bbl here i come!!!!!!!!

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I have been on real self for about a month now...

I have been on real self for about a month now stalking everybody's journey and I have finally decided I'm going to go and get bbl. I want to get it done at the end of the year mayb dec or nov . I just havent decide if I want dr cortez or dr salama but I know they both are really good. Im just soooooo ready to be off the no butt team and join the BIG BOOTY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

dr salama

So I finally talked to someone from doctor dr salama office and they told me to lose weight or get a tt before I get the bbl bcuz of how much lose skin I will have

what I look

Here are a few pictures of what I look like and what I want to look like

duran or yily

Ok so the first thing I have to say is this site is extremely ADDICTIVE lol I was up until 4 in the morning on here looking at asses lol and I had to get up for work at 5 30 !!! Well i did get something out of it besides being extremely tired at work. I decided to go with dr. Duran or dr yily. I've seen their work and it's (AMAZING). I sent dr duran and emal last night and im going to send yily one as soon as I finish writing this. But im like sooo excited. Now all I have to do is make sure I save enough money to do it

no shade

Just speaking my mind and how I feel but I honestly don't know how some people choose their dr because I have seen plenty of ppl say that they are having their" sx on this day with this dr" And when I go look at that dr's work the only thing I could say is WHY. I mean seriously I just don't understand. Now im saying that tge drs I picked are the best in the world but they are damn good in the procedures that I want done .
Just saying

got a quote

I meant to update a few days ago but I got a quote from yily . It was 4700 for bbl, tt, and lipo of arms, stomach, flanks, waist, full back, and armpits. I had to email duran again today and im still waiting. I must say im still kind of confused on who I want to go with. And the reason im confused is bcuz I keep seeing ppl say that yily gives u the smallest waist and duran gives you the biggest butt and im greedy I want the smallest waist possible, and the biggest booty I can get. If anyone has any suggestions im all for it.

just a few wish pics

Craziest thing

Soo I now it's been a while since I been on here I'm just trying to start my business but anywho so I'm at work and I start telling the girl that sits in front of me that I trying save some money so I can get my a new booty, and next thing u know she bust out laughing. So I'm like what's funny and you would never guess what she said...... She tells me that she is going to get in 10 weeks and she's going to the dr too!!!!!! And what's so funny is I use to sit up there and wonder like y in the hell is she taking all these vitamins and now I know. Small world


Hey dolls if any of you are on instagram there is a sx community on there as well. follow me @Colombia_doll_2016 I will follow back. There's lots of good info and other dolls that have had sx already or on their way to get it done.
yily or duran

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