Bellasoma method- ultimate breast lift dr horndeski . 14 months post initial surgery. 5 months post nipple recommend procedure!

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I had breast implants over the muscle 10 years ago...

I had breast implants over the muscle 10 years ago in my mid 20's. I wanted a lift at the time but my PA said implants would cause no scar and give the appearance of a lift. I went from a small B to a full C. I was very happy with the procedure. However I had another child (unexpectedly) a few years later and breast fed. Over time the implants dropped and my breast tissue stretched as well. I am now a Full DD. I spoke with my original PA last summer about a lift and was told and anchor lift was my only option so I did not follow through. We go to topless resorts each year and the thought of those scars made me nauseated. This year I went to another physician who offered other options but when he met with me he also said an anchor lift was the only option. He did tell me that over time my condition would worsen so I would need to either choose to live with further droopiness or decide at some point the lift was worth the scar. He said he has heard of a few physicians that claim to do scarless lifts and recommended I research. Well I did and found Dr. Horndeski through realself. Now on to the next stage.

On April 16th I sent my pictures to Dr Horndeski...

On April 16th I sent my pictures to Dr Horndeski via email. He called me the next morning and we had a phone consult. He recommended replacing my over muscle saline implants with under muscle silicone implants and the mini
UBL with incisions around the nipple area only. This was exactly wha I was looking for. He was able to give me a price quote and schedule me for my consult and surgery within minutes. My consult is April 22 and my surgery is at noon on April 23rd! I asked If I would have any issues going topless on my vacation August 1st and he said definitely so now I just have to count the days!

This is the post op diet they said to follow and...

This is the post op diet they said to follow and also said to bring a button down shirt and lightly padded underwire bra that will help
Shape the breasts after surgery. I expect I will learn more at the consult Monday.


You WILL NEED a person to take care of you for the first 24 hours.

You will need to maintain a clear liquid diet the night of your surgery.

Below is a list of items that are recommended. It is best to stock up before the surgery so that you can go back to your room/home to rest after surgery.

Ginger Ale
Chicken broth
Beef broth
Vegetable broth
Chicken noodle or chicken and rice soups
Apple juice

Do not get products that are red or purple. NO DARK COLORS.

Correction to my post about vacation. He said I...

Correction to my post about vacation. He said I would not have any issues going topless in August. Just wanted to clarify that.

Well today is my face to face consult. I think I...

Well today is my face to face consult. I think I am just as nervous about today as I am about the surgery tomorrow. I just have a fear that when he meets with me he might tell me that I'm not a good candidate. From all the posts i've read from others this is likely an irrational fear and today will be uneventful. I suppose in a few hours I will find out!

I just had my preop visit. He was very nice and...

I just had my preop visit. He was very nice and answered all my questions. I came with a list but he answered several things beforehand so we didn't have to go over all of it. I am a candidate for the Mini UBl .... Thank goodness. He said that I may new a nipplle revision 6 months out depending on the healing process. Each person is different. He said he will put as large an implant as my body will allow which likely will leave me a cup size smaller but possibly back to 32DD. He said that I have a lot of tissue to create upper pole fullness but I also have a lot of skin so the implants will help fill in the extra skin and also said that he will remove as much extra skin as he can. What he can remove depends somewhat on the size or the nipple. The larger the nipple the more he can remove. Luckily for me I have pretty large nipples and don't want them
Reduced so that can improve my results. I had my lab work done and all was good except low potassium. I was told to eat as many bananas as possible between now and midnight. All in all I guess that means good results.

My surgery was moved up to 7 am and need to arrive at 6 am. It's going to be a very very earlier two hour drive tomorrow. I also learned I will get to wear compression hose to help avoid blood clots so no flip flops.
We will not be staying in Houston after the procedure as originally planned so we will drive back wed morning for the follow up. Once we get home and fill
my prescriptions and buy bananas I'll post my question list
with all his answers.

Surgery Q and A Light waves therapy to reduce...

Surgery Q and A
Light waves therapy to reduce scars / he said not likely to work

MedermA bicorneaum aquaphor scar therapy options/ I can try what I like as long as wounds are completely healed

Tanning bed/ his personal option is no to tanning beds in general but 4 weeks is safe
Saltwater /4 weeks

Chlorine / 4 weeks

Bra type / purchase after surgery to confirm size but most important is underwire and support up through the center

Driving/ 1 week as long as off pain meds

Spray tan/4 weeks

Work out/4 weeks

Nipple revision /if necessary 6 months post surgery. Done in the office part of original cost

New pics

New pics

It's the day after surgery and I have added new...

It's the day after surgery and I have added new pictures. The medicine I'm taking makes me extremely sleeping so ill blog the events from the last few days tomorrow when I am more coherent. I can say that so far this hasn't been as unpleasant as expected. The medications really help and my husband has been an angel making sure I take them on time and getting me anything I need.

Day of the Surgery the procedure is done in a...

Day of the Surgery
the procedure is done in a separate surgical center in the same complex as Dr. H. Before surgery they did a second pregnancy test, this is something they always do. Then I was given some lovely white stockings you see in the pics to help avoid blood clots. A green wrap was put on my legs also for circulation. I was given my IV and a heated paper blanket of sorts which was very nice. My husband was able to sit with me once I was settled. Before i was wheeled away i was given antibiotics and sedative through my IV. I remember getting to the OR and then nothing after that until I woke in recovery. I was very disoriented as expected. I was given sprite and a pain pill but became very nauseated. My husband picked me up to take me to the hotel and while he was going inside for a chair to wheel me to our room I vomited a few times. We got to the room and called Elisa to let her know that I had gotten sick. She called in another prescription but I did not end up getting it because the nausea subsided. As far as pain goes I slept as much as possible because it hurt everytime I moved or stood up. The pain felt like I had been to the gym the day before and someone was pushing on my sore muscles. I must have been given quite a bit of fluid as well because I had to pee every 30 minutes or so. I had to at least have help getting there because i was so very dizzy.

Day Two The pain has changed some. Still have...

Day Two
The pain has changed some. Still have the sore muscle feeling but I also have some pain that I would say was nerves. Its a sharp stinging pain that is random throughout my breasts. The medication works well I must say but I don't think I could take the medicine and function normally. It makes me very sleepy and lightheaded. I went back to my follow up around 11, He removed the bandages quickly and with ease. He checked for sensation in my nipples and unknown to me I have zero feeling. However; he said that should change over time. I look like my breasts have been lift alot but I also look like they are somewhat empty at the bottom. He said that will change as well when the implants settle. My original implants were 280 cc and 310 cc. He removed those and put in 180 which are the smallest implants he had. He said I had plenty of my own breast tissue and should still end up as a 32 DD as before. I couldn't fit into either of the bra's we bought first which were 32DD and 34DD so we had to go get another. Purchased a 32DDD which was still too small. When we got home my husband had to go to Fredericks and get a 34DDD which finally seems to fit. I now have a collection of bras that I can use as the swelling goes down.

Day 3 I am working from home on my laptop. Very...

Day 3
I am working from home on my laptop. Very surprised at how much that hurts. More than I expected. Last night was not a comfortable sleep. Staybridge had a pillow that was perfect, it was long and tootsie roll shaped so I could sleep sitting up. Not so much at home. I think I may have to send my husband out shopping again. I still hurt and the stinging pain is increasing. I'm hoping that means my nipples will have feeling again soon. Now I am trying to figure out how to continue working through the pain and whether I should take the pain medicine or not today I have a feeling that I will have to.

I was able to take a shower yesterday with help. ...

I was able to take a shower yesterday with help. I can't lift my arms enough to wash my hair so my husband had to do that for me. Elisa told me showers are fine as long as you don't touch the bandages (tape) and pat dry when done. I also was having problems with constipation and had not had a bowel movement since monday. I took some Phillips and now everything is fine in that area.

Day 4

Day 4

Day 6 and starting to feel normal. I still get...

Day 6 and starting to feel normal. I still get very tired quickly but I was able to shower by myself today so that's a plus! The bottom side of my breasts are still lacking volume. I'm hoping that that will change over time. I'll be glad when the tape is removed so I can see how I really look. I'm not sure if these stiches are going to dissolve on their own ot Dr H will remove them. Hoping for the dissolve.

Day 8 The last few days I've noticed a funny...

Day 8
The last few days I've noticed a funny indention on my left breast that seems to be caused by the bra I've been wearing so I went on a shopping trip to find a better option.Unfortunately after trying on 40 bra's I could not find a style that seemed to work. I made an attempt to do some housekeeping on day 6 and regretted it on day 7. I am not sure how long I am supposed to wait to lift more than 5 pounds or lift my arms over my head but I guess it's not day 6 because I am really feeling it. I hadn't needed pain pills since Day 4 but had to take them on Day 7. Tomorrow is my followup and I am very grateful to be able to see him in person to discuss my issues although small. I assume that we will still not be taking the tape off tomorrow which I would be fine with. I have heard others say the longer the tape stays on the better the results. I am posting new Day 8 pictures as well.

Day 8 Driving is by far the most difficult thing...

Day 8
Driving is by far the most difficult thing I have to do that cannot be prevented. Turning the steering wheel hurts. It is tolerable but it makes me fearful that I might be doing damage and not realizing it. Other than that the biggest annoyance is sleeping in a bra that has to be underwire. Very very uncomfortable, especially when you add on the fact that you have to sleep on your back.

Friday I had my follow up with Dr. H. All looks...

Friday I had my follow up with Dr. H. All looks good except my cleavage is too close together as expected and its causing underwire bras to push against my breast and leave a crease where it doesn't belong. So now I am not wearing an underwire bra (likely his only patient ever to do so) but I am wearing a molded bra from playtex that has a soft wire to at least hold the shape. Much more comfortable and so glad that issue is resolved. As far as the procedure my implants have not yet fully dropped and there is alot of room and pleating on the underside of the breast but he says that in time both of those areas will resolve themselves. I am allowed to remove the steri strips tomorrow after a hot shower. I am very nervous because I have no idea what to expect but he seems to think all is healing well so no reason for me to worry. I have seen many recommend aquaphor to help heal incisions quickly and more smoothly so I plan to buy some today and be prepared to start applying it twice a day. I spoke with Dr H about resuming normal activity as well. I attempted to do light housework a few days ago and felt pain the next day. He informed me that I should not have done this and to wait a full four weeks before resuming housework because its possible to have an internal tear not to mention issues with incisions so I think that reminded me that even though I'm not in pain to the point of needing any medication that I still am not ready to be fully functional again. I went to the mall with my teenage daughters yesterday and realized how many different types of clothes I should be able to wear soon with no longer needing a bra. Very exciting! This also told me that although my upper body isn't prepared to get back to housework and my normal exercise routine, that walking should be fine to resume so I can at least get rid of some of these extra pounds I've already gained from being sedentary so that will start today. Many people have also asked about nipple sensitivity and I do not have that back yet although I will feel random "zaps" that make me think my nerves are still trying to get back on board and I will eventually have feeling again....I hope. All in all I think I am still happy with my decision, except for the fact that many people have mentioned that I look smaller and perkier and smaller isn't what I was going for at all. Although probably more appropriate for my frame I think I am now just a D cup but hard to tell at this point.

I removed the tape yesterday at week 2 as the Dr...

I removed the tape yesterday at week 2 as the Dr ordered after a hot shower. Or actually my husband removed it because I'm a big baby and was nervous. I felt a little pulling but no real pain. more fear than anything else. Lots of scabbing yesterday but put aquaphor on and after showering today much of the scabbing just washed away. Incisions are a little tender and I am feeling more than I had in the past but I don't know if thats a problem or just because sensation may be returning. Otherwise no pain anywhere else. Still wearing the bra at night and trying to sleep on my back but usually end up on my side so I hope that won't cause any problems later on. The shape of the nipples seems to be turning out normal and I am just waiting for the pleating to get better on the bottom side. Dr H just says it will eventually shrink back to normal just like your skin does after losing baby weight so I have high hopes. I am very much ready to start wearing a normal bra again. I have an appt next Friday and my hope is that he tells me I'm the shape I will stay. I'm also ready to get in a swimsuit. My pool is calling me in the hot Texas sun! I've posted my photos and will continue to do so since that was the most helpful for me. I still go back to photos on other reviews for Dr. H.

Week 4

I have just finished my fourth week and had my third follow up visit on April 17, this past friday. On thursday the 16th I was travelling in a plane back home and when I arrived and change close I had a slight panic attack. I have posted a picture to show why I was upset. There was a very hard rounded section on my right breast and it looked like maybe my implant moved to a place it did not belong. I was grateful that I had an appointment the next day. I met with Elise and she said that this was my own breast tissue and was caused by the underwire on my bra pushing into my breast. So back to my same issue. Bras bras bras. Ughh. I have now ordered a bra in a 28F and a 30E because it does seem to both her and I that my cup of DDD is not large enough and 32 and 34 bands are not small enough. I do measure 27-28 inches round. I found bras on Bali that fit these measurements and had one overnighted that should arrive today. She said that I should be okay if get the right bra and continue to wear it. Otherwise she is pleased with the pleating that has gone down and the healing of the incisions. She stated that as soon as there is no scabbing I can begin using scar removal creams or strips. My nipples are mostly round which she says is good and usualy when the nipples aren't round it is because the patient doesn't wear bras at night as told. I definately do wear mine although ill fitting and uncomfortable. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. All in all things are fine and the look of my breasts from Thursday has already improved now knowing what caused the deformation. I have posted pictures from today as well.

New photo

New photo April 17th

New Photos

Week 4 Photos May 20th


Well the new 28F bra arrived
Today. Not even worthy of a picture. Apparently F with a 28 B is the same as a 32B cup size. I couldn't even cram myself into it
I am now at a complete loss and want to cry.

Bras Bras Bras!!!! 28I ?????? Shocked!

I made a call to a fit consultant at Bare Necessities who was very helpful although it may be because she felt sorry for me. She helped me understand why I can't seem to figure out my size. This is what she told me.
1. Measure cup size:
Measure across the bottom of your band, directly under the bust and across your ribcage. Make sure to keep your measuring tape straight around the back to front. Again, if you get an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.
2. Measure band size:Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust, with the tape straight across and around your back, bringing it to the front.

Then take the difference between the two to get your cup size. This is where I was originally lost. So if you have a 2 inch difference you are a B cup, 3 inch C cup and so on. There is a difference between UK and US sizes but I ended up purchasing a UK brand overnight and she was nice enough to not charge the return fee or the overnight fee because I already had two bras from them on their way which I will have to return.
Below is the size conversion chart. AND
less than 1" AA AA AA
1" A A A
2" B B B
3" C C C
4" D D D
5" DD/E E DD
6" DDD/F F E
10" J ? GG
11" K ? H
12" L ? HH
13" M ? J
14" N ? JJ

So guess what, I'm a 28 band and a 36-37 bust so that makes me 28H-I in US sizes and 28FF-G in UK sizes so we ordered the 28G because I would rather have larger than smaller. Please please please let this be the one!

New pics

4 weeks

Before and after photo

Week 5 New Pictures

Still don't quite have the rounded shape but its not surgery related. Pretty sure its because I can't find the right bra. I think at this point its been too long to reverse it but I am happy with how the incisions are healing. And every day the pleating is less. I think Im still glad I did the surgery. I don't think there was any way of knowing I was going to have these issues with the bra. I don't think that is typical.

Who knew this blog would become about bras?!?!?

I contacted Bare necessities today because they have been so great to work with having items overnighted and exchanges are so easy. Their bra fit specialists are very patient. I was able to send my photos to get a better fit and went up 2 more cup sizes. 28H which converts to a us 28K ( which I haven't found anywhere mind you) so I should 3 new styles arrive tomorrow. I keep thinking I have found one that works but never quite what I need. Maybe, maybe, maybe this time.

Trying these styles next

5+weeks dr visit and new bras

Dr visit went well. He is concerned about the indention from the bras and said if I can't find one that fits with correct underwire then to try a sports bra. Got new bras today and one finally has center underwire that sits against my chest. The other two didn't work. Called back bare necessities (now working with my own personal consultant there) and she is sending me two more styles. I had one small stitch removed today as well. Going back in a month.

Week 6

Healing well. No appointments with Dr H for another month. Pretty much done bra shopping I think. I've settled on a Fantasie Bra from Bare Necessities. Its not perfect but its close enough. Bra's just aren't made for those people with no space between their breasts or at least thats what I have decided. Even those that fit in the middle are forcibly doing so (the red is an example of this) and it is extremly painful so I had to stop wearing that. It was actually creating sores and bleeding in the center chest wall so I'm just going to focus on the lift instead of the separate and just hope the dent eventually smooths out. I took my first bath yesterday even though it wasn't required to wait that long but I had seen another realself member that got an infection taking a bath too early instead of using a shower. No issues there. My friends have commented that I look great and lifted (althought disappointedly smaller than before) so I am happy with that. Now I just have to wait and hope that I will be comfortable to go topless by August 1st. I will be having a nipple revision at 6 months just to tweak the shape and remove any pleating that isn't gone by then and maybe that will help the dent. Who knows. Also still hoping for nipple sensation. I still have 0 and Dr H just says we have to wait and see.

Final bra selection...I'm done with buying bras for awhile!

Fantasie Rebecca Style FL2024 from Bare Necessities 30G (had to go up a band size and down a cup size to get more selections)

6 weeks

Before and after pic

Week 7- Happy Happy Happy

Feeling pretty good. The pleating is less and less every day. Going away quicker than I thought. I am using a liquid scar reducer called Kelo-Cote when I remember. Not sure if its helping or not but either way things are looking up. I actually put it on the pleated area as well to help smooth that out quicker. I've been wearing tube tops with a normal strapless bra just because I feel strange without one but in the past there is no way i would have done that without a full bustier underneath because I needed so much support. Its so nice that I'm not just busting out the top and all squishy ;-). I think I definately am smaller than before which is pretty much the only dissapointment I have with the procedure but he couldn't put implants in any larger than he did according to Dr. H. I'm still big enough for most people so I shouldn't complain. The dent is finally starting to resolve itself. After another great review I saw from another future Dr H client I decided to start putting the pads from bra inserts underneath (which I wouldn't have done before because I was worried about dents under) and this has seemed to help quite a bit. I've been tanning topless in my backyard pool and haven't had any problems with sunburns on the scars or them discoloring so another bonus there. I started Zumba again yesterday and feel fine. Still unsure about weights but I suppose I'll get over that fear eventually.

Pretty happy

Yep. I'm liking the look


Happy in the bikini

11 Week Pictures

The dent isn't quite gone (not sure it ever will be) but the pleating looks almost completely gone unless i lift my arms straight up and then you can tell there is quite a bit of extra skin. I am pretty sure the revision will fix that part. I go to Houston this week and will find out I hope. I still have 3 more months until then. I go on vacation in 27 days so I am hoping I'll be even more improved by then but I can live with how I look topless now. I can finally feel sensation in my nipples again. Woo Hoo! I wondered if I would get it back or not but one day I just did.

14 weeks

Better in real life. 3 months now
And 3 months until nipple
Revisions. Incisions all healed. Dent is rounding out each day.

Before and after pic

14 week
Before and after

New Pics

So things are good. I started tanning in a tanning bed this week. Incisions turn red immediately after the tanning bed but then fades within a few minutes and I haven't had pain or peeling so I guess I'm good. He said I could tan at 4 weeks so I waited plenty long. I have noticed that if I'm topless and get really really hot the nipples swell but I don't imagine that happens too often. Most people aren't naked out in the dead heat I suppose but I thought it was odd. Once I got in the pool and cooled off or came inside it was back to normal. Just an interesting tidbit for anyone who likes to go out topless in 100 degree weather! lol
So far I am ready for Cancun in 2 days and have no concerns being topless! Woo hoo!

Nipple shot

Can't see the scar. Close up of nipple

4 month pics

Went topless and nobody guessed I had surgery. I had to tell people. That made me pretty happy

9 months post op

Nipple revision is scheduled for jan 23rd. Today I am a little under 9 months post op. Waited a few months longer than necessary for the revision but holidays were busy for me. He said the revision will make the nipple smaller. Apparently there is an ideal size and it will lift the bottom up. There really is no gathering to reduce to speak of so happy with that.

9 months post opPre revision

Pre revision

New pics

Revision day! Pre pics

Revision day

The revision went well. Posting post op pictures and will post a more detailed review after I am a little less groggy. In the pics there is tape on the sides. Just didn't want anyone to think is was crinkling of my skin. For anyone going in for revision bring earbuds with music. All in all very pleased. I would recommend this to anyone and do not regret any part of my procedure or my choice of surgeon. Love Dr H and his team. More details to come tomorrow.

2 days post nipple revision

Before and after day two. Sore today. Similar to when nursing. Nipples are smaller and more round but doesn't seem like it with all the steri strips still on. Have to leave for two weeks like the initial surgery. You can see the nipples are very much lifted in these pics to a more normal state. The procedure was a bit more intense than I expected. Several shots in/under each nipple for the local but I don't cry. Just pushed through. I could feel the pressure for the rest of the of the procedure enough to guess what was happening. I covered my face because I don't want to see all that. Ear buds would have been good. Hearing the cutting and seeing kinda freaked me out. However it did give me an hour to talk to Dr H and His PA about anything I desired. They were very funny and gel


....helped keep my mind off things. When over I was a bit shaky and they said the local can make your heart race. I was told to eat which I did immediately after I left. I was given scripts for pain pills and antibiotics as before and back to the 24 hour bra for 6-8 weeks and lying on my back for the same time. Otherwise you can end up with crazy shaped nips. No thanks! I did tell Dr H to paint those blue walls in the office but he said he would rather charge less for his services than fancy up the office. So I could come up with a rebuttal for that. All in all I am glad I did the revisions although limited exercise and the bra business are an annoyance it is so worth it. Day 2 I just took pain meds for the shower to remove the pads but it's not too bad. Nothing like before.

Before and after

This is a pic before surgery and post nipple revisions. Looking back this was a great decision. I can't even remember looking like that first pic. My nips were soooooo low. Like a cow with udders. Yuck

It's a process

For anyone thinking of having this procedure I would say to remember this is not like beast implants where you look close to your final results the first few days. This is changing your body and to have this done without the front scars requires patience because it truly has been a process. I was nervous at the beginning because I wanted to know what the end result was immediately but I had to trust that as my body healed things would change as dr h said. And they did. I am glad I waited past the 6 months because I found that it have my body time to react and te pleating went completely away so Dr H could use my revision to really lift and reshape the nipples and not have to worry with puckering and pleating. I can't wait until I heal from this. If it turns out as good as I expect I can see myself having another revision in a few years for even more lift. Amazing what he was able to do right in his office.

Front view post revision

pic is a little crooked. Makes one look lower than the other but it's really not. The orange is some leftover betadine I think. Looking at original post op photos I think this healing should be easier. There isn't really any lose skin that I will have to wait to shrink back up. Nipples are smaller and up where they belong. Can't wait for a few months out to to really see the difference.

3 1/2 week post revision

Some tenderness occasionally. Still trouble making myself sleep on my back and really ready to work out but otherwise no issues.

Final Post

Unfortunately for the drama related to this procedure and comments from other users I am no longer posting new pictures or comments to my review. Please be clear that I am very happy with my choice of procedure and surgeon and would not change it for anything. If you would like to have pictures you may message me privately but I will no longer make public posts on this site.

Patience is key

if your are looking for a procedure that gives immediate results then move on. This procedure requires patience and truly results come in stages. However, the results are really worth it. I try to compare this to a tummy tick maybe. It's pretty invasive and can take at least a year to really reach the point that you feel healed and sometimes you need some extra nip and tuck later to correct bunching and for scars to lighten. So as with the UBL and Mini UBL (which I had done) this is a pretty big surgery. Unlike a normal lift there is a lot going on to create the desired results without a vertical scar. He does do much internally to create the upper pole volume. Plus to avoid the vertical you have to be willing to allow your body to do some of the work. That's where the pleating comes in. I could have chosen a vertical scar and never had the pleating but the scar would always be there to some degree. With this the pleating does eventually go away with time. And the revision is really required. If you don't want to wait a year or so for great results and are ok with a vertical scar and the likelihood of needing another lift years down the road then traditional is for you. But for me, sometimes it takes a little pain for beauty and I believe for me this was really worth it. I didn't panic when I saw in a month I didn't have 18 year old boobs because I knew I needed to wait and trusted Dr H when he told me so. And he was right. The pleating went away as I allowed myself to heal so when it was time for a revision I could get the best results. Now 6 weeks out I have pleating again and know that in 3-6 months I'll be ready to go topless again.


Reposting some pics due to so many requests.



Pics reposted



Just a reminder for those
Comparing my results I had over the muscle 375cc implants before the mini UBL and with the mini I got 180cc implants and I am only a tiny but smaller than I was before and can still wear the same
Bra size. That can tell you some about how he uses your own tissue. Personally I would say get at least small implants because I think it gave me a rounder look which I was looking for but if you want a softer feel then no implants might be for you. dr h can really explain the difference. And if anyone really really wants to see how I doing I would even be willing to show up to your appt at Dr H's office and let you see for yourself. That's how much confidence I have in what he did for me. And please..... If you have something ugly to say leave it off my page.

6 weeks post nipple revision

saw Dr H on Friday and he said everything looks good and released me to exercise again. p90X3 starts today! I have some pleating still but I expected that from what I learned the first go round. I feel some tingles and odd pulling occasionally but no pain. Hopefully exercise today will go well.

Before and after pics

Before initial surgery pics and after nipple revision pics at 6 weeks

10 week post nipple revision

Sorry my pic is a little
Crooked. Things are healing nicely. On day 32 of P90x and occasionally I feel a sharp pain but more of an annoyance than anything. I feel like the pleating will be gone pretty soon.

5 months post nipple revision

14 months post surgery and 5 months post nipple revision. Very glad I did this. Going topless on vacation in 11 days and completely confident! Being patient and listening to Dr H made this process much easier. The revision was really key. I was happy before but it made a bigger difference than I ever expected. I may do another revision this winter for even more lift

Before and after pics

14 months post lift and nipple revision before and after pic. Pictures don't even begin to show how good they look in real life. Love laying down and my boobs stay on my chest and not in my armpits! And that bottomed out look is gone!


As you can see from my pics I have no problem going topless in front of hundreds of people on my vacation and no complaints for sure!

New pics

These pics are post revision 6 months. I would have never felt comfortable going topless with the traditional lift that would have required me to have vertical scars not to mention I could
Have never worn this shirt since it requires braless

No complaints!

18 months pics!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Found on Real Self while researching for a lift that required little or no visible scars

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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