44 YO, 3 Young Adult Kids, 195lbs, Doing Something for Myself - Houston, TX

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I think I have read almost every experience on...

I think I have read almost every experience on this site. I have wanted to do this for 15 years. This is the year. I reviewed PS online and interviewed 6. It wasn't hard to narrow the field down to two. I selected Dr Morales because of his care, concern and his desire to help me achieve my body image.
I had issues with my PCP giving me clearance for surgery. I have high blood pressure and am hypothyroid. My thyroid was .02 over the high range so she didn't want to clear me. My EKG was normal. The surgeon said my thyroid wasn't too high and with the normal EKG we can proceed. I then couldn't get the PCP to release my medical records and had to go pick them up and deliver them to the PS office.
I will have surgery in 3 days. I have been taking my vitamins and worked on hydrating. I know my results depend on me following instructions. I went today to the Salvation Army and purchased "surgical clothes". Clothes that are loose fitting and shirts that button up the front. I don't care if they get messed up from drainage, or such. I don't plan to keep them. I have gone to the store and stocked up on chicken broth, crackers, jello, and other bland post surgical food. I think I will do good to drink the 4 quarts of water daily if I am feeling bad.
I will post before and after pictures in a couple of weeks. I will keep updating my progress

Before pictures

Size 38B bra and 16-18 pant size. Going to have 550cc mentor HP implants, lipo and tummy tuck.
Two days before surgery. I know it will be painful. I'm ready for that.

Day 3 post op

I made it to day three! I don't remember much of day 1 or 2. I slept a lot. I am thankful for the support of my husband, family and friends. I am now up and walking every 2 hours (with a walker). I have been sleeping in the recliner. Our bed is tall and impossible to get in or out of. My appetite is back, but still on easy food (soup, crackers, jello). The pain is manageable as long as I keep on top of the medication. My right leg is really swollen. Only my left drain tube drains. I feel like a mummy. I have the sports bra, white compression girdle and black compression garment on my legs and abdomen. I had nurse visits the first two days. My husband is on his own for helping redress me. There is no way I could put these garments on by myself. I'm tired. I will update again at my one week appointment.

Day 6 Post Op

What a roller coaster. I had to go to the doctor yesterday because of all the swelling. I expected swelling, but gained 18 lbs after surgery. My knees were so fat I couldn't bend them. I went to the PS and he gave me compression tights! Best thing ever. It was immediate relief. I lost 8 Lbs of water and swelling overnight. The other significant problem I am having is that my skin is reacting to the compression garments. Each place the garment(s) bind, ie: waist for the black torso or thighs for the compression hose, I blister. Big, ugly itchy blisters. The kind you get when your shoes don't fit right and you get a rubbing blister. It is awful. I have to wear gauze under the band of the sports bra, then a camisole then put gauze over the blisters on the waist and the thighs. I then put on the tights and the black torso garment. I feel like a mummy. The blisters at this point are the most painful. I am going tomorrow for a nurse visit and she will remove my drain tubes. Looking forward to wearing stretchy pants and shirts. Time to get out of the house coat. I am still drinking at least a gallon of water plus other juices. I try to eat very small meals because of the bloating. My boobs are great! I love them. I will love them even more when they drop into place.

Day 8 post op

I made it! The pain is better. I'm not standing up straight yet, but close. The compression hose has really helped the swelling in my legs. I have lost 14 lbs of water in 3 days since adding those to the other garments.
This picture is after my shower. My husband still helps me because I am tender and can't reach places. I also have a shower chair. That helps because I find it exhausting to stand, especially when we wash my hair. My abdominal incision looks good. I have blisters just above that. Some of them have opened but most are just stable and healing. I keep a pad and bacitracin on everything. I also am wearing a camisole under the compression garment so it is not in direct contact to my skin.
I have picked up my water intake and consume a bottle of water every hour. Way more than a gallon a day. I added stairs to my exercise. I walk during commercials around my living room and kitchen and after the last lap walk up and down our stairs.
The compression garments are so tight I am still taking pain medication. I think I wouldn't need it if they weren't so tight. Occasionally I will have to take an anxiety pill because I feel like I am being squeezed by a python and can't breathe. This is rare. I feel better wearing the garments than without them though.
Everyday is better than the previous and last night I went with my husband to walk our dogs around the block, about 1/2 mile. It was great to get outside!

17 days post op

Doing great! I forgot to update at my 2 week post op appointment. I'm off the pain medication and take ibuprofen and Tylenol when needed, mostly before bed. I find it most difficult to sleep in the bed all night long. It is very uncomfortable. I get stiff and my back and abdomen hurt. The more I move the better I feel. I walk a mile in the morning and at night. During the day I do my usual household chores in moderation. No heavy lifting, and resting when tired. I itch often. The garments fit better. I'm not as swollen. Feeling is starting to come back to my skin. I would say this has been a better than expected recovery and I would do this again.

One month post op

I needed to post this two weeks ago. This is after my 4 week post op appointment. I'm very pleased with the results. I'm still walking and getting around is better. I am finally in my bed. I'm still swollen though it is getting better. I know it is a slow process and not to expect results overnight. The surgery has inspired me to keep up with my diet. Actually eating is just a chore and having to drink a gallon of water a day I'm just not hungry. The no salt is a challenge. Of all the things I miss, I miss salt the most. Having a thyroid disorder salt is my thing. I love it. I'm avoiding it like the plaque though. There is no way I'm contributing to be swollen. I started adding lemon to my water. Not only to add flavor but to maybe help reduce to swelling.

Week 5 update

This is my 5 week update. I had to go back to the doctor because my incision has an infection. It split open about 3" long but not very deep. It never did get pus or drain, it just turned the skin around it red and yellow/green inside. The doctor put me on Cipro. The antibiotic gave me a yeast infection. That was easily cured after calling the office. He also had me clean the wound twice a day with Dial soap, Hydrogen Peroxide, antibiotic ointment and cover it with gauze. The swelling is going down. I am also going to start the lymphatic massages to reduce the swelling.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Morales and his patient coordinator, Linda, have been great to work with! I was very impressed with his attitude toward helping me achieve my body image. He didn't criticize me or judge me for being overweight. Linda is so sweet! She always answers the phone and is willing to take time to answer any questions! Looking forward to having my procedure done on Thursday, 9/15.

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