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I have 275cc on the right & 300cc on the left...

I have 275cc on the right & 300cc on the left subglanular mentor memory gel implants.. I want to start off by saying that Dr C's entire staff is fabulous!!! Dr C is super nice as well but I had it narrowed down to 2 doctors when I chose Dr Ciaravino and what helped me make my decision was how wonderful his staff is!! I still text Steph with questions!

At my original consulation Dr C recommend 225-250cc sub muscular implants with mestopexy, although I hated the idea of the extra scars I agreed. In the 2 months prior to my appt I joined the the gym I worked out 4 days a week for 8 weeks. Working out actually changed my breasts so when went in for my pre op Dr C recommended doing 275/300cc subglanular implants. He said he didn't think I would benefit enough from the lift and that this was the better choice so again I agreed. In the early morning hours following surgery a vessel above my Ipimplant re-opened causing a collection of blood around my rt breast. That morning around 10:00am I had to go back to surgery to resolve this. I don't blame this on anyone, I know it's a possible risk. It actually happens to 1%-6% of patients..... Just my luck!!!!

I initially paid $6000 for the first surgery and then $1500 for the second

Now I'm wondering if we should have stayed the original path, I'm not sure how I feel about my breasts.

Not in Love with them????

Ok, it has now been 6 weeks since my surgery and I am not in love with my new girls! I feel like they sit too low on my chest and I don't have the upper fullness I was hoping for. I'm kind of bummed out. I have my 3 month follow up on June 8th, I will discuss this with the doctor then.

Before Picture

just realized I didn't post my before picture...

Mentor Warranty

I wanted to share this with patients who have mentor breast implants. Mentor offers an extended warranty for their implants.

12 week update

So, yesterday was 12 weeks since my breast aug. June 8th I have my last follow up with Dr C. I'm going yo talk to him about a revision. I am not happy with them. I don't like how low they sit and I do not like the shape. This really sucks...,

3/4 Month Post follow up

Ok, so yesterday I had my 3 month follow up, which was actually at 4 months b/c the Friday before the Monday in June that I was suppose to have my 3 month follow up, Dr Ciaravino's office called and said he was going to have an emergency surgery on Monday. I told them they could move my appointed to the late afternoon b/c I had already taken the entire day off of work but they then told me he would be in surgery all day, so whatever, I changed it.

So yesterday I arrived at my 10:00am appointment, they promptly brought me back to an exam room, like they always have, but then I waited over an hour before the doctor came in to see me. Dr Ciaravino's staff was incredibly nice, they always are. Finally when I got to talk to the doctor, I told him what I didn't like about my breast. That they sit too low, my right one lower than my left, when I lay flat they fall way to the side. So much to the side that you could put a 3rd boob in the middle of them! His response to me was that they look fine, and their isn't anything he can do to make them look any better. I brought up the fact that they rest on my chest and he said that's what natural breast do. HELLO!!! I did not pay $8000 for natural breasts!! He never once asked my to lay down so he could see how far they fall. He seemed like he was in a big hurry get out there. I was on the verge of tears! The nurse stayed behind and talked to me a little, she was so sweet. Clearly he could care less about my satisfaction. He already has my money, what the hell does he care. Now I will be stuck spending way more than the $8000, to fix his mistakes.

Also I found 4 other people on this site alone that have said Dr Ciaravino gave them the same excuses he gave me about submuscular implants and put subglandular implants in them as well. I haven't seen anyone putting as many subgland implants in as this man. I think they are faster so he can do more patients in a day than if he were to do submuscular. I clearing told him multiple times that I did not want subgland, I wanted submuscular and if I had to come back in a year and get a lift, I was fine. He does not listen to his patients and does not care if they are happy,

6 1/2 Months

It has now been about 6 1/2 months and although I do not hate them, I still am not in live with them. My left breast I actually do like but the right one I do not... Sorry it's been so long since I have written an update.


Here are pictures of my incisions taken just a few days ago which is almost 8 months post op

9 months and counting....

Ok so tomorrow ( I think) makes 9 months since my augmentation... I have good news and bad....

I love my left breast now. It's gorgeous!! But my right I believe is developing double bubble... There is definitely something going on near my crease. I guess it's time to make a follow up appt.

1year in a few day!!!

I have leaned out a lot and now have rippling!!! I still want a revision, one of my scars still looks hideous!!!
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