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I have been Consulting my butt off and im very...

I have been Consulting my butt off and im very confused. I am ready for a big azz. This is my treat. I have been on this site way before I got a profile. So most of the darn reviews I have read probably more then once. I am ready to get my Grove back. I am 5'3 and weigh 149 with 2 kids one a teenager may I add. Although many people say girl your okay. I don't need to hear that. I need to hear I'm fine as hell. With a stomach and butt that is to die for. I'm like a can of biscuits when the clothes come off I pop out. Looks can be deceiving. People think because your not that big that it's ok but guess what I don't have ass or hips and my stomach is bigger then a FUPA so I'm not okay. Before the end of this year I'm getting me a big azz.

I have narrowed it down between 3 doctors, Erika Sato, Cesar VeLilia and Sergio Alvarez. Who do yall think is best. Real self ladies help me out.

Scheduled Surgery

So I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Sato. She is so pleasant. I just love her responsiveness and and honesty. New body here I go. Now it's time for me to start getting my BBL supplies. Any help dolls.

My wish pics


So I have purchased these items. What else do I need.
Doogie pee pads
Arnicare gel
Daily soap
Compression Socks
Backtracking Zinc Ointment

I'm going to purchase the BBL pillow, pee ezz, massager, I already have a Boppy pillow. Once it's gets closer imma post some before pics.

Just chillin

Well I have been communicating with the doctor about all kinds of stuff. She has been very responsive. At first I thought I wasn't gonna have any support but now my family is coming thru 2 help. So we will see what happens. I'm wondering what the heck I'm suppose to be doing now since it's getting closer to the time

Started getting nervous

Ok. Dolls. I started getting so nervous to the point I was questioning if I should do this or not but I talked to some wonderful people on here and they roped me back in. I also spoke to someone close to me and I never knew she had a tummy tuck, BA and lipo suction until the other day and she made me feel so comfortable about my decision. What freaked me out is a girl who runs in the same circle as my friends just died out of the blue the other day and having lipo but it is rumored she had it done oversees. So I'm not sure what happened she was fine on a Friday and by that Monday she was died leaving behind 2 kids. So that freaked the heck out because I have kids and I don't want to be selfish and leave them behind all for vanity. But I realize in life everything is a gamble and we have to do what makes us happy and pray that everything will work out fine. Ok. I'm finish my ranting so TTYL. Ooh yay I brought some Hema Plexiglas everyone is raving about it so hopefully it works.

Booty Buddy arrived and Labs done

So my booty buddy arrived and I ordered my Pee ez and other items. Everything is coming along slowly but surely. I also did you labs today.

Hemoglobin on point

So I'm just about ready. My test came back and my Hemo is 14. Woop, Woop. Now I have to keep it this way until my big day. Yay for me.

Almost time

So it's almost time and im nervous as hell. The time is passing so slowly.

Before pics

Stop buying Sh*t

I have purchased so much dam stuff you would think I'm going out the country. I don't think I need another dam thing. I need a when to use this stuff tutorial. I'm buying stuff I don't know when to use.

Pre Opp Appt

Well today was the big day. Scripts check, sign your life away check, pay-check, check, check and another dam check.

4 more days

I have only 4 more days.

Big Day

Today is the big day my RS sisters. See you on the flat side.

I made it

Ladies, I made it to the flat side. This is far most one of the hardest experiences I ever did. Yesterday was sooooooo hard. I vomited a ton of times couldn't keep anything down & couldn't do anything for myself. I will keep you guys posted be cause I'm in and out due 2 the medicine. I don't see how girls do a round 2. What I will say is my butt is huge. Talk 2 u later. I'm going back 2 sleep

Some pics

I am attaching some pics because this is the first day I can actually walk around. Ladies i advise u not to do this NY yourself I will need all the help you can get.

Better but not great

I must say I do feel better but not great at all. I can't get comfortable by no means necessary. Getting up & down is a big dam challenge. Dr. Sato has beem there for me & My caregiver every step of the way. That dam pee ez save my life. Today I made my first bowel movement & I might I say that was worst then child birth. This is day 5 & im still trying to get out of the dam bed alone. Also this drain shit is for the birds & :very aggravating. But overall I think my progress is good now that I have All I mean All my family support
At 2dt they were like don't do it. Now I have over 10 of them at my house at a time. I'm being catered 2 like a princess. So far so good

Still struggling

I must say for some of you real self ladies who claim to.bounce back I commend you. I am on day 10 and this shit still hurts. It's hard for me to get out of bed. I ache my azz off. I feel.fake to touch. And indefinitely need these dam drugs to survive. I still have my dam drain in. Some of these stories be amazing to me how the hell yall bounce back so dam fast someone please tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong. I have every supply I can think of and I'm still not healing fast enough

More pics

Drains removed

So today I decided to remove my drains. I have an appointment with my PS Tuesday but I was definitely ready for them to come out especially since I wasn't producing that many cc's and if u keep it in 2 long there is a possibility of infection. Since I am healing so well I did not want 2 take that chance. Honestly it was easy with the help of my PS over the phone & YouTube. I feel much better with that out me & now hopefully my healing gets better. Drain free for me ????

More pics

Just wanted to attach pics my butt use to be flat in this dress.

Still healing

Hi RS family just wanted to give a quick update since I haven't posted in a few. I am still in the healing process. My lower back still kills me and is very hard. My Doc said that is normal and as long as it is continually massaged that should eventually subside. I stop taking pain meds a long time ago so I just deal with the discomfort. I have lost alot of volume is my butt after swelling but I think it's because I need to gain some weight again because I have truly lost weight. Every1 else says my butt is big but I think it looks the way it did before I had kids. I don't have a dunk but again I'm still early on and after all the swelling goes down it looks much smaller then original outcome but I still believe I'm going to look awesome and I look way better the. B4. I wear my garment 24/7 & I have more then 1 so that I don't have to wait. I went down a size so I know i have gotten smaller. My daugther said I look cartoonish. Lol. Saying I have made curves. She will get it when she gets older. No1 has seen me in a long time b4 this surgery so they will be confused and I haven't told many. So when they see me they are gonna flip. I work 4rm home so I don't see people on a regular basis. Also what the hell do I do for the itching. Even my azz itch sometimes. Ttyl

Massage today was awesome

The massage today was so awesome. I have scheduled multiple massages in the upcoming weeks. My back feels so much better. I hope this speeds up the healing process or at least help with smoothing out my back. I can see my swelling is going down.


Forgot to update with a pic's

Professional Massages

I have started my regimen of getting massages 2 to 3 times a week. It is helping with the tightness of my back. I have all my feeling in my stomach & I am just waiting for all my swelling to go away. Ttyl

Some pics

Still getting my massages. Time heals all wounds. is on TV

I'm currently watching my doctor on Married to Medicine Houston on Bravo. How cute.

Pics of procedure

This is for those who want to see me in surgery

Still Here

Hi my real self family. I know it's been a minute just wanted to give a quick update. I still have swelling in my back & my booty has a dimple other then that I'm getting back to normal. I get massages 2 times a week and will stop at the end of the year. I get them now for comfort. I still wear my garment 24/7 and use my.booty buddy everyday when sitting. Other then that. I'm good...


Updated pics for people requesting them

Updated pics

I am literally almost back to normal. I have taken good care of myself & my tummy tuck scar is literally almost gone. I use Bio Oil, merderma and the silicone gel I got from Dr. Sato office. My back get tight sometimes but I still do massages occasionally. My cousin is getting her surgery next month so I will be there to nurse her back to health.

Scar pics

Someone asked me to post a pic of my TT scar. I'm 3 months post op. Here u go

Updated pics... My dolls

Almost 6 months and looking good and feeling great!!!!

7 month update

Hi Dolls just checking in. Have no issues. Love my results. Life is back to normal with extra ass!!!!!!!!

Still living. No Complaints

Houston Plastic Surgeon

So far I just love her honesty and responsiveness. She has definitely won me over for now. I can honestly say Dr. Sato is an amazing down to earth person overall. I must say thus surgery is no joke but she makes you feel like everything will be ok. She did way more then I asked and I appreciate her. Even though I'm still early on. I'm still impressed with her all together.

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