*11 weeks post op with pics: Beautiful Breasts and Waist* Tummy Tuck & Breast Reduction/Lift with Dr. Cortes - Houston, TX

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I will return to Dr. Cortes for TT and BR/BL! I am...

I will return to Dr. Cortes for TT and BR/BL! I am very excited about my upcoming procedure. Ready for this full body makeover. My expierence with Dr. CORTES so far has been amazing. I am pleased with my Brazillian Butt Lift outcome so far and am sure to be.pleased with mt Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction with Lift.


Returning Cortes pts get a $500 discount!!! Yayyy!

Wish Belly!

7 weels po bbl....3 months pre TT

End result shape wish!


Hi! ANY LADIES have any advice on the recovery and healing process??? Any lists of things I shall need to buy?? I see the BBL community helps a little more with answering blogs and support!!! So come on my TT sistahs!!!

Hello Everyone! Still looking the same.

Will post more pocs soon! Its getting pretty close to my sx day!!! Now come on ladies I need some support here.

Latest Update!

Ok ladies. MY next sx is scheduled for Jan 17. My preop at the hospital is Jan6. I'm now having a TT, BA/BL, fat transfer to lips and lower hips, liposuction of the back and underarm/back area, and a small amount of fat added to the lower outer edges of the buttock.

1.5mos pre op!!

Heres my belly pics at 3 mos po BBL and 1.5 mos pre TT!!!

Total Mommy Makeover Fees

Procedure fee: $7000-$500 return customer
Dr Cortes total with garments & insurance : $6903
Hospital: $2500
Overnight: $550
TOTAL W/ HOSP: $11, 881

Wish Breast and Belly!

Hello Dolls!

Does anyone have any advice for me. My sx Is fast approching and I have nothing ready! Helppppppppp!!!!

hi ladies!

The time is approaching fast. Preop this upcoming Mon.

2weeks preop!

I'm starting to get excited!

2weeks pre


Ok ladies! My preop went great! He's going to make me look amazing! I will take more preop pics soon! My sx is next Friday at around 10am!!!! But guess what??? I'm still not prepared! Vets please help me!


Hey ladies its almost that time. My countdown is bitter sweet. My husband has been hospitalized and will hopefully be better soon. Here are a few more wish pics.


Hi dolls,
I may have to postpone my sx a week if Lucy can find someone to switch with. If not ill have to keep it. Lets see what she says! !!

Surgery Cancelled :-(

Hey hunnys,
I had to cancel my surgery this morning. Hopefully my hunny will be out of the hospital bu this weekend. Lucy is going to try and swap me with someone whom was scheduled for next week. Hope all goes well. Keep us in your prayers lovebugs!!! ??¤??

Date change!

Hello dolls! Just recieved good news!!! My date has been changed to Janurary 24, Friday!!!! Hopefully my hunny will be at least 150% better!!! Keep the prayers and encouragnent coming!!! Thanks for the ??? dolls!!!

Lymphatic massage pre-op!

Hello all! I'm having a pre-op lymphatic massage the night before sx. I will then ask her to take full body before pics so in can post for you ladies!!! I'm very relieved that I'm getting a date so soon. THANKS TO THE LADY WHOM SWITCHED WITH ME!!!

4.5 months post BBL and 6 days pre MM

pre op pictures

more pictures

Whose excited?!?!

I am dolls 3 nights and 2 days left!!!!

Hello dolls!

Twas the night before sx and all through the house, everybody's going crazy, getting all of the last minute items ready. I still have alot of paper work to do and my pre drainage massage tonight!!!! Pray for me dolls!!!!


Anyone know how long it'll take me to be able to Sit in the car comfortably for a ride? My follow up is next Wed!


Were are on the way!!


Just took this off of the car

stuck in traffic

on the flat side!

Ive made it. Very sore. Core hurts. Doc said I can go home today or tomorrow. Ill update when im feeling a little better dolls. Thanks for all of the love and well wishes!

still in hospital.

Stayed the. Night again. Since i didn't get out of surgery until almost midnight $

Hello doll !

Im getting up and going to the bathroom alone. Its taken me a while to get up and I need a pain pill afterwards. Abdomen very sore. Breasts not as much. Back very sore from Lipo. PICS AFTER DRESSING CHANGE TODAY. I ALSO GO HOME TODAY!!!


Dressing change!

Hey dolls

Hubby bought me this comfy recliner. Need help getting out but i know it'll get better!


Lip update!

Hello dolls.

Im now 4 days post. My breast hurt a bit juat a slight itch here and there not bad at all. The TT incision site is sore. Think I'm moving too much. My back is painful from the aggressive lipo again and having to hunch over! Im so grateful for my husband. Hes helping alot. He bought me a nice Simmons Recliner to sit Inland live in. Its way more comfortable than the bed. You'll need this recliner dolls.


ANYONE HAVE an issue getting Talwin filled? Im unable to find it feom here t ok houston. I have a bottle from before but on my last pill with next dose. I had np problem getting this filled in Septembr. Ang suggestions?

1st Shower experience

My first shower was a little uncomfortable but I felt great afterwards.The water pressure was a bit much for my abdomen and caused a contraction to the muscles which was painful but bearable. Here's some after shower pics. Oh and i finally pooped. There was a hardening of the stool and my body didn't have the strength topping itn out. I ate aome nn oatmeal and then drank some water followers by a milk of Magnesium infused pineapple juice and it worked like a charm.

1post op appointment

Things went great! Got my areola stitches out and drains out. Also got into a tight garment. And omg its tight. He wants to maximize my results my squeezing them to death lol he said he n lipoed the he'll out of my back and chicken wing...and in can feel it. Also ladies I got my script at CVS next to his office! So lucky!!!! Alsi I told him I love my breast, everyone said they look like implants. He makes his incision only underneath and on the side closest to your arm so you'll have great cleavage! HE CALLS IT HIS SPECIAL LIFT TECHNIQUE!

8days post op

Ive just taken another shower. Im very swollen. I think everything will look great in the end. Im only waking up once during the night. Still sleep in recliner. Abdominal muscles still sore, and the skin is very sensitive to touch. Ive ordered more muscle relaxers, the original script was for 15, I just took the last one. They are much needed. I also recievwd my first post op lymphatic massage.it went well. It was very hard to put garment back on but we did it! Well let me go loves, im getting nauseated as i type.

Garment and Lips

11 day p.o. update!

Hi ladies! I had my second lymphatic drainage massage today. When I went in for surgery I was 215lbs, After Surgery 225lbs, Last Saturday 221lbs, Today after massage 210lbs, and I expectnto loose more today. On my massage days I usually loose alot of fluid. Ill get my hunny to take pics now before I put on garment. Stay tuned!!

New pic

post opm bra

This is the snap front bra that I use. Get the $10 one its wonderful. Do not get the $8 one. Its sold at Wal-Mart. It smoothies the back and all the way under arm. Offers a little extra compression also. And super comfy!

Bra Pic

Garment change!

HELLO DOLLS! ive changed into a smaller garment today which is a xL... and omg its soooo tight. Hubby completely skipped the first hooks and went straight for the second... im stiff as a board. Hopefully it loosens a bit today as I move around a little. Its a little uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. I get up once nightly!!! Today I take my last antibiotic. My poop is still extra hard even with me drinking alot of water and the stool softener. Oh and I cheated last night. It was $0.55 margarita night at Casa ole and I had one with some fajita nachos. Suprisenly I didnt wake up swollen. That was pure luck. Well talk to you dolls soon!

Before and After

Compression Bra!

With 80+ reviews (only a few negatives) I'm goingto give this onea try! I like the idea of it offering compression. Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Marena Surgical Bra with 2" Elastic Band (F5 Certified Compression Garment)
http://www.amazon.com/Surgical-Elastic-Certified-Compression-Garment/product-reviews/B0017VX6F2/ref=cm_cr_pr_btm_link_next_2?ie=UTF8&pageNumber=2&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=byRankDescendingn my last lymphatic massage (Friday) the therapist thought the sides under my arm felt hard and that I needed compression. The day before the lovely MzPhatBooty sent me a link the day before so I clicked it and ordered.


I don't know what happened to the review but I had a message in the box.

I said:

My last lymphatic massage visit the therapist said there was alot of swelling and hard spots underneath my arm and next to my breast and I needed a compression bra. Well the Lovely MzPhatBooty had sent me the above link the day before. So I revisited the site and the bra is on its way. Ill let you ladies know how it fits!

Still Bruised :-(

During my prep I was stuck 3x to get a line. During sx my arm was on a board for 8 hours (standard procedure) to run sedation meds. When I woke up I realized my IV was infiltrated and neednto come out. BIG PROBLEM. My bicep in that arm hurt badly from being flexed and kept having spasms. They removed IV . I had to be stuck 5x by 3 nurses. The last nurse got it on the fifth stick which was her first try with a tiny 22 needle and cannula. They thought the anastesiaologist would have to put a line in my neck. I screamed HELL NO. I think i fussed the entire time since waking up. I was very swollen everywhere with veins invisible hints them trying so many times. Here are the pics from today of my bruises 17 days later.

pics to above post

updated pics 17 days po

View from the 8th floor.

Im at Dr. CORTES' Houston Office!

Large garment pics


I walked 32 minutes at 2.2 mph for starters. The. At my post op today Cortes told me I should be exercising now but no heavy weights yet! Im so excited. I go back in two weeks. He gave me injections to help swelling and said I shall get them every time now!

re add

Marena Surgical Bra 2" Elastic band!


Victoria's Secret!

Im so excited to not buy expensive bras. I need a 36D from there but other stores is a 36C!!!

New Corset and panty Girdle.

I found a panty girdle at Bells and a Corset for short torsos at F redricks of Hollywood!


Husband asked where is my waist...its about to dissappear lol.

waist size

My measurments are:

36" breast
34" waist (swollen with corset)
51.5" hips (with panty on from above pic


Breast itching terribly.... help.. . Tt scar does every once in a while. Benadryl doesn't help

Breast 23 days po...itching

The perfect bottom.

Ive found the vedette 203 size 40. Compresses my tummy to the max. Waiting on my corset vest. Its very comfy. Doesnt rise up leg when sitting. This is the perfect compression bottom. Exactly what I was looking for!!!

Vedette 507...Not impressed

Doesnt look bad. Fits tight on legs. Loose on lower belly where I want the compression. May return for the vedette 203. This 507 is a size 40.

Vedette 400

Fits well. Needs slight alteration to back... thats all.

uh oh


Hey yall!!! Im good. He said it was just slow healings. He cleaned it up a bit which involves a scaple of sorts... but no worries...didnt hurt. Also gave me a steroid creamy for my itchy boobs.


Good luck to my sis MzPhatBooty who should be having her Mommy Makeover in about 10 minutes! Shes going to look awesome and recovery shall be a breeze. It was awesome meeting her yesterday! !! We shall gave a reunion soon!!!

1 month post op

Im pleasently suprised at my scar this soon. It looks really good. Almost dissappeared. I itch like heck with this latex vest waist cincher and panty. Almost time to get a smaller vest already. Im very pleased with my resulty. BREASTS are FABULOUS! !! Not so itchy anymore.

4.5 weeks post op

Left Breast vs Right Breast!

Left breast is healing slowly. Right breast is beautiful! Patience is key! Next post op visit March 5.

left breast complications.

My left breast started leaking a little and opened up in a few spots and started cracking at the bottom. Any suggestions ladies? I go back to doc on Wed.

pictures for above post

Antibiotic Therapy

Helllo dolls. I recieved a call from Deanna at 7:57am. Dr Cortes must havr seen my pics or some special doll sent it directly to him ;-). He gave my an antibiotic for 7 days. I go into the office on Wed. It got worse overnight and formed a sac/seroma of sorts. Its very tender and hot. I must have irritated it with sweat because my scabs had just fallen off. Well everything will be fine soon because Dr. Cortesnisnthe best doctor ever. I just hope it doesnt scar :-(.



Antibiotic Therapy!

Hi Ladies. I got my "bubble" popped and boy was it nasty! Theres a a big hole there Hopefully it can heal fast while on these antibiotics. I go see Dr. Cortes again next week!


Hi ladies. Ive had another slight setback. I have a UTI/bladder infection. Now im on an antibiotic for that plus the one for my breast . All will be well soon.

Here are my new measurments:
Breast 36inches
Waist 31 inches (down 3 more)
Hips 51 inches

Dr. Cortes is the man yall!!! And hes still not done with this masterpiece yet. Thigh lift soon. Im excited AGAIN!!!!


My infected area now has a rash. Deanna recommends I use OTC HYDROCODONE And oral benadryl and to be careful not to put the cream in the open area which can cause a severe delay in healing.

Small Vedette 100

Hey ladies! Im in a small (34) vedette 100 now. The medium was too big... I still donr feel small..my belly feels fat. Lol. But I know its still very swollen and numb!!!! Guess what ??? my scar is almost invisible! !! GOOOOO TEAM CORTES!!!

Size S/M belt now!!!!

7 week post op

7 weeks with medium vedette 100 and xl vedette 203

Dr Cortes and I

7 week post op check up

I went in today to check my breast...he reopened the area and gave me another week of antibiotic therapy its looking wayyyyy better! Glad everything is coming together!!!

Breast Update!

Here are some breast pics. Still on antibiotics. It has formed a pretty bad scar in which I may get a scar revision while undergoing my thigh lift. Otherwise they are beautiful and perky! He did a great job# . Small Vedette 100 in. I will post pictures in it tomorrow!


In my small vedette 100

Damn that ass

This was at 5 weeks post op mommy makeover / lost files from my husband, I didnt know he took these ;-)

2 month MM anniversary! 6.5 months post BBL!

DR Cortes did an excellent job!!!

small waist!

Small vedette 100 xl vedette 203...large on the way to compress lower abdomen more !!!! Coming along great! !! Im so in love with Dr. CORTES work!!!

Thigh Lift Scheduled

Thigh Lift Scheduled for 7/10/14!!!! Ill do Before pics soon!


Under 30 inches!!!! Whooooooo!!!!

9 weeks

weekend pics..all butt no gutt

in the Nude!!! $



Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. CORTES is a very good PS. He is very professional and caring. I love my BBL and Mommy Makeover results. Everything came out perfect, because he is an perfectionist. My breast are beautiful, waist tiny, hips wide, and butt perfectly huge!!! Exceeded my expectations!!!! I will be returning for my thigh lift soon!!!! I absolutly love Dr. CORTES! El Dr. Cortés es un muy buen PS. Él es muy profesional y atento. Me encanta mi BBL y resultados Mommy Makeover. Todo salió perfecto, porque él es un perfeccionista. Mi mama son hermosos, cintura pequeña, caderas de ancho, y el trasero perfectamente enorme! Superó mis expectativas!! Voy a regresar a mi lifting de muslos pronto!! Me encanta el Dr. CORTES!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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