe is scar tissue that runs the entire length of my tt incision. My hubs has been massaging that area pretty aggressively. Belly button has healed up nicely (no more crusty scar). I'm still wearing the "wall anchor" A.K.A. "spacer" inside my belly button opening. I do have the "tell-tell" sign of liposuction- a darkened scar on my upper abdomen, where the cannula was inserted to perform the lipo in my upper ab area. It itched like hell for the longest time! Overall My muscle plication feels nice and tight. I'm still experiencing numbness in several areas of my lower abdomen. Am I completely flat? No. I've lost 30lbs since my mommy makeover. So yes, I do have redundance of the skin in my abs. I knew off top that this would be the case. I did my due diligence when it came to researching "The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck" Most doctors agree that the BEST results are yielded when you are NO MORE THAN 15-20 lbs over your ideal body weight (according to the height & weight charts). However, there are always exceptions...Personally, I COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER. Maybe it was my metabolism? Maybe my body wasn't processing insulin properly? All I know is that after I lost 35lbs on my own. My weight loss efforts came to a halt! I was down like 4 flat tires w/o a spare! Stuck like Chuck! Couldn't lose a pound to save my life. So this surgery WAS the catalyst that catapulted my body into a new zone! I was like who cares about not being close to my ideal weight? Hell I can't go through yet another summer looking and feeling this way! 35+30=65lbs this is the combined loss that I have through surgery & my own efforts. I'm going to see what boot camp and Zumba can do as far as burning the excess belly fat and tightening my skin. I'm going to give it my all for the next 4 months. My skin laxity isn't too shabby so I expect to tighten up nicely. Should this be the case GREAT! If not I plan on getting my bbl done with Dr. Cortes next March, so I'll be getting a lot more lipo anyway. In any case it's a WIN-WIN situation! BTW my boobies are looking good! It's going to be a busy weekend. I'll try to get photos up at my first convenience.


Last night my husband massaged the HELL out of the scar tissue on my lower abs with bio oil. Keep in mind I only drink water or Gatorade. Yesterday I ate a banana, apple, tangerine, 6 pc. Jamaican Jerk grilled wings and water, water, water! Wow up this morning to a MUCH FLATTER STOMACH! THE scar tissue had softened considerably. I'm eagerly anticipating what I will look like in another month! Meanwhile. ... My shopping continues ;)



Waist training is paying off!



On my "A" game!


Boiiiii.... Let me tell ya. I broke the 'confimeter'(confidence meter) today! It was hot & sunny, and I was the hot, sexy, diva! Now I know I hear it going on back in my day, but NEVER like this. I weighed a LOT less,yet I didn't have these dangerous curves! So now I find myself looking in every mirror,window, and automobiles with good paint jobs to admire my damn reflection! Yeah I'm sick-wit-it okayyyyyy! Lol! Nahhhh boo-boo can't no one tell me a damn thang. I'm loving this body of mine!


Thanks to AEH81, the shopping frenzy continues! I ABSOLUTELY MUST have these. I going to rock them with liquid leggings and stilettos!

At the hospital...

Time for an ultrasound to rule out DVT. My legs have been swollen beyond belief! They feel as if they are going to explode. Anyway, hopefully DVT is ruled out. I'm aware that it could be an issue with my lymphatic system (since it has been seriously disrupted via surgery). Lastly, I'll make an appointment with a vascular doctor to see what's going on.


NO BLOOD CLOTS! LASIX for 3 days, compression stockings, and leg elevation.


I know several ladies have reached out to me about being denied a tummy tuck due to your inability to achieve an acceptable weight. Well I found some valuable info. If you aren't concerned about muscle tightening, then Dr. Schulman has the answer to your delimma. I was unsuccessful at creating a hyperlink but if you type his name in the search box you can click on his website. A plus to note is that he does an internal belly button, like Dr. Cortes so you don't have the scar on the outside.

Just reflecting

In amazed each time I look back at my humble beginnings, to my bountiful ending. Well I'm not quite finished(technically speaking). I still eat clean, but I'm a sucker for Lay's plain potato chips & Hershey's cookies&cream candy bar especially when cousin flow comes for her monthly visit. 98% of the time I'm on point though. Anyway my research continues... I'll inform you later.

Burn update

I received a hour long massage today and it felt so good! I wanted to show you ladies my healing progress from my surgery date 2/20/2014 to present. Still NO pain whatsoever. Just tightness that is subsiding with each massage.


Koreysmom, LADYB2011,Anewmom, Flatty32, AEH81,and all the others that I failed (NOT FORGOT)to mention, WHO have followed my journey from the beginning you all know that I'm not the one to come on here crying, bitching, moaning, and complaining about my surgery results. Is my stomach completely flat? Not hardly... But guess what? Me, myself, and I are cool with IT FOR NOW, because this body is yet under construction! Call already know that I AM THE MASTER at taking lemons, and making lemonade. If I don't know how to do anything else, I know how to fake it till I make it! Lol If after the bbl, I'm still not as flat as I desire guess what??? I'm going to get a mini tummy-tuck(GOD BE WILLING). Ladies, one surgery may not get you where you want to be. So just remember that it is a PROCESS. This recovery takes time when looking for your final result. Hang in there. Most of all maintain a positive outlook. Sometimes you have to encourage yourself...Muahhhhhhhh


Let me clarify, because I don't want anything I've said above to misconstrued or misunderstood. My surgery results are just that MINE. You may ask how can I be ok with paying for a tummy tuck, and didn't come out on the ABSOLUTE flat side? I understand enough about this procedure to know that my surgeon would rather err on the side of safety, rather than spin the revolver and play "Russian Roulet" with his patients life. I respect him for his integrity by making the conscious choice NOT to be RECKLESS! As you can see, "aggressive lipo" can present it's own set of complications. Over liposuctioning the upper abdomen in a tummy tuck procedure can disrupt the blood supply and result in skin death, A.K.A. NECROSIS. This is easy to understand if you take the time to educate yourself about the physiological aspects of the circulatory system and how it works in the abdominal region. There is a fine line in between how tight the skin flap can be pulled also. Nope, no need for me to stomp my feet like a spoiled child demanding his or her way, because I actually GET IT! I'm not mad, bitter, or angry. It is what it is. It was clearly explained to me pre-op, and I chose to proceed. Like I said earlier, I'm determined to make the most out of my situation. I absolutely love seeing my reflection in the mirror! I just stand there and marvel. Mr. is enjoying every minute of watching me basking in my own glory! (More than that he enjoys reaping the benefits)! LOL :) My hairstylist said, "Girllll I see your waist line is your favorite. Because I've noticed that you are wearing a belt in EVERY picture I see of you posing in"! LMBOROTF True....So True....

If you are going to wear a corset....

Whether you decide to wear a corset to create a dramatic look in your waistline temporarily, or longterm waist training, so your body a favor and invest in a sheet (or two) of lipofoam. I noticed that each time I would wear my under wire bra with my corset I had major issues with the corset pushing up against the bra which in turn caused the end of the wire on the side to jab, poke, stab, dig into my flesh. OUCHHHHH! NOT COOL AT ALL! ...TO BE CONT. (MY OFFICIAL BREAK JUST ENDED) ARGGGGGGHHHHH!

cont. "If you are going to wear a corset"

Now...Back to our regularly scheduled program. From trial and error I learned that IF I decide to wear a bra(the twins naturally sit up high from my breast lift, and the corset pushes them even higher so it's unnecessary to wear one except for feeling "secured & covered") it WON'T be a underwire, but instead a WIRELESS bra. Now if you can't live w/of your underwire bra then you can cut custom pieces of lipo foam and place between the bra and your skin where the underwire ends. You will also find it a delightful relief to place a piece of foam on your Xyphoid process because this is where the top of the corset rests. The closure part of the corset contains the steel boning. Although it is well covered, you don't want that shit stabbing you in your chest every time you move. If you stand while wearing it there is no problem, but when that ass sits down is a whole nother scenario. You would think you are getting stabbed.

Trying on clothes


Look at all this here! Whatcha gonna do with all of this whuuut? Lol!


Grab your coffee. I have to bring you up to speed!

Hey ladies, Let's begin with the photos above in which i was wearing the red/blk/gold dress. I went to the club for the first time in a longggg time. We'll let's just say that I had the time of my LIFE!!! I was ONE(NOT THE ONLY) of the seasoned ladies in the club, but hunnies let me tell you that I WAS THAT GIRL! I must have received a gazillion compliments on how I was wearing my dress. I couldn't keep my ass'ets of of the dance floor!lol It felt very refreshing to see people that I hadn't seen in years pay me compliments. These compression boy shorts that LADYB2011, gave me are the BIZZNESS!!! They compress the tummy and lower back, while lifting the bootay. You know since the my mommy makeover surgery I haven't wore my butt pads (keep in mind that I had wore them for over 20 years!!!!!). Dr. Cortes did such a wonderful job in sculpting my lower back that I've been able to feel confident enough to leave the house with them. Fast forward to today's photos. Me wearing the black crocheted dress. Liposuction is NOT, and I repeat NOT a weight loss surgery. However, if you eat clean, manage your proportion sizes(eating one-third to one-half of what you would normally consume),drink large amounts of water(a few gallons/day; Especially, first thing in the morning, and at bedtime. Minimal exercise 30-45mins of cardio exercise, daily with weight/strength training 15-20 mins/day. 3-5 days a week. I said all that to say that to date that I have lost 32 lbs. since my surgery day! I believe that metabolic changes occur with lipo, and if you do your part then you can drop pounds just like I have. Food combinations is important also. I'm a red meat lover, but I make sure to eat a lot of tomatoes with it. Instead of frying meat, I grill it instead. If it isn't water or Gatorade I don't mess with it. If I want a cookie I will go to the mall and buy ONE from the bakery, eat it, and it's a rap! No buying a bag of cookies from the store. So much of my life has centered around cooking. I've had to learn how not to place so much emphasis on food. I'm in a great place now and I live it! I've vier my sexy back. From 299 lbs last March, to 243lbs. today! Yes I AM THAT AMAZONIAN GODDESS! Dr. Cortes has changed my life!

Time to "Turn up"

Getting ready to slide out for the evening with my girls.

Looking & Feeling Sexy

I had a ball with my girls at the club! My feet were glued to the dance floor. In enjoying my life! This surgery is my new birth!

Me again!

Waiting it out...Retouch in September (hopefully)

Well I'm 3 months post op. These past few weeks have been crazy in regards to leg and feet swelling. Think it's time for me to visit a vascular specialist to see if the artery that is responsible for returning the blood flow back to the heart is functioning properly. I'm going you rest the corset for a couple of days and observe how the swelling goes. Well I made contact with Mariel to inquire about a lipo "retouch" to my abdomen and more fat transferred to my hips I September. I really don't want to wait until my BBL to get the transfer to my hips. So hopefully I can get an appointment since the doctor wants me to wait between 5-6 months to allow for the swelling to subside (for the most part anyway). Otherwise I feeling good, and as you can see in looking great!

Photo that didn't upload

Boobies still standing at attention.

No bra over here! I love them ;-)


Unable to upload pix

Being a *PATIENT* patient. It ain't easy, BUT it's doable.

Lately, I've been doing a great deal of reading/researching the topic of ~Abdominal Swelling After Tummy Tuck~
So here's the breakdown of how long one should anticipate swelling. Tummy tuck minus liposuction up to 3 months. Tummy tuck with liposuction the recovery time is doubled to 6 months! (Although at this point it's only about 10% of swelling remaining) Worst case scenario upward 1 year due to slow recovery. Anywho... It is, what it is. It comes with the territory. Take your time and do your homework ladies. If you are the impatient type then I strongly suggest you rethink whether or not you are psychologically prepared to deal with the reality of the possible extended recovery time. If not, you're setting yourself up for straight "worryation". You have to allow the process to take it's course. One of the questions that you should include in your list for your prospective surgeon during consultation is, "AM I A IDEAL CANDIDATE FOR A TUMMY TUCK"? How long should I expect to be swollen after a tummy tuck"? Then inquire about what the revision process entails. Lipo only? Pulling down the flap to address skin laxity? At what point can you request one? Last, the financial portion you will be responsible for (if any). I REITERATE a large majority of plastic surgeons that do this procedure state that the *BEST* results are on patients that are EITHER at or within 10-20lbs of their ideal body weight (which are based on height and body frame size). If you aren't a good candidate for a tummy tuck, there are still other options. Ask about a panniculectomy w/upper ab/flank liposuction. Basically find out what is available, and what doctor suggests. In closing, if you AREN'T a "ideal candidate" This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get a full abdominalplasty. It just means that you won't get the *BEST*result. If you are adamant about getting it done despite the fact that you are going to get a "good" or "marked difference" result, just know that it's your decision either way so you will have to make the most out of your situation. I did the latter, and in retrospect I have NO REGRETS! Life is too short. If you are able to make a change w/o an extended wait then do it. My RIGHT now, my present is what I'm living in. This is my moment to shine. I'm going to do it to the best of my ability. NO HOLDS BARRED!!! Living my life like it's golden~Jill Scott

I'm going to try to upload photos

Crossing my fingers!

A couple more...




I really appreciate getting so much feedback from the doctors here on the site regarding my most recent question. It has offered enlightenment as to how I should proceed in my plastic surgery journey. Well I'm getting ready to go hard at the gym with my Zumba and Kettle classes. I have a 6 cd set of Latin dance exercises. I going to rebegin those also. I now hopeful that I can burn off this residual adipose tissue! Doc, said my tummy doesn't appear to have a lot of loose skin. However,

Evening Out

Doing it with Mr. , and my girls!

Loving my life!

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Simply Sexy

The twin girls are doing very well!

Heyyyy, Like Whoa!

Trying on a few new garments.

A few more.

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself?


What to expect? Tummy Tuck Results


Ya'll I haven't even had my BBL and... I already catch side eyes on the regular! Smdh....


I like em' short, but this one crosses ALL barriers! My step daughter just said she wants to buy it!

Ready for the club!

Going to step out in this tropical colored romper.

Swimsuit Ready!

At the beach with the fam. We went swimming at the pool last night. I loved the way I look in my bathing suit!

Back shot

Mr. insisted that I wear my swimsuit to bed so he could give me a lesson!lol

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Giving this a try!

Enjoying the day!

I had a grueling workout! I still found the energy to take my Lil mama for a long walk to the playground.

Mz.PhatBooty "UNVEILED"

After being in hiding for over at year, I felt like letting go of my anonymity.

Scar Treatment

I received my roll of Mepitac Silicone Tape in the mail yesterday. After my shower I measured the tape up with my scars, cut, and carefully applied them onto my skin. Mepitac tape is far more cost efficient compared to 'Scar Away'. Those who reviewed it on Amazon state that it did amazing wonders for the scar thickness, as well as the dark appearance. It stays on fire up to a week according to users, and can be reused. Well I going to stuck with it. I'll keep you posted.

MzPhatBooty ***UNVEILED***

Tah-dahhhhhh! Voila here I am my sistahs! It's always nice to put a face with a name, story, and journey. Another sister here kept encouraging me to reveal my face. I thought to myself that all this time I've kept my anonymity for privacy reasons, but deep down inside wanting to expose my identity. Ahhhh nothing like liberation!

Ooops! How could I leave or this one?


After church

THE GOOD AND THE NOT SO GOOD...My overall experience.

Hello ladies. Let me begin by saying that this has indeed been a JOURNEY filled with highs, and lows. I'm down 40lbs since surgery! 234lbs is my current weight. So I've lost 69lbs since the beginning of my journey in March 2013. I look remarkably different. Thank God for my height of 5'10". I look slim in most long dresses. I stay away from jeans, and only wear dress slacks occasionally. I'm a dress wearing kind of lady.
Now let's get right into the issues I'm having in regards to my procedures.
1) My Breasts
They have dropped and softened. I went down to a 38DD/DDD from a 42H. Ideally, I would have preferred to go smaller like in my wish pictures, but Dr. Cortes stated that I wouldn't have good projection. I've been well endowed ever since the tender age of 11. So I could care less about having huge chi-chi's. The shoulder, neck, and back pain issues that i had been dealing with have been totally resolved 100%! My tops fit nicely, and i can actually go braless most of time since I wear the corset during my waking hours which actually pushes them up. From a health benefit perspective the result was fabulous. Now from a aesthetically speaking perspective there is room for improvement. They look great while wearing a bra, but minus the bra, it becomes evident that the shaping in the lower portion of both my Breasts is a majorly concerning issue for me. As you can see, they aren't round, but instead dips in. I can't help but to wonder if a full anchor technique along the entire bottom would remedy my problem? I don't care if I have to additional tissue removed. I just want them rounded off. Eventually, somewhere down the line, I want to get more reduction and add a 275cc silicone implant just so I can have VERY PERKY boobies that I don't have to worry about dropping. But for now the reshaping is what I'm seeking from Dr. Cortes as far as the revision is concerned.
2)Tummy Tuck
Overall good result when all points are considered. I do still have the pooching out in my lower ab area directly beneath my belly button. Scar tissue maybe? Technique related? Who knows??? I have seen it frequently in other tummy tuck patients. It just looks weird...smh I lost a lot of weight relatively fast after surgery so maybe my skin didn't redrape, as it could have had I lost the weight slower. In that case I own the part I've played in compromising my final results. As I do have quite a bit of skin redundancy in my stomach.
Two words...TOO HIGH! I need these babies lowered. When the fat is removed , and transferred to my outer thighs I can achieve a true curvy hourglass. I'm NOT trying to have the tummy tuck or hip issue revised. To do so will not leave me with enough fat to do my bbl w/o having to gain additional weight. I really want a big junky trunk booty like missjamaica87(another Cortes Patient) with big round hips. After my bbl then a panniculectomy will probably be what I need to get my tummy just right. All in all I'm enjoying my new found body! I feel really good about myself. Better than I've felt in 15 years to be exact. It's a great feeling knowing that you can and seeing yourself fit into all the beautiful clothes that you dream of. To be the center of attention is priceless. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Life is good....Life is good...

Ultimate Wish Pic


Thanks to the ladies who have shared their experiences with Dr. Cortes. I knew there were more ladies that were out here. Inbox me so we can exchange contact info. This MUST stop!


It goes without saying that I AM A STRONG,BRAVE, FIGHTING, LIONESS! I'm bendable, but NO ONE or NO situation can BREAK me. I've shared my story openly for the world to see, and as Maya Angelou says,"STILL I RISE". I've learned through my big sister that some people are jealous of you NOT because of what you have materially or outwardly, but because of the CHARISMA & CHARACTER you possess deep inside. I have two beautiful and whitty children, a loving husband and wonderful relationship with my mother (after all I should, as I'm the only child). I'm a home owner, great job, and have traveled the world. I drive my dream auto, and I really don't want for anything. Most important of all I spiritually connected! I didn't say I was perfect, because I'm not and will never claim to be. I live in this fleshly body, and I am human with feelings. God didn't create me to be anyone's punching bag, and I'm no one's punk! So don't "pop off" or send for me because YOU already know that I will come for your a$$ (Whew Lord help your daughter not to FLASH cause you know I go from 0 to 100mph in a second)! I've always had a *special* way of peeking ones interest, while getting them to listen to what I have to say. Even those that despise me still lurk around my blog to read and comment on what I have to say (Isn't that AMAZING 0_0????). Anywho... Thanks to all of my loyal supporters (haters too cause ya'll are supporters also) cause ya'll give me life! ;-) Let the haters "throw shade" cause that's the purpose of their little miserable, menial life. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I'm going to continue to make moves and enjoy my life to the fullest! OAN, Don't be deceived by what you see. My body looks the way it does because after my surgery I made it my mission to lose more weight through a incorporating healthy clean eating and regular exercise into my lifestyle. The surgery was my jumpstart. Today, I weigh 230lbs(Down 44lbs since my surgery day). I look good because I AM DISCIPLINED and DETERMINED to get the look that I desire. I will NEVER give Dr.Cortes credit for something he never did. I DID MY OWN WORK!!!! Sure he performed my operation, but at the end of the day I'm responsible for getting myself to where I'm at today. I'm fortunate that I am able to conceal the area's that are problematic for me, but one day in the near future that will be history and I WILL expose those areas beautifully for the world to see! Until then I WILL stand proud, keep my head held up high, and strut this Amazonian Goddess body of mine around commanding respect, and holding authority over what is mine! MuahhhhhhXOXOXOXOXO

Labor day weekend Virgo black & white party

Houston Plastic Surgeon

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