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Hello Guys, I just found this website and I can't...

Hello Guys,

I just found this website and I can't stay away from it! I love reading all of the wonderful stories of the amazing transformations.

Here is a little info about me. I am a mother of two little girls five and three and since I had them my body has gone haywire. I am 5'6" 135-138lbs with an atrocious looking belly. I like my weight and my shape but my midsection does not belong on my body.

I workout five days a week and eat clean 90% of the time but my loose jelly belly is not getting tighter and it is time to get professional help.

I am strongly considering doing the mommy makeover with a TT, BA, and lipo.

Now let's talk about my breast. I have broad shoulders(not football broad but you get the point) and my breast has always been small (A cup) but I would like them a little bigger to fill out my frame. Once again, after the girls my breast are small and deflated.. YIKES! NOT CUTE.. So I am seriously considering adding that to my mommy makeover. Nothing to big and outrageous. Maybe a full C...

Next week, I set up four consultations with Board Certified Surgeons that I have done extensive research on. I will have the breakdown of the charges next week. After researching it looks like it will range from $12k-$18K.

I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

I will add pictures of how I currently look and will keep you posted on my appointments!

What I'm Working With!

I couldn't start a review without posting pictures. It wouldn't be fair. So here goes..


Ok ladies so I had four consultations and 1 email consultation(I have to tell you about that one)!

Here is the rundown:

My first consultation was with Dr Vitenas. I arrived at his office and was greeted by the front desk. I was asked to complete my paperwork on a iPad. After filing out my paperwork, I waited 10 minuets and Cherie came out and greeted me and was extremely friendly. We went into the room and she introduced herself and went over my paperwork. She told me that Dr V. would come in and say hi before I got undressed.

Dr V. came in said hi and asked me what I wanted to do. I told him a MM and he made a joke about the kids change my body and will change my pocket for a long time. We laughed and he said he would step out for me to change.

He came back in and did a breast exam looked at my tummy and told me that he will make my stomach flat and remove the excess skin. I asked him about lipo on my chin and he said I don't need it.

We moved to another room where they had the implants. He told Cherie to get 370cc's and I tried it on and it looked good. He said that was a great size for me. He took some pictures of me. I asked questions and the consultation was over.

Cherie and I went to her office and she gave me the quote.

Tummy Tuck $6500
Lipo $3500
BA $4655
Anesthesia & OR Fees $4190
TOTAL $18,845

Next was Dr Gill! I arrived at his office and was greeted by the front and I filled out the paperwork. Michele came out in 10 minuets and she was very friendly and greeted me and took me back to the room. She asked me about what I wanted the Dr to focus on. Dr. Gill came in he was very nice and looked over my paperwork and spoke to me about the MM and his technique. He left the room for me to get undressed and once he returned he took a look at my body.

He told me that I would be a great candidate for the MM and he would improve my contour. He explained that with his tummy tuck he lipos the flanks and upper ab to get a defined look.

I tried on implants 375cc's and they look great. I asked him questions and he answered all of them. Michelle took me to her office and went over the quote.

Tummy Tuck $5500
lipo $1000
BA $5000
OR and Anesthesia $2548
TOTAL $14,048

Next was Dr Nguyen
I arrived at his office and did not get a warm greeting. The girl at the front dest was definitely feeling herself. I was asked to fill out the paperwork and waited for 25 minuets before I was called to the back. The girl that came to get me from the lobby was nice she asked me about my medical history and she left and Dr. Nguyen came in. He is so smooth. I really like him.. He looked at me and told me he could tell I was an athlete because of my obliques. He said he could make me look really nice. I could tell his was an artist. He showed me his work and he told me that he would love for me to select him. The office manager Lea came in and went over the quote.

Tummy Tuck $4500
BA $4500
Lipo to abs and flanks $1500
OR/Anesthesia $2500
TOTAL $13,000

Next was DR Basu
I arrived at his office and I was greeted by the girl at the front dest. I filled out the paperwork and 15 minuets later I was called back to the room.

The girl that helped me was very nice and she talked about the procedure and said she works in the operating room with the doctor. The doctor came in and checked me out. He went over his credentials and told me what he could do for me. He left and she gave me the quote.

Tummy Tuck $7000
BA $5800
Lipo flanks only $2500
OR and Anesthesia $3200
Total $17,000

My overall impression:
Dr Vitenas- He is very skilled but was not the surgeon for me.
Dr Gill- Loved him but wasn't sure about the overall final look
Dr Nyuyen- I think his work is good but he is not board certified
Dr Basu- I knew after 10 seconds he wasn't the surgeon

So after having my consultations, I didn't feel like I had found my surgeon so I booked two additional consultations(I am going to cancel and you will soon see why).

But before we get into that I want to say that I stated to think about the BBL. I have always had a flat butt.LOL I went over to the BBL thread and I am SOLD!!!! LMBO..

I want a big bootay! So I stated to look for Doctors that had the results that I like. I don't like the high "shelf looking butts".

I found Dr. Hughes on here and read every single review on his work. His work looks so natural that you could actually have that booty not cartoonish. So After talking with a few girls on here that had work down with him I called his office on Firday.

The girl that picked up was extremely nice and asked if I spoke with the Dr. Hughes. I told her no and she said he was in surgery but took my info and told me he would call me once he got out of surgery. I was thinking to myself yeah right he is not calling me. Long and behold two hours later Dr. Hughes called me. I was SHOCKED!!!!

He asked me what I wanted done and I told him a BBL/TT/BA. I asked him could I have all three procedures done at once. He asked me about my health history, age, weight, and height. He told me I could have them done together. He also explained that he has out of town patients frequently. I asked him how long would I have to stay in LA. He told me two weeks.

He told me to send him pictures and he would determine approximately how many cc's he could transfer to my butt and hips. Also if I am a good candidate for the BBL/TT/BA.

I emailed him today with my pictures and I promise you 20 minuets later he emailed me back.He said I would be a great candidate for all three procedures. He said he could get approx. 1000-1200cc's for each check and some cc's for my hips. He also said if he could get more he will. WOW!!!!

He gave me a quote:
Tummy Tuck and BBL $12,000
Tummy Tuck/BBL/BA silicone implants $16000

My impression of Dr Hughes AMAZING!!!!! Ok, my hubby was shocked when he emailed back so quickly. I am so impressed with his followup and on the phone he was very down to earth. His credentials are amazing.. I spoke to several ladies who have had or going to have surgery with him and they all love him. I emailed him back telling him that I will email him what I want to achieve and find out the details on out of state care. He emailed me right back saying ok. WOW...

NOW, the only thing is I know have to factor in additional cost to fly to LA for two/lodging and food for 10 days.

So I will email him tomorrow with tons of questions and once I get the response back and I feel comfortable I am ready to make my deposit.

WOW!! I am getting supper excited..


I stayed up all last night and couldn't sleep. I was going back in fourth deciding what procedures I am going to do and who I am going to use..

Today I emailed Dr Hughes my additional questions and I told him that I wanted to do the BBL only. I initially was going to do the TT and the BB but I decided against it. Mainly because I want him to be able to aggressively lipo my abdomen and I don't want to compromise the butt by sitting on it.

It will be impossible not to because of the TT. I know that many ladies get both but I don't want to chance the bootay. I will get the TT down the road. I think once I get lipo on my stomach I should be flat but loose (I hope it's not to loose) and it won't look to bad but I should have a nice bootay!!!

So I am going with Dr Hughes!!! He said he will send my information to the office manager and I will put my deposit down and go from there..

I'm excited!!


Ok, so I am going to get the TT and the BBL. LOL, ok I know what you are thinking.. I keep flip flopping but after see 50 going on 35 pics from her TT from Dr Hughes I decided to email him to ask a few questions. He emailed me back immediately once again. After he replied I had additional questions. GEESH, I know....21 questions choose one.

Do you know when I hit submit 5 minuets later my phone is ringing and it is a LA area code. Guess who.. Dr. Hughes! Truly AMAZING. He wanted to explain everything regarding both procedures and how it can be a success but I have to follow his strict protocol and it will be a difficult recovery. I asked him should I gain weight because I wanted my BOOTAY big and juicy..lol He told me not to and he will get the fat..

I also asked about placement of the TT scar and he said he will get it low.

So ladies after that conversation, he put my concerns to rest and I am going to do both procedures.

The office manager Adam called me to set up a surgery date but I missed his call. I called him back but he was with a patient. So tomorrow I will talk to Adam. I told Dr. Hughes that I want a Sept 2014 date and he said that should not be a problem!!!

I'm on my way to flat tummy and big bootay LAND!
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