Obese 22 Year Old NEW MOMMY. Houston, TX

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Alright ladies, so I've been stalking RS for over...

Alright ladies, so I've been stalking RS for over a year now & I was initially wanting a BBL & LIPO buuut I got pregnant. Murp. I love my baby so much but she was a total surprise. I say that because I always told myself I didn't want to get pregnant if I was fat, but that didn't happen. I was 220 lbs when I found out & got really sad because I was on a weightloss journey to the amazing body I once had (I'll post a pic). Good thing I only gained 30 lbs & I currently weigh (from what I last checked) 231, 227 on a good day lol. So not bad for being 3 months post partum?? Anyway I have a vision of how I want to look. Some things cosmetic others necessary. So far I would like BBL, LIPO, BREAST LIFT & AUGMENTATION no TT yet til I'm done having kids. There's a couple other procedures also like lip fillers, dental work, lasik & permanent makeup. Hope I dont sound vain, but let's be honest, the women who look the best, have the most work done!
Throughout my journey I'll post tips on health & beauty since I studied the field. I know alot about the human body as well for I am a massage therapist & intern at a medi spa but work as a lash stylist full time. If you ladies want to learn more on anything just ask :-) we're all here to help each other.

Very very busy


I've lost about 7 pounds since my last post & it's so stressful! Trying to work, be a mom/dad plus everything else that comes with life! Geeeez! Anyway looking for a permanent makeup artist here in Houston want to do my lips & brows. Anyone have suggestions?

Letting time heal all

With my life being so freaking crazyyyyyy I haven't even got on or loowed at anybody's reviews sigh..... BUT luckily I've lost about 16 pounds which is awesome. I still have to lose about to more to get where I want but I know I can do it. Life is just so crazy & being a single mother that works all the time doesn't make it any easier but it's all good. All in due time my life will do a 180. Anyway, I really want Duran though I know it's hard to contact her I will try anyway & might even pay a surgicoordinator. If not I will go to Colombia with my friend who is from there & knows all the surgeons, since all Colombians get procedures & my friend & her family look amazing, I'll be trusting her & the surgeon she feels is best for me. Ofcourse I'll research more before I go, DUH! Though I'm not too worried.
Well til later, or a couple more months lol.
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