Long Due Liposuction After Having 4 Kids. - Houston, TX

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I'm 47 years old, and after having 4 kids with no...

I'm 47 years old, and after having 4 kids with no scars or stretch marks, I decided to go with a liposuction. I had my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, hips, and back bra area. I consulted with 3 Drs, and they all recommended liopsuction instead of a tummy tuck, at the end I chose Dr. Rednam. Yesterday, before the procedure I was a little bit anxios, but not nervous. They took more pictures on all tbe areas that where going to work on. Then, I met my anestithiologist, who was awesome, and then my platic surgeon, Dr. Rukmini Rednam came to see me, she explain again everything was about to happen and what to expect. She made drawings around the areas where she was going to lipo, and explain each one in detail to me and my husband. After that they took me in. Last thing I remember is hopping on the bed on ny belly, and the Anestithiologist tellimg to stretch my arms to the front and that I was going to feel loopy. That was it, I woke up with my daughter to my side, they were going over all the medications and after care, but I barely remmember anything. That's why is important to go with someone that you could trust. Lol. Got home feeling all groggy and sleepy, I didnt want to eat anything so I went straight to bed. So far no drainage, the Dr got tiny stitches on the areas she inserted the canulas. After a couple of hrs, I was hungry so I ate a lil bit and took my medications. They prescribed an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer, a pain killer, a stool softener, and a anti-nausea. So far the pain is tolerable, real soreness for the most part. I have a very high tolerance of pain, so it might be different for others. The most dificult part is getting out of bed, you have to get up on your side, so you dont use your ab muscles. I'm using 2 pillows and a orthopedic pillow for under my knees to take pressure of my back. I'm also walking around the house every 2 hrs for 10 minutes. This is my second day and I feel a lot better. I made myself coffee this morning and some light breakfast. Eventhough I have help, if I see I could do something, I'll do it. My husband and my mother are after me to rest, lol. I think by tomorrow I wont need the pain meds, I hate them. I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to shower. So far, you coult tell there is more definition to my body now, eventhough I have my garment. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm going to rest now, so talk to you soon.

Second day after lipo!

Today I feel much better, I stopped taking the pain med, and the pain is managable. I'm feeling sore in my whole core area. But I'm walking around the house as much as I can. The only thing. I found odd is the fact that I haven't heard from the office to check on me. I think they should at least call once to check on patient. I have a post op follow up appointment tomorrow. I need to shower today, so I'll take pictures and post them.

2 Days post op. First shower????

Well, taking the garment off wasn't hard at all. I have my sisters helping me. I was surprised to find out that I wasn't as bruised as expected. It looks a lil lumpy in some areas but you could see already that I had some inches off.

Long due Liposuction

I had my lipo done on May 16 by Dr Rukmini Rednam in Houston. At this point Im concerned because my body is looking worst than before. I dont know if this is normal, but I have a bad crease and bumps between my belly bottom and my lower abdomen. I ask my Dr on my post op appt about that big bump and she told me that in 2 weeks I would be flat. Well, its not happening. Has anybody had a similar experience?

Long Due Liposuction update

Just wanted to let you know that I went to my follow up on Friday with Dr Rukmini Rednam and all went very well. She clarified all my questions and concerns. Today she called me to check on me becasue she knows I'm very concerned about my bumps and creases in my lower ab area. I found that so sweet and thoughtful of her to do that on a Sunday. She wants to see me back tomorrow, she wants to try other options that she thinks it may work and help me with the recovery. Now, I feel so much better and confident, and more so she gave me the reassurance I needed. I know that I chose the right Dr. to do my porcedure. I'll keep you'all posted on my appt tomorrow. Feeling alot better!!! Thanks Dr. Rednam

13 wks update

I'm at 13 wks and 2 days. Still have irregularities, bumps, and swelling. Is this normal???My Dr said it is, and that it will get better. I really hope she's right, because I don't wanna be one of those disaster cases. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dr, she's always being so supportive and comforting, but I'm getting impatient. Any one out there that's going through a similar situation??

Mini tummy tuck after my lipo

I got a mini tummy tuck 7 days ago after having lipo on my core area on May16. After debating if I should have it done due to some stuburn areas that didn't want to smooth and looked uneven and bumpy. Finally my PS Dr. Rednam and I agree on doing it. I'm very grateful for choosing her as my PS. She couldn't be more supportive and understanding throughout this whole process. She saw me 2 days after my surgery and took her time walking me through everything. I'm scheduled to see her again this Friday. I've never seen such an accessible doctor, she will answer your calls, texts, emails, even her personal cell phone. That makes me feel secure and so much comfortable. No mayor pain at all, stop taking pain meds 2 days ago. Doing ok with Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I'll post pictures of this new journey. I'm very happy with the results so far.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rukmini Rednam was super sweet an knowledgeble. She took her time to ask about myself and get to know me better. Then she asked me what were my areas of concern. She looked at me thoroughly and said I have great skin tone, and not streched. She recommended liposuction, she said there was no need for tummy tuck. She explained what to expect, and that she was very confident she could accomplish a very nice and well figure. She said she is a perfectionist and very detailed oriented, and she'll give the contour I was looking for. She wants to see me back on Thursday May 19th. Keep you posted.

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