25 Y/o, Mother of 1, 125 lbs, Phys Fit, BF 9 Mo, - Houston, TX

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25 year old, extremely physically active (I work...

25 year old, extremely physically active (I work out 6-7 days a week, strength training), one child (6 y/o) breastfed for 9 months. I went from 34DD (prepregnancy) to popping out of a 36G (breastfeeding) to whatever I am now... a C cup maybe. Saggy C cup. :( I'm wanting to get up to a full DD if possible, without having to get a lift as well. I'm considering trying to "rice job" here shortly.

Rice Test

I had a TON of fun with this last night... 2 cups each, approximately 472 CC each.

Everything is all set!

My pre-op appointment is March 12th and my procedure date is March 26th! I decided to go with 425 cc I believe medium profile silicone. I cannot wait!!! I'm also gettin a vi peel on Tuesday! This is my year!! Pictures to come.

13 more days!

I haven't updated in a while but as the date comes closer and closer I find myself obsessively checking this website again. I had my consultation with Dr. Moliver and practically that same day ended up scheduling my surgery. I had my pre-op yesterday and I ended up sticking with my decision (425 cc). I am SO excited and a tad scared. I really hope I don't get booby greed!! Countdown begins: 13 days.

Is there anything I should know or have ready before the date of surgery? I've heard that there are some kind of herbal supplements you can take to help with the bruising or swelling. Has anyone else heard about/ tried this? I'm really anemic so something to help with the bruising would be REALLY nice.

6 more days!!

As the day gets closer and closer I find myself getting more and more nervous but extremely excited!! I have a question though-

How long should I expect to be at the PS' building? I go in at 8 am. What's an average time to get to leave and go home (hour wise).

Today is the day!!!

I am on the way to the PS' office!!! I'm a mixture of scared/excited/nervous still!! I'll keep y'all updated! Thank you for the good wishes!

Day of Surgery

Welllllll girls, it's done!! I went in at 8. They put me down under around 8:45 and I woke up around 10:15 and was out the door by 10:30! I feel great! A little pain, a lot of pressure. I haven't taken any pills yet. I wasn't tired or groggy. I've been sitting down with my mom talking about everything under the stars. I'm walking around so my legs don't start cramping up. I have a rather high pain tolerance naturally, so I don't know if maybe that is why. I try to trick my mind into thinking that the pain isn't as bad as it feels. And sometimes it works! Lol. My PS ended up putting in 450 cc HP and I LOVE them so far. Already hearing the gurgling inside too. That was strange the first time because I can somewhat feel the groggeling. (s/p) I'm going to try to take a picture with my laptop (my fiancé had to run to work so he has all my stuff and my mom brought me home so I can't a picture with my phone.).

9 hours later...

Still feeling good. I still haven't taken any pain pills either. Feeling the soreness but that's all. If I move too much I feel the gurgling inside the breast pocket. Feels weird lol. Similar to when your stomach growls... But in your chest. :)

Time for bed

Well... I made it through the day with no pain pills. My boobs are sore and tight. But it's not that bad. I have some ice packs on them now. My nipples were REALLY swollen and puffy earlier but are small and normal sized again now. :) I'm defintely ready to go to sleep (I've been up since 6am when I woke up to get showered and ready) but not looking forward to sleeping upright on my back. :( I'll survive though. Hopefully I'm not too tight feeling in the morning. Goodnight. :* I'll post pictures tomorrow!!!

*disclosure* I had a 9lb4oz baby naturally with no drugs and I was walking my child in the stroller at the mall 25 hours after he was born. So I have a pretty high pain tolerance. It's all in your head. No pain. No gain.

Day 1 Post Op

Well today has been gravy so far as well. Went to see my PS and he said he's never seen someone start dropping so fast so I need to wear a support bra (thank goodness!!!!). Also got the ok to start massaging my big girls. I STILL haven't taken any pain pills. Nor have I taken any muscle relaxers today either. I feel great. Some pain and pressure but I'm a "no pain no gain" kinda girl. Also I'm opposed to taking pain medication or any medication at that. I will never take Tylenol or anything like that either. Just how I am I guess. My fiancé says they're bigger than they were yesterday and the puffiness of my nips are completely gone. I do feel the gurgling if I move and accidentally use my chest muscle for any reason. Idk if I included this in my last update but he ended up using 450 cc HP silicone mentor soft round implants. :)

Day 3 Postop

Well I'm still managing without any pain medications. Not really feeling much pain except when I sit up and the gravity takes effect. Also around the scars they kind of are sore. I'm starting to bruise a bit and my left boob is lower than my left. But I'm sure they will even out of course over time. :)
Dr. Clayton Moliver

He made me feel extremely at ease during the consultation and answered all my questions before I even had to ask them! I can't wait for the procedure!!

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