Lipsuction with Fat Transfer to Hips: One Month To Go! Super Nervous! Houston, TX

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I've spent about a year reading reviews and...

I've spent about a year reading reviews and question on Real Self, and decided to do my first post since my op is coming up.

I've have been uncomfortable with my body since high school...back then I was about 100-110 pounds. I joined the military in 2010, and over the span of the last 6 years i have gained around 60-70 pounds. My backside filled out nicely with the weight gain, but I still dont have any hips... I have been considering this surgery for years, and finally decided this year to give myself the gift of a new body for my birthday...
My surgery has been paid off, but the closer I get to my op date, the more nervous i`m getting...Not about the pain or healing process, but being put to sleep for the surgery.
What are you guys` experiences with liposuction or fat transfer? Any tips?

Surgery day!

So I made it to the oooother siiiide...(in Adele's Voice"
Got absolutely no sleep last up this morning, bathed with the anti bacterial soap as instructed, and lined my bed with puppy pads (to catch any leakage) ....
I arrived at the office at around 830...i was supe nervous on the way there but my bf who drove me made me laugh the whole time, and reassured me things would be the time we arrived my anxiety was about 95% gone. Upon arrival I gave a urine sampled, took more before photos, and marked up my body for the surgery. I met with the anesthesiologist who started the iv and asked if I had any questions. I was taken back to the OR and gave me the anesthesia...all i remember is feeling weird, closing my eyes...then the next thing I knew I was outside in a wheelchair waiting for my Bf to pull around...I remember getting in the car but I don't remember the drive home...I got here and set up my medications, liquids and laptop on the bedside table. Here how it's gone so far:
1. It's super uncomfortable to get in and out of first it felt I had worked out too hard, but now it's a bit worse.
2. Although I'm not tired , the pain killers have me dosing off at random in the middle of sentences or texts.
3. This may be TMI , but due to the fact that I haven't mastered the art of sitting on or hovering over the toilet, nor did I think to order a shewee, I've been urinating in a cup while standing over the toilet then dumping/ flushing it and washing it out for next use :/
Other than that I've been drinking pineapple juice for swelling and water. I'll keep you updated as time goes on, and boost the before and after pictures

Day 3 Post op

So here I am at day 3...didnt really get to post yesterday because I was in and out of sleep...I've realized that once I take my meds, I HAVE to get up and do something, or else i`ll be asleep in a matter of minutes, and for a VERY long time.
Anyway, yesterday was the first day taking of the compression garment so i could wash it/ soon as i saw my body without it on, i started crying...the results are AMAZING...even with the swelling i can see the stomach is SUPER flat, no more love handles, and my hips are exactly how i imagined.
When i got ready to put the garment back on, i didnt need any help but it was pretty tiring....most of the pain is gone, except when getting up or lying down, trying to find a good position the sit in, or bending over...Now my stomach is REALLY itchy...will update with pics as soon as i can get the dr to send them over.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Don`t have anything to say about the procedure and aftercare yet...But Dr Sato is very warm and caring. I really like her vibe. Even before my in person consultation she was prompt in answering my questions through email. At my consult she answered all my questions and concerns.

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