Big Butt Ready

I have been Consulting my butt off and im very...

I have been Consulting my butt off and im very confused. I am ready for a big azz. This is my treat. I have been on this site way before I got a profile. So most of the darn reviews I have read probably more then once. I am ready to get my Grove back. I am 5'3 and weigh 149 with 2 kids one a teenager may I add. Although many people say girl your okay. I don't need to hear that. I need to hear I'm fine as hell. With a stomach and butt that is to die for. I'm like a can of biscuits when the clothes come off I pop out. Looks can be deceiving. People think because your not that big that it's ok but guess what I don't have ass or hips and my stomach is bigger then a FUPA so I'm not okay. Before the end of this year I'm getting me a big azz.

I have narrowed it down between 3 doctors, Erika Sato, Cesar VeLilia and Sergio Alvarez. Who do yall think is best. Real self ladies help me out.

Scheduled Surgery

So I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Sato. She is so pleasant. I just love her responsiveness and and honesty. New body here I go. Now it's time for me to start getting my BBL supplies. Any help dolls.

My wish pics


So I have purchased these items. What else do I need.
Doogie pee pads
Arnicare gel
Daily soap
Compression Socks
Backtracking Zinc Ointment

I'm going to purchase the BBL pillow, pee ezz, massager, I already have a Boppy pillow. Once it's gets closer imma post some before pics.

Just chillin

Well I have been communicating with the doctor about all kinds of stuff. She has been very responsive. At first I thought I wasn't gonna have any support but now my family is coming thru 2 help. So we will see what happens. I'm wondering what the heck I'm suppose to be doing now since it's getting closer to the time

Started getting nervous

Ok. Dolls. I started getting so nervous to the point I was questioning if I should do this or not but I talked to some wonderful people on here and they roped me back in. I also spoke to someone close to me and I never knew she had a tummy tuck, BA and lipo suction until the other day and she made me feel so comfortable about my decision. What freaked me out is a girl who runs in the same circle as my friends just died out of the blue the other day and having lipo but it is rumored she had it done oversees. So I'm not sure what happened she was fine on a Friday and by that Monday she was died leaving behind 2 kids. So that freaked the heck out because I have kids and I don't want to be selfish and leave them behind all for vanity. But I realize in life everything is a gamble and we have to do what makes us happy and pray that everything will work out fine. Ok. I'm finish my ranting so TTYL. Ooh yay I brought some Hema Plexiglas everyone is raving about it so hopefully it works.

Booty Buddy arrived and Labs done

So my booty buddy arrived and I ordered my Pee ez and other items. Everything is coming along slowly but surely. I also did you labs today.

Hemoglobin on point

So I'm just about ready. My test came back and my Hemo is 14. Woop, Woop. Now I have to keep it this way until my big day. Yay for me.

Almost time

So it's almost time and im nervous as hell. The time is passing so slowly.

Before pics

Houston Plastic Surgeon

So far I just love her honesty and responsiveness. She has definitely won me over for now

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