Recent Gynecomastia Surgery, 32 Years Old - Houston, TX

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I had gynecomastia since puberty. Doctors...

I had gynecomastia since puberty. Doctors described it as "moderate". I wanted the surgery for years but had several concerns. 1. The cost - I had to wait until I had a good job so I could save up the money. Total cost was 6200 in Houston, TX. 2. Will the surgery actually fix the problem for good? 3. I was just nervous about surgery in general; the risks, the recovery, pain. I am about 4 weeks post op and I'm feeling a little disappointed. My biggest fear by far was that the operation would not correct my problem. I did not go in to the surgery with unrealistic expectations. I knew I had a lot of fat around my chest and just wanted at least an 80% improvement. I feel I have about a 25% improvement. There is still some fat and it looks similar to what it used to look like just a bit smaller. I am grateful that it has been reduced but for the amount of money and recovery time I expected more. I do feel like I chose a great doctor so I'm not sure if someone else could have done better. On to the other concerns. I would say don't wait to get the surgery. I had excision and lipo. The surgery was a breeze. Some swelling and pain for about a week after surgery but it goes away quickly. The only uncomfortable part is wearing the compression vest for 6 weeks. I would say if you made it as far as getting surgery the vest or any aspect of recovery shouldn't be a concern to you. I know it's early in the recovery process for me at 4 weeks so I am going to be patient and see what happens. At 4 weeks post op there is no more pain or soreness. I will post pics at a later date. Good luck to all that suffer with this problem.

6 Week Update - Disappointed

Went for my 6 week post opp visit yesterday with the doctor and he said that I should give it more time before being too disappointed. I don't want to put the doctors name on here because I really like him and I feel that he did the best that he could. As you can see from the pictures there is improvement from pre and post opp but not to the extent that I had hoped. I still have all of the same insecurities that I did before so for me, there really is no change. He said that my biology could have made the gyno come back and the fat cells be replaced. This was my worst fear going into surgery. I did gain some holiday weight and have only recently resumed my workout regimen since the surgery. I will devote myself to getting back in shape but my fear is that it will not rid me of the gyno. I have been down this road before, as many have, and I know that diet and exercise will only do so much. I currently weigh 210 and have gotten down to 185 before. Even at that weight, I still had boobs. I am starting to think that there is no solution for my problem. Even if I get the surgery again, what will prevent it from coming back? If anyone has any advice or similar stories please let me know.

Before and After Pics

Just an FYI for anyone who is viewing this review. The before pictures are the ones where I am wearing a brown belt, in the after pics I am wearing a black belt.

12 Week Update

Hello all,

I went in for another follow up visit. It has now been approximately 12 weeks since the surgery. I was told by the doctor that I should diet and exercise on the last visit so I cut out as much sugar and salt as possible and lifted weights. I lost about 13 pounds so I went from 218 to 205. I wanted to see if the weight loss would have any results. It did not, I still have the same problem as I did before and the pics above are still pretty accurate. For the record I have weighed as little as 185 several years ago when I had a very strict diet and exercise program. I still had boobs and it never really improved my situation. I am saying all of this because I have been told by doctors, friends and family that I should just diet and exercise and that would solve my problem. Well anyone who struggles with true gynecomastia knows that no amount of diet and exercise will correct it. So I am now following docs instructions to wait until 6 months post opp to think about a revision. I trust my doctor and he even showed my how much fat and gland tissue was removed. It was a pretty large amount so I am really starting to think that my problem is not fixable as I believe he did a great job. I might consider getting a second opinion but I really don't want to fork over another 6k and have the same result. Even though I am disappointed with my results I don't want to discourage anyone from looking into this surgery. Most people end up with great results. Good luck to all who suffer from this problem.

6 Month Update

Well I still have no further improvement from the previous pictures. I have lost a little but of fat but that was due to diet and exercise. I still don't feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public and still not able to wear the shirts that I would like without feeling self conscious. I am now starting to consider the more extensive surgery that would relocate my nipples and remove excess skin to get rid of this condition for good. The only catch is that I would have horizontal scars under each pec/boob. I believe this would make my chest flat for good but I worry about how the scars are going to look. Has anyone had experience with this surgery? Thanks.
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