35 Yo 3 Kids, and Done Having Babies! Ready for my TT/BBL - Houston, TX

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So I booked my appointment with Dr. Newall today....

So I booked my appointment with Dr. Newall today. I visited with Dr. Gill, Dr. Basu, and Dr. Newall - It came down to Dr. Newall and Dr. Basu - I chose Dr. Newall even though he was much quicker in the consult because I liked his before/after pictures and felt he could give me more of the shape I'm looking for. I figured, I am doing the TT may as well have a little lipo on some stubborn areas like my back and upper inner thighs and hey don't waste it, use it to plump my butt up while we're at it!! :) Go big or go home! Ha...

I put my deposit down today, and surgery is scheduled for Dec 16th!!! Only 5 weeks away.. I'm so scared and excited at the same time!!! My Pre-Op appt will be on Dec 3rd...

Lipo Arms?

Sooooo talking with the hubby and wondering if i should go ahead and have him do my triceps as well... I am gonna feel like crap all over right? Why not one more area? When i workout my biceps come out but like alot of women, over past few years my tricep fat now doesn't respond as well ???? any input?

pics right now

2 more days til Pre-Op!!!

Getting more scared... and excited???!!! I gained 4lbs over the holiday, so I'm now 13lbs over my normal weight and haven't worked out in a couple months. No point in starting back now? Guess I should just wait til once I'm 6-8weeks post?

What do I need to buy? Surgery only 2 weeks from today!! EEEKKKK

So I see alot of people buy their own creams, pads, and even garments that work best for recovery - minimizing scar size/appearance, best shape results (tummy and butt from tt/bbl), and comfort while sleeping. Any veteran tips tricks would be great! :)

Helpful checklist, thought I'd share :)

Before your Abdominoplasty:

If you smoke – stop or at the very least stop for at least two weeks prior the surgery and no smoking during recovery.  It is very important to listen to your surgeon regarding his policies with smoking, as there is a potential risk of increase complications.


Stop taking any and all aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications.  Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a list of medications to stay away from.  You can view the list here.


Your plastic surgeon will give you a list of his policies or pre and post operative care.  It is very important you adhere to everything your surgeon has told you.


Make arrangements for an adult to be with you for the first 24 – 72 hours after surgery. 


Someone will need to drive you to and from the surgery center.


Your plastic surgeon will give you prescriptions to be filled for antibiotics, pain medication, anti-nausea medication, etc.) before surgery. 


Ask your surgeon if you can use Bromelain and Arnica Gel for swelling and bruising.  Do not use these without prior approval from your own plastic surgeon.


Clean your home or have your home cleaned by a cleaning service.


Shop for recovery food, such as jell-o, pudding, soup, yogurt, juice and or crackers and (purchase flexible straws for easier drinking)


Ask your surgeon about low sodium foods to help reduce swelling.


Prepare and freeze meals for 2 weeks.


Make sure you have enough pillows, magazines, books, videos or dvds, television, remote control, laptop computer, wet wipes, video games, to help occupy your time recovering.


If your room gets a lot of sunlight during the day, make sure you have blinds or drapes to help black out the room so you can sleep.


Have a whistle, bell, intercom, or walkie-talkie so your spouse or family member can help you if you need assistance.


Telephone with a speaker near your bed.


Icepacks – either prepare them ahead of time or you can buy packs of frozen fruit to help reduce post operative swelling.  Frozen fruit works better than frozen vegetables, because the smell is not as bad when it is thawing out.


You will probably have drains.  Purchase a “drain apron” which will help support the drains so that they will not tug on your incision area.


Thermometer so you can check your temperature periodically during recovery.  If you are running a low grade fever after surgery, make sure you contact your plastic surgeon immediately.




Eye-drops – your eyes might be dried out from having the surgery


Laxatives – you will need to make sure you take these with your medication each day, as narcotics can be constipating.


Hand-held shower head and chair, incase you are too weak to stand up on your own.


Scar creams or treatments.  More than likely you will be advised against putting anything on the incisions for 6 weeks or more.  Ask your surgeon when you can start scar therapy, as every plastic surgeon is different with their instructions regarding this timeline.


Day of surgery wear something comfortable and loose fitting, such as a running suit (with pull on pants) or a button down shirt.


Most important “Follow your surgeon’s directions” regarding medication, eating and drinking.

Pre-op done yesterday! 12 days til surgery!!!

I was told ok to drink wine or whatever up until 3 days before surgery, when I asked if I had read correctly on the huge packet which wine was one of the things listed to stop and I was like seriously??!! Anyway, re-reading everything tonight.... After a few glasses of wine yesterday and like a half a glass tonight, and uhm yea the packet definitely says that. Guess when they call me back from my question today about claritin i will make sure?!

Wine/Alcohol preop

Ok, so I was confused since I read no wine (I am A wine drinker!) On th preop packet but in my preop appt th medical asst told me ok until 3 days preop. Then I re-read the packet (no garlic, tomatoes, wine, strawberries, blackberry, raspberry, ginger, apple, WINE, etc starting 2wks preop), called today to check on Claritin & reconfirm about wine. she said no wine starting two weeks pre, but can have other alcohol up to 3 days pre... Oh and claritin is ok as long as it's not claritin-d.

More before pics


Tummy/skin :(

Picked up my scripts!!!

$119 for the 6 scripts with insurance! Dang :/

Lipo Foam/Boards?

So with having a TT too should I get a board for my tummy to make it flatter? What about the triangular one I hear people talking about for my backside for BBL?? I want to make sure I get the best results possible!!!

So I just learned I'm having house guests coming in town 3 days Post Op....

My hubby's father is coming in town from Florida for Christmas. My surgery is 1:30pm on the 16th (Wed) He was saying the 19th (Sat) and I asked that my hubby ask that he wait until the Monday following my surgery (21st) and I thought all was good. Well today I found out that he is in fact coming on Saturday in time to see for a Christmas special for his other grandchildren (our neices) on Sunday, and his gf (who was coming, then not) is in fact coming as well. I'm so upset. My hubby thinks it's no big deal "they won't bother you - you will be in the room" etc. But my feelings are really hurt. For ya'll who have already been thru your surgeries - would ya'll have been ok with house guests 3 days Post Op? Am I just over-reacting? I am PMS'ing right now - but I felt this way, way before when I wasn't...

MY HEART DROPPED!!! Surgery time moved up!!

Ok, so I got my phone call from Dr. Newall's office. Now check in time is 9:30am instead of 12:30pm!! Surgery is now at 10:30-11am, instead of 1:30pm!!! My heart dropped, I couldn't hear anything for a few minutes.. had to have her start over. My nerves started today... I have been so suprisingly calm, today at about 2pm it hit me and My heart started beating fast... I started to kinda freak out, and a couple tears fell while I was driving! Anyway, Marjorie was so nice, and she gave me so much info and made me feel comfortable, answered a couple questions I had. She has had a tummy tuck with Dr. Newall, so that made me feel even better as she was telling me what to do and not do, etc.



Doc said all went well. Threw up liquid last night it sucked. Took my shower this morning and nurse left not long ago. All looks good. Waist smaller can't tell how much cuz swelling, butt looks bigger. Scar is big. Didn't have to have vertical scar like we thought may have cuz my belly button was so high lol. Interested to see how it all turns out. Slept on my sides, switching each time I got up to pee. But today nurse said no cuz of TT. Need to be on back with knees and back elevated. Good thing i did the foam pad with hole cut in it for my butt. My bed and matress rall, so its even taller with this. Have to have hubby help me in and out of bed. He is staying on top of all my meds for me.

Called and got the spes

1300cc's put into each butt cheek
Even after the 11lbs I gained, she said only got 1250cc's from my back and flanks, and 300cc's from my inner thighs. Sounds like he had to take some from the tummy tuck area removed to get enough. 5.15lbs of skin/fat removed from tummy. I will verify all this with Dr. Newall when I go in for my post op on Tuesday. :)

More info...

So we got there a little early, walked in about 9:10am. Literally they were waiting on me to get there! (She called at 8:30 and asked what time I was told, and I told her 9:30 & that we were on way, found out they were actually ready for me then! Lol) Nurse asked me some questions, I changed into the op garment, panties, and socks. She took my pulse and bloid pressure, took pregnancy test. Dr. Started marking me up right away (so quick! Like an artist! You can tell he's a pro! Not his first rodeo lol) and then the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me. Got my IV in and not long after kissed my hubby and I was off to the OR... I didn't freak out, literally 2 crocodile tears fell when I walked into op room and then it was go time. Gave me Margariraville, scrubbed me down, layed me down and that's last thing I remember. think they started at 10am and I was out about 12:30. Getting in car around 1:45-2:30 and home by 3/3:15. Hubby said gave me 1st pain pill at 3:30. My times are probably off a little, but it was way faster than I thought. Lol

Day 2 pics

Another pic, day two after shower

4 days post op...

So I'm 96hrs post op right about now! Doing great! My hubby says I'm walking pretty straight, but at like 30 degree angle. Doing way better tgan he and I expected all alobg... I've been up basically all morning went to bed last night 12pm woke up around 2 took a xanax & peed,then back to sleep til 7:30/8am. Laid in bed a bit then up all morning from about 9 til just now laid down after showering and changing by garment and pads for tge day. I really have no leakage at all since yesterday morning when i last showered and changed them?! hubby cooked breakfast for everyone this morning (we gave a full house! Us, kids, nanny, and his dad n dad gf in town), and I ate at the table sitting on a boppy! I had 2 Scrambled eggs with a little shredded cheese, no salt, of course. A peice of Ezekiel toast w/ spray butter, sm. cup of coffee w/ pumpkin creamer, few squares of watermelon & cantaloupe, and almost a whole peice of bacon (told him we gotta start eating turkey bacon again!). My hubby had a mimosa and i HAD to have a sip lol.

I still haven't had a BM! Started taking a dulcolax each night before bed starting Thursday/day after surgery! Yesterday, got some MOM and took that instead (2tbsp) and Took another 2tbsp this morning... Still nothing yet!? Ugh

I am still trying to take it easy, don't want to rush stuff and end up messing something up!

Trued my lace thong panties on to see if the scar is covered with my panties and yes! It does!

So excited for the swelling to go down and get this improved body back in the gym for even more improving!!


So I was worrworriedued about not having a BM yet, (surgery was Wed morning around 10am and i got home about 3pm) finally called the nurse tonight after taking a dulcolax thurs night, and friday night, then 2tbsp mom last night, another 2tbsp this morning, and another 2 tbsp around 5pm with no BM.

Guess i hadn't drank much water today (I've been doing pretty good, not 8 bottles but close i think) but i started feeling weak and cold right before nurse called me back. Told my husband something isn't right. I've felt great all day, now I'm feeling kinda dizzy, while laying down and lightheaded!! So i started drinking a bunch of water, i was kinda scared. Felt a little worse, more scared and kinda a little nauseous too, so i got up and went to the bathroom. Sat there a minute or so drinking more water and FINALLY HAD A BM! Omg, seriously? I felt better right away but still felt weak after, laid down and ended up falling asleep for an hour or two.

So crazy!!! I wanted to post just incase anyone else has these feelings. I was literally worried but confused. I feel like my self again now, but damn! the shit takes alot out of you! No pun intended!! Lol

Small drip from drain incision

Noticed it yesterday when I was changing garment after shower around noon, but this morning I woke up with my garment wet just in that area (which is not much considering it had been 20hrs too), so I went ahead and called cuz nothing hardly in my drain at all just to make sure and be safe. It's a small drip, not much at all, and I figure they will probably take my drain out at my post-op appt anyway since I've been averaging only about 25ml a day past couple days in my drain. We shall see! I just put a pad over the drain incision today after my shower

As for pain, Ive been doing realllyyy well thru the whole process. I Took a pain pill last night around 11:30 then next one this morning about 8:30am. (I'm not "in pain" but just taking them cuz I don't want to get to that point, just not taking as often now)

Standing up about 70% straight....

Maxi Pads are all around my waist and back under the garment, so waist is much smaller than this pic makes it look. Even had to use a maxi pad on my bb because I ran out of gauze this morning. Plus, obviously my tummy is swollen too. But you can tell Im standing up about 70% straight.

Will take another naked pic probably tomorrow morning when i take cg off to shower, just didn't feel like it this morning lol

Post-op appt

Went well, pretty quick. Drain was taken out. Didn't hurt, burning sensation a little when she removed the stitch holding the tube in, but that's really about it. All is healing well, swelling I have is normal. I felt a little lightheaded again last night, then great this morning then lightheaded in shower had to sit down, then hurry and rinse off and lay down naked in bed after i dried off. Thought it was maybe because I hadn't eaten yet so I had a banana and carnation instant breakfast mixed with milk. Then got back up a finished getting ready for my appt (put cg back on, etc).

The nurse said i dont need to cover the lipo incisions if they aren't leaking (they haven't for a couple days) and no more neosporin on my BB after today. All looks great! :) she gave me some spanx (basically) cuz I told them i feel like butt is coming out of the hole and don't want my butt crack to look funny/shape funny cuz of the hole! Lol said i could use another garment, doesnt have to cover the Butt necessarily (could be thong back) just has to compress the waist is most important from the TT.

Updated pics 1 week post op

Still a lot of swelling (lowe back, tummy, etc). My butt is huge!!!, hope it goes down some. Good thing it's fat so I can work out. My legs look more cellulity on back now because the big booty pushing down. My butt is dimply in some areas, its fat so to b expected I guess but i see alot of massaging anr working out, eating clean in my future. Shape/curves are nice. Can't wait til everything smooths out, and swelling goes away! Loving my flat tummy, all tummy stretch marks are gone, just have the ones pulled up from my inner thighs, groin area which I don't mind. So happy the loose tummy skin is gone!!!!!!!!! I am happy... Have some weight to lose!

Cold hands and feet?

Anyone else? I have socks on but my feet are still freezing!! :/

Hey ya'll, it's been a minute...

Just giving an update. So, where to start - I have been off my pain meds for a few days now. I was down to 3 a day, then 1 every 24hrs, now I haven't taken any at all since Friday night (9 days PO). Went out for the first time on Saturday night! Found a pillow, and stood/sat at the bar and ate.. I did so well, I was super swollen - maybe the wine? I had like 3 glasses of wine and a Mojito, plus 2 grilled fish tacos. Let's see. I am back to work today! I don't have to go to an office, and I feel great. Sitting on my boppy though :) I am planning to drive myself to my 2nd post op appt tomorrow, an hour away - will be my first time to drive. Also, I almost took some pics today, but decided at this point I am going to just take them once a week. Still wearing my CG most of the day. My jeans didn't fit :\ tried them on Saturday, and close - but I wear low rise jeans so my extra hips/butt made it a little too much to button. I am sure they will fit soon once some of the swelling goes down. I'm sure all this holiday eating hasn't helped! LOL. That stopped effective this morning. Can't wait to get in the gym. May start walking around my neighborhood. I am ready to go get my nails done and GTL!!!

Pics with clothes on.. Taken between 10-13days post

Taken betwen Sat and today.

2nd Post op appt (13 days Post)

Went very well! I met with the nurse who did my pre-op (forgot her name!) since Dr.Newall was out on vacation.. She said my upper tummy/under boobs is all me/flat. My lower tummy, back, etc still swollen which is normal, but I'm looking really good! I scheduled my next appt for the 21st, going to do my massage right after my post-op pics! I asked about the CG and it buckling at my waist, don't want to have indentions from - so she gave me some of the foam pads that stick on my body. The massage therapist there said ok to start my massages next week - at 3 week mark for TT since I am standing up straight, and healing very quickly.. I drove myself! First time to drive since my surgery on the 16th! YAY! Went and got my nails did on my way home... YAY!!!! I am feeling like I'm back in effect ya'll! WOO HOO!!! I'm ready to rock and roll (at home with the fam/kids/friends) on NYE :) LOL

A couple things...

Ok, so a couple things... I'm not loving my back right now... It has like lines of scar tissue and swelling from the lipo that I know I need to be patient about, and time and massages should smooth it all out, but just venting on that. Also, I am now at the point where I don't want my butt to shrink anymore now!!! Lol
It's gone down and I think a good size for me now. Saturday I felt like Kim K and OmG wanted it a little smaller... Well it is now! Lol. Here are a couple pics I took tonight with my normal panties I wear before I jumped in the shower. Love that my scar is hidden in them! However, No high cut bikini bottoms in my future lol. Had a hard time getting a good butt shot, but got a side shot, I know once the swelling in my lower back and belly goes down my side profile will be alot nicer on both sides. All in all I am very happy thus far!

Oh! Almost forgot. I used arnica gel and massaged in to all my swelling anf bruised areas except my tummy... Will let yall know if that helps! First time to try it.. I have my bday party on Sat and would like to wear shorts or a dress however my inner thighs and bruised very badly, hoping I can get it down by then...? :-D

2 week post op pics

Ok, so I woke up less swollen! Jeans fit! I think the arnica cream is the real deal.. My bruising on inner thighs was even lighter. I put ut on again today after taking these picsyou can see what I am talking about on my back on some of the pics, granted I was twisting to take the pic. But only 2 weeks post so stiol have time for it to all smooth out :)

Bday and Happy 2016!!

So my party was last night. Yay. Here's a puc, no more roll when i sit!!! WoohooWoohoo. Had a fun nye partied with friends here at home/neighbors on the block like usual after the baby went to bed! time to start dieting on monday! :) oh bought some new jeans (cheap but cute, softer/stretchier) so i could wear jeans comfortably. Bought 3 pair on sale at palais royal on the fly for under $100!! Woohoo thats what i pay normally for one pair, ha. Of course they aren't name brand but still. Bought juniors size 11, size 9 fit too but just a luttle more snug. Im assuming in the next couple months i will be down to a juniors size 7 (size 4 to 6 in misses). Presurgery i was an 8 or 11 juniors, so I'm still same size due to swelling a bigger butt/hips but my waist is much smaller. Interested to see my new measurements now and in a couple months once swelling goes away. I still haven't weighed myself (my elecrronic scale broke! Lol!) Gotta buy a new one this wknd. Overall, I look and feel great!!! So happy I did this!!

Heels I wore last night on my bday...

Up close and personal lol!!

Booked my massages!

Ok, so found this place called Body Benefits. They have a machine that is alot better and quicker for the lymph massages (MLD) than a person. Bought a package of 10, going twice a week 35min per session. $1000

Body Benefits
Treatment is Called Endermologie
Single treatment is $120
Pkg of 10 $1000
Pkg of 16 $1440

Here are some pics from this morning in my workout clothes.

Forgot to mention... Sex!

The hubby and I did on NYE for first time at 15days PO (was great and I was fine) I just told him to take it easy! Did again last night, so all clear on that front.

Going to buy a new scale, and start a 3-4 day juice cleanse today to kick off the new year!

Will let y'all know what PS says about if I can start back to gym doing light workouts!!

Finally Weighed myself... Down almost 7lbs!

So as I mentioned, my scale had broken - it was an electronic one I had for years, and the little foot sensor broke, so I had to buy a new one. I think this one is more accurate for weight - it's a weightwatchers one (on sale at target for 29.99!) and tells BF, Water %, Bone Mass, and BMI (which I never really pay attention to). I'm not real sure how accurate the BF% actually is - but I like that I can see if it changes from working out - we'll see once I'm back in the gym how that works.

Anywho! I'm down at least 6.7lbs from my date of surgery - considering the holiday food, NYE food, and my birthday dinners I have been eating over the past couple weeks since my surgery - I'm not complaining with this!
(granted, I think this one is 2-3lbs more than my previous scale, but not 100% certain - so if that's the case I would be down 8-10lbs, but I'm just going with the exact numbers recorded, for all intensive purposes).

Planning to lose another 10lbs from my current weight by cleaning my diet back up again, and see how I feel then to decide if I want to try and lose any more. :)

Heading to my first "massage" appointment in a few hours - We'll see how it goes! :)

3 weeks post op today - pics

Well I'm down 2 more lbs this morning after my 2nd day of 3.5 day juice cleanse I started on Monday! Woohoo... I'm right around at my "normal" comfortable weight now (1-2lbs over) which is 4lbs over my wedding weight. Still looking to lose another 8-10lbs... Only thing is I feel like my butt fat is almost all completely gone now??!!! :( Still have a lot of swelling in my lower back right above my butt crack and lower tummy, but tummy was much better this morning after my 1st endermologie yesterday. Back in general has swelling still but there's alot in lower back.

Before pic, putting it back up

Went tp the gym yesterday for the first time..

It was fine, took it easy nothing too heavy on the weights... Did almost a full body workout with free weights, lower weight than i normally do and high reps (bis, tris, shoulders, a little back not much, leg extensions, rear delts, and one chest exercise) then i did 15min on the stepmill on level 2 - again taking it easy, and walked 5 min on treadmill. I didn't even sweat lol but I felt good being there... Now, I haven't gotten my doet back on track yet, ugh! I thinl i may be eating too uch sodium or not drinking enough water cuz swelling in my back is still crazy. My CG is too big and not compressing me hardly at all anymore, and I hate the lipo foam because it doesn't flatter my figure of course. So I went and bought a cheap corset from wal mart today which i actually have on top of another shapewear thing i had from presurgery and cut the butt cheeks out, all under my CG which helps. I ordered a new CG from leonisa and also ordered a waist trainer today. Should be in by Friday I think. My tummy is much less swollen, and I can really see the curve in my waist to hip from the front now good, but I need this back swelling to go down so I can really see my scurve to my butt. I am getting a little impatient on my back swelling if you can't tell lol. So, starting today cleaning up diet (making a bunch of cilantro lime shredded chicken breast now in the crock pot!), back to gym, drink more water and eat out less!

4 week pics

Swollen still, don't think anything has changed about that. Don't feel much different from last week. Had 2nd massage yesterday, have 3rd tomorrow. think it helped on a lump i have under my left arm. Left side of incision is more hard than right. Right inner thigh is more swollen than left... Gained 3.8lbs back that I lost doing juice cleanse ugh. Literally as soon as i started eating again. Oh well, working out now - low intensity cardio and weights. Hopefully the swelling starts going down. Incision looks good from what i can see. The tape in middle is off.

Comparison pics to date

Had to do side to side comparisons...

Let's try this again...

New CG and Waist Trainer that I ordered...

CG should be in tomorrow - here is the one I bought

Waist Trainer should be here on Friday - here is the one I bought

I will let ya'll know how it goes! :)

5 week update

The rest of my prineo tape came off yesterday. Happy with the scar. Here are my thoughts at this point.
1- not hapoy with my innter thighs yet. One is bigger than other still. Hope it's swelling. Also, what I was afraid of - the skin looks loose, and I am hoping it tightens up some more :/
2- My scar is very thin and light (lighter than how it appears on pic). I know the color is becauee of how I scar so I am lucky there!
3- haven't been getting to gym or eating right so I am now only 2.7lbs below my presurgery weight!! :/ So swollen from eating Mexican food last night and not happy with myself. Gotta make a change ASAP!
4- I've had 4 Endermologie treatments (lymphatic drainage style) they went up to a more intense setting yesterday, hoping I start seeing more drastic results on smoothing and swelling going away soon ( I haven't been drinking enough water daily - some days I get in 64oz/2L and some days I don't) Supposed to be drinking 2-3L a day!!
5- I have been wearing new garments. The buttless one kinda makes butt look funny under workout clothes and that's what I wear everyday, so I alternate and wear it as much as I can since it covers inner thighs, back, etc. Then I wear waist trainer in between and sometimes in combination. Last couple days I have had to take the garment off in middle of night and sleep naked cuz I couldn't handle it anymore on my butt/digs after a while and starts to hurt. But I still like it and wear it at least 12hrs a day at min.
6- measurements right now are 42-30.5-43 (waist changes an inch up with more swelling) hoping to get waist under 30in but still looks small now simce I am 5'6" hubby said I looked like Jessica Rabbit lol
8- I go in on 28th for my 6 week post op pics, follow up appt, free microderm, and massage.
9- TT scar area still feels very lumpy so I massage it a lot!

I think this is all for now. Here's the pic of my scar.

6 weeks

Nothing has really changed since last week. Went and bought a few peices, pair of work slacks, pencil skirts. I am 5'6" and exactly a size 8. Still haven't gotten back on workout program consistently, been so busy :( weighed in at 165.9 this morning. Want to get that down to 150-155. Here's a some pics.

7 weeks yesterday

I wasn't going to post but I'm feelin fierce! My waist has gotten smaller, my waist trainer is on the smallest setting (?) now, making butt pop nicer. Loving my results! I have 2 more endermologie sessions left for my lymph drainage and will not buy more because I think they work but that I am good now plus crap is expensive lol. Started putting this silicone stuff (chapstick type form) on my scar last week, then coconut oil over. Today was day 3 of my 12 week workout program, jamie eason livefit trainer on bodybuilding.com. tanned twice this week (wore my lace thong to help cover scar) feeling fab! :)

Week 8 pics (from feb 11)

Only thing I'm unhappy with is myself for not doing better consistently on my diet!!! Argh... and my inner thighs...

3mos post pics

Not much of a difference since last post but here are some pics from this morning.

A few more...

Follow up appt today

Ok, so I'm almost 4mos post op (16th will be 4mos). Had a follow up appt today and he said all looks good. I don't need to wear any compression garments anymore, and no abs for one full year from surgery! He said everything else is ok to do. Scar healing properly, the swelling i still have is normal and light mostly just evening or when i eat too much sodium. My inner thighs he said is my skin... he said he can try to fix with do more lipo but its not fat so it could be worse after. He said to look at some thermo method for skin elasticity as a potential. Otherwise its not that bad and just rey to build inner thigh muscles to fill out skin. Not worth cutting/scar. All in all I'm happy. That qas my only complaint. But oh well. I am very happy with my results overall. Just gotta keep it tight!!!

Loving my results!

Here's a 6mo pic I just took.. seems i meed to take more full body selfies lol


A couple stretch marks above my scar turn red in the sun :/ and kinda numb there. No big deal. Still love my results. Scar is darker than i would like. But i am soooooo hapoy and feel great. Best money i ever spent! Butt gets smaller and bigger as i lose and gain weight lol. Still only part i am not comfortable with is my inner thighs. Gonna ask him about again when i go back next week. He said redo lipo cant fix because its my skin :/

Almost 8mos post TT scar and Butt (BBL) pic

Just took these

Very good PS in Houston! Love my results, and would definitely recommend to a friend. You get what you pay for and I'm glad I went with Dr. Newall for my TT/BBL!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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