Liposuction - Full Abdominal, Back and Hips. Houston, TX

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Today is the day. I will be doing liposuction, of...

Today is the day. I will be doing liposuction, of the abdominal area, back bra fat area, and the flanks. I'm actually at the hospital right now waiting to go into surgery. I am a little nervous but mostly excited. I am going to go into general anesthesia so my IV has been inserted already. My boyfriend is here to drive me to and from the hospital as it is a requirement that you have someone with you.
Before leaving the house I made sure that we had all the items that the doctor asked me to purchase, such as Colace laxative for after surgery, also some Neosporin, and some gauze pads. I also make sure to have my prescription filled; Dr. LOMONACO prescribed me two valium to take for the previous two days before surgery for anxiety, I only took one last night and it really helped. There are also my antibiotics and my pain killers.

I will post pictures of my progress and tips that will help you on your liposuction adventure.

Day 1 Post-Op

CORRECTION:  Colace Stool Softner, NOT laxitive.

First of all I would like to say that my procedure was at Houston Methodist St. John's Hospital.  The every single staff member was amazing and they made me feel even more confident going into surgery.  

When I arrived to the hospital I was taken straight to my room.  The IV was put in for the fluids and it was later also going to be used for the anesthesia.  Dr. LOMONACO came in and made his markings on me with the magical purple marker.  Be careful, it tickles.  :)

Shortly after, the anesthesia crew came to roll me to the surgery room.  I remember chatting with the staff then before I knew it I was trying to wake up in the recovery room. 

I was the last patient of Dr. LOMONACO that dau so I was there pretty late, the nurse wouldn't let me leave until I was coherent and could stand on my own after the anesthesia.

I have good tolerance to pain,  but sitting, laying, and standing is slightly painful as expected.  The first night I slept in a sitting position by being propped up with pilllows.  Before we left the house I placed a large trash bag under the bed sheet to prevent any leakage into the mattress.  I did wake up a few times to vomit because of the anesthesia.  It felt terrible because I was shaking.  I'm posting pictures of the following morning so you can see how much fluid to expect.

Day 3 Post-Op

Each day is getting better. I'm trying not to take any more pain pills, however I'm realizing that it's necessary in the morning. I've been alternating with Ibuprofen, but only if I'm having a pain I can't handle.

I walked alot yesterday, I went for a 30 minute walk, and in that time I only walked 1 mile. The turtles were passing me and laughing, but it felt good to get out the house.

I was concerned because I hadn't had a bowel movement, so on day 3 I finally took a suppository and I was glad that it worked. I've been showering daily and the nurse told me to spend one hour in the morning and the evening out of my garment.

I can tell I'm very swollen, I feel like a Teletubie. So far, I can tell that once my swelling goes down I'm going to be significantly smaller. I'm very excited to see my new shape!

1 Week Review

Hi , Today has been a week since my liposuction procedure.I'm excited to share some highlights of my week.

THURSDAY 1/21: Day of Surgery. I slept in a sitting position this night.  Laying flat felt impossible.

FRIDAY 1/22: First day after surgery was the toughest day, I would recommend having someone there to help you since you won't be able to bend or lay down without pain, only day that incisions leaked, felt very swollen but still excited to notice my new body shape.

SATURDAY 1/23: Back and Abs hurt when laying down and standing. Walking like a granny, very slow. Took pain killers as prescribed.

SUNDAY 1/24: For some reason, this day was more painful than the day before. Sleepy all day. Still hadn't had a bowel movement since surgery, so used suppository for relief.

MONDAY 1/25: 1st Post-op appointment. Dr. LoMonaco told how many CC's of fat he took out.  I started taking Advil for pain instead of pain killers.  Still walking slow. 

TUESDAY 1/26:  Stopped taking pain kills/Advil but still feeling clingy annoying muscle tenderness. 

WEDNESDAY 1/27: First day back at office job, still walking slow but doing better. Back feels tight after sitting for long periods of time.

THURSDAY 1/28: Feeling much, much better.  Walking normal speed now but still feeling pain in muscles when laying down in bed.

FRIDAY: 1/29: Swelling is noticeably down.  Scheduled for Lymphatic Massage at the Dr. office, felt like a rock star after the massage.  Strongly recommend it Lymphatic Massage.

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