Dr. A. Jimerson VS Dr. W. Cortes - Houston, TX

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I started off my journey several months ago. I was...

I started off my journey several months ago. I was gun hoe about the famous Dr. J Curves. So I paid the $50.00 phone consultation fee. Face to Face consult is $100.00. The entire experience with this Doctor and staff was a disaster. Once they had my email address they keep sending me emails. I received one email a day for weeks. I called them 7 times to ask them to stop email me about scheduling a consultation. I had a consultation scheduled. I had to wait weeks for my consultation because of the high demand of the Doctor. The day prior to the consult I received an email stating, “I” request to cancel. Really, when did I do that? I rearranged my entire schedule to make sure my husband and I could be together during the consultation. I did no such thing as cancel the consultation. I was PI**. They called me to reschedule it for a week later after I received the email stating I cancelled it. “Backwards” The reason was that the Doctor had an emergency. Okay, that's completely understandable. But why send me an email saying “I” requested to cancel the appt? I called the office staff and she could not explain why. How simple is it to modify the email to state, "due to unforeseen circumstances we needed to change/ move your consultation.” I almost forgot one other disaster with them. Something is wrong with there incoming/ out going emails. It’s a technical issue and the IT people are working on it. FOR WEEKS…… I sent my photo’s 7 times to 5 different people. Would you like a ton of necked pic of you in cyberspace? If I like the way I look necked, I would not be having surgery to repair the imperfection.

Finally, two days before my consultation they received my photos. I had the consultation with some lady I forget her name. She was pleasant, but pushy. She was a sales person. She told me how my butt was shaped well, round and I have nice projection on the top. But, I need to form the bottom a little more. WTF, she continued to try to sell me a BBL. I wasn’t interested in a BBL. I requested a quote for a full tummy tuck and a breast lift. She gave me two quotes. The first quote was a BBL, TT and lipo of the flanks, back and tummy. That quote was 18K. The second quote was for the TT, BL and lipo of the same areas, it was 18K. This was crazy as heck to me. So if I went with the 1st quote I would not get my breast done. But, the bottom of my butt would be more pronounced and round. The second quote was for the TT and BL and lipo. They added a flip over fee of $600 and $900 to lipo every area with the 2nd consult. WTH, these people are crazy! I was pis**d. The same day I called Dr. Cortes office. I spoke to a lady right away. No red tape. I sent her the same photos I just used for Dr. J Curves. She called me back several days later with a quote 5K less than Dr. Curves. To top it off, I am getting so so much more with Dr. Cortes.

He recommends you stay in the hospital over night. I love that!! He provides you with insurance incase something goes wrong and you need an ambo/ over night hospitalization in Texas or home. Dr. Curves didn’t offer me any of that. If any one would like to see the quote from Dr. Curves please in box me and I will send it to you. Big, big difference is Dr. Cortes performs his surgery in a hospital. Dr. Jimerson does his in his office. I prefer being in a hospital with all of the supportive teams on standby, JIC. Yes, I would like to have the procedure done however; the most important thing to me is my safety. I have two little ones that mean the world to me. God forbid something goes wrong and they have to call 911 to transport me to the hospital. Those seconds matter. Dr. Jimerson has a CRNP for the anosethiologist. I could get pass that if I was in a hospital but, 6-8 hours of being under in a fully equipped doctor’s office is not cool with me. IDC if your office is down the street from the hospital. It’s still not cool. My husband is a FF/ PM. Do you know how busy they are at times? What happens if they take 15/ 20 min just to arrive to take you down the street? 15/20 min is an average national response time. To sum it up, that’s good timing. NAWWWW, I’m good with the hospital.



SX date moved up 12/27/2013

When I started this weight loss journey 8/17/13 I was 217.5 LBS. Currently I am 178.1 LBS. I’ve lost 39.4 LBS. My goal weight is 150 LBS. I have 28.1 LBS to go. The catch is I would like to be this weight by Christmas. Just 5 weeks away. I just spoke to Lucy a few hours ago; she was able to move up my SX date from 01/10/14 to 12/27/13. This works great for me because the kids will be on winter/ Christmas break. I don’t want to stress about the kids catching the school bus and messing up my house. LOL, I rather ship them off instead on having someone come to the house to watch them. Oh, I’m 5’3” 35 y/o. I will post some pic as soon as I find out how to crop out the face and cover the private areas. SMH, I’m learning.

Is this a sign not to go forward with this SX?

Did anyone else have a difficult time receiving correspondance from this office? E.g., receipts, email, forms, notice? The ladies in the office are very nice and professional however, I have a hard time receiving anything. I called to pay off the procedure yesterday. I've been requesting a list of recovery homes/ hotels that they recommend for weeks. When you pay someone 9K you should receive something stating they received the payment. I feel as if they maybe stretched a little thin. When I spoke to Lucy on Tuesday she couldn't except a full payment until the following day. The office she was in credit card machine didn't allow transactions over 1K. That's understandable. I guess I'm a little concerned because until I receive a document with my surgery date on it I don't wanna book my flight. Now I have to pay a extra $60 per person because all of the cheap flights has sold out. That's an extra $240. I'm starting to second guess this entire decision.

A few pics

I finally found out how to crop and cover tattoos. Lol , I'm learning ladies. Currently I am 5'3" and 177 LBS and losing. Wish me luck. Things has been going well. I've receive a lot of support. Dr. Cortes and his team has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Since my last post Dr. Cortes contacted me himself VIA realself. His staff called me with in seconds. I'm no longer having any doubts. Flights, hotel and rental car BOOKED... I'm excited!

25 Days to go, I'm so excited.

Weight loss update, a few pounds here and there no big decrease. Average daily weight 175-178. I would really like to be at least 165-160. My goal is still 150.

Photo update with clothes on

I did it, I am so pleased.

Ladies, his hands are truly gifted. Wow, the hospital and the staff were amazing. I'm still swollen a lot. But over all all, I'm great!

The new me

I LOVE Dr. Cortes and his staff.. I feel great, the pain is not what I thought at all. I'm so pleased.

I'm home

We had bad weather in Maryland yesterday. My flight was cancelled. We had to stay in Houston a extra night. No worries... We caught the airport shuttle to Drury Hotel. Drury was actually a nice little spot for 50$ a night. They offered FREE breakfast and dinner. It wasn't 1/2 bad. The rooms were real nice. Back to my PS, If you are looking for a great doctor with great old school work ethic you've found the right person when you pic Dr. Cortes. His skills speak for their self. He's a awesome dad and husband ladies. That means a lot to me. Everyone speaks highly of him. The nurses at the hospital have been there since the stone ages all adore him. OMG, he looks nothing like the pictures. He is easy on the eyes ladies, lol!! All I can say is you won't be disappointed, hahaha... ???? even his wife is so nice and personable. She's drop dead gorgeous. This maybe a women thing but coming from someone on her level of beauty giving you a complement when your not feeling ur best means a lot. She gave my husband and I a huge that says a lot about the type of person she is. He's a perfectionist with his craft and he's damn good at it too. I will post some more pic after I get settled in. I have something to say about everything. Deanna, I just love her to death. She is so sweat. I don't recall speaking to her before the surgery. I meet her the day before surgery. She is a wealth of information. She is smart and informative. I get nothing but good vibes from her. I'll be back in a few.

My Breast

Close up pic's of my breast with the sutures removed from the areola. He doesn't use the anchor technique like most PS. Dr. Cortes has his own signature. I'm going to try to explain this to you. The incision comes down the center of your breast from your areole and "abduct" (away from the center) of your breast. This technique leaves the center of your breast untouched. HINT, HINT CLEAVAGE!!! I love this technique. MY breast look natural. My hubby loves them and so do I. If u have any question inbox me. I will try to explain as much as possible. Simply amazing....

My incision

This is what your incision may look like a wk post op. I have a lot of brusing. I am totally pleased. When you go into the surgery with the understanding you will have scaring it helps to prepare you. Do your research on your doctor and where they generally place there incision. Talk to your doctor about your expectation before your surgery.

Had a little scare

One of my Breast leaked fluid. I was scared as heck because it was the unexpected. Fluid collected in my breast. I had a bandaid on a scab under my breast. The bandaid was for comfort. My bra rubbed on the incision under my breast. The bandaid moisten the scab. All of this orange fluid came out of the bottom of my breast. I was so nervous. Needless to say all is well. My doctor and his staff was on top of it. I contacted his office. I spoke to someone the first try. "No redirection," that felt so good. No red tape. She help put my mind to ease. They even F/U when they said they would. The drainage stop soon after the incident. It only happen once. It wasn't painful. All of my friends that's considering the surgery was worried about was I in pain? No, It happen and it was over.

The post op antibiotic gave me a bladder infection

I went to my PCP and the gave me another antibiotic. I finished the 1st abt that my PS gave me since I already had the bladder infection. Now I'm on the 2nd abt. My body is getting a 2nd dose of abt while it's compromised. Everything happens for a reason. Just listen to your body.

New pic

Other pics

Photo update

Thanks for all the support ladies. I truly love you guys ????.

Time to resume my healthy eating habits

Today was my second day back to wrk. It felt good to be out of the house. I was please to be able to hold a conversation with someone over the age of four. I know by now it's safe to resume my workout and "life style change" so I'm officially back on my game. I have not been on the scale since the surgery. When I go to the weight loss doctor I will update my current weight and progress.

I'm now wearing a size 9/10 stretch jeans. That's great considering I started off with a size 26. Side note, I can pay off a The Avenue and Ashley Stewart charge cards. My goal is to be able to fit a size 7/8. Even though I'm in a 9/10 it's a tight fit. If it's not stretch I believe I wear an 11. In saying this I would like to lose about 20/ 25 LBS. 145/ 150 is still my goal.

My next project is to continue with my tattoo removal. I started one on my right arm. I was quoted 8K as the total price. It seems like a lot to pay for one tattoo. I've paid over 3k so far. I still have a long way to go. I want the one one my breast removed as well. I guess I better save a few of these pain pills for that, lol. Tattoo removal is no joke. It's worst than a TT and BL by a trillion precent. However, lipo is far worst them them all. I've never in my life experience a pain as sever as lipo.

If I haven't directly already told you thank you. I would like to do so now. I don't know what I would have done with out you. Sometimes I feel like you ladies are MD's. You've help me with everything from scar cream to what to pack. My doctors check list isn't as detailed as some of yours. The emotional support that you have given me is priceless. I hope and pray the kindness that you have shown me is reflected back into your life when you need it the most. Karma is real. The good and the bad. Thank you ladies ????.

Back view

Totally worth it. I will look so much better in a swim suite.

The 411

Post op I lost a lot of weight. Sitting home for a month was not good for me. All the weight that Dr. Cortes removed, I gained back. I went to my weight loss Doctor Saturday and my current weight is 170.5. This is disappointing to me. I would love to be within the 150 range. Enough feeling sorry for myself. Time to get back on track. The dilemma is I don't like to sweat in this CG. It's hard as heck to get on by myself. I usually work out at work. It's going to be hard to include taking off and putting on the CG within my lunch breaks. I barley have enough time to get to the gym, change, work out, shower, and get dressed. Now I have to fit in the CG. I don't think this will work. I can't workout when I get home because of the little ones. The daycare center at the gym closes early. I have to create a plan and stick with it. I would like to be 150 before April 1st. I have 20.5 LBS to lose.

I'm a Real Self Junkie, LOL

I just love my real-self sista's. The support and friendships mean the world to me. I've laughed, cried, and experience so many emotions on my sista's pages. I have programmed my calendar with SX dates of my sista's just so I can check in on them. You ladies have really taught me a lot. Not just about PS. But about friendship and caring about someone other than myself and family. I would love everyone to get the body they dreamed of. We deserve it!!! I'm a firm believer of, if you don't like it..... FIX IT!!!! Until next time ladies.

Updated Pic's

I'm doing well ladies. Thank you for checking in on me. Now I'm trying to focus on lighten the scars. All scars are healing well. However, they are still dark. Overall, I'm so happy with my results. No regrets......

Photo update

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cortes is one of a kind. Gifted hands they say and now I know why. Not only was Dr. Cortes excellent. His staff was on point as well. I'm pleased, grateful, honored and truly blessed that I found Dr. Cortes. Thank you for my Christmas gift

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