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Before you schedule your surgery...please make...

Before you schedule your surgery...please make sure to triple check your procedure three times during pre op!! I had liposuction on my side flanks, chest, upper and lower abdomen and under my chin. Got my consultation and it went fine, got all my questions answered and stuff and now its time for pre-op day. I'm at the hospital going over paper work, ready to sign and when the nurse goes over my paper work, she lists my procedures and I notice one area is missing, my chin. I'm like, ma'm, there seems to be a mistake, chin is missing and this was part of my consult and which I already paid for. So she calls the doctors office and yes, "Deanna" messed up my paper work and left off this order when she faxed it to the hospital. So another order must be faxed to add chin in order to be correct day of surgery. It arrives and yes it states chin now BUT low and behold...why did "Deanna" remove chest from the order. How do I know this you say? Well day of surgery, I'm getting drawn on with that purple surgery pen and I notice he didn’t draw on my chest area. Me being MY VERY FIRST surgery and apparently worst experience ever, I thought he had a different way of approaching my chest so I said nothing. I get rolled in and surgery is over. In recovery room, I'm drowsy and stuff but on my ride home, I notice my breasts / chest area still looked the same as when I went in. My stomach, my sides and my chin is a little sore, why isn’t my chest. So I rub my chest and it don't hurt. Well what the heck? SO I call Janaris and ask, I think Dr Cortes forgot to do my chest..she said WHAT !! Let me call him now. 5 minutes later I get a call from Januarys and she says guess what. he did forget to do it because it wasn’t on the order. I said what do you mean, it was there day of pre op and chin wasn’t on there, we called Deanna and she faxed a revised order to add chin...I said loudly..SHE BETTER NOT HAVE REMOVED CHEST. Apparently so, yes she did. The doctors response when Janaris called him was "I thought he changed his mind, thought he didn’t want that area no more." Really? If so where is my refund then? So this is the problem, Dr Cortes had me come to his office and he performed the chest area under local anesthesia. I was awake and saw the area he lipo'ed out. He went around the nipple area cause somehow he sucked with the cannula my nipple from underneath and it hurted like crap. This little liposuction didn't take very long. So now I'm here stuck with a line from where he stopped from the uipper abdomen area and the top half of my chest is still jiggly and big. I understand liposuction is to NOT to remove all the fat but some of it. My abdomen area is hard and I can feel muscle, my chest is soft and jiggly and I can squeeze rolls. I have been going in faithfully complaining of this and the Dr. swears 100% he did lipo in that area. Every time I go, he says oh yes, you look good, you’re forming fine. Really? What are you seeing? I understand the swelling takes time but this has been since June 19th, I've had all my body massages and inner liquid has been massaged out, I have faithfully worn my body binder suit everyday and even went from XXL to a M but apparently I'm still swollen to the doctor. Till this day, I still bring this up and I want to know what he is going to do about it. I can never get a straight answer from him. All he does is inject me with Kenalog and Lidocain because he says I have too much swelling still. Today, 09/07/2013, I went in for another follow up because he had me wear a board to help with that line. I followed doctor’s orders and when I asked him today what are we going to do about this jiggly part ...again he said oh I already did lipo on that section. Guess who was in the room with me...yes DEANNA, the one who caused this whole problem. The whole time her head was down and didn’t look at me not once. Very bad, not even a I'M SORRY from her till this day. I kept it professional but I swear I wanted to tell her a piece of my mind. He gave me another shot but this time he gave it to me in the jiggly area. He said, oh wow, this area, it’s so hard, I can’t even inject nothing in. Well maybe cause its full of fat still?? I don’t know. He said well, you haven’t been coming in, you didn’t come in for 2 weeks when we had you a new binder and you were non compliant for a month. WHAT? Where did this information come from..non complaint for a month ?? Sorry..not me. Check your records but yes I do recall not picking up the binder because it was already past 1:30pm and I got confirmation from Janaris via text that they were already gone. So yes, I had to wait until the following week. But still, I already had on my current Large binder.I tried asking him again about my chest and it seems to me every time I ask, he gets a attitude. Today he told me, well you have to wait and I know I did that area. I said well I wanted to ask about my maybe second procedure. With such a ugly tone .."What about it". Umm, oh, no, never mind then, that’s okay.

If you don’t believe me on the above, check out the enclosed picture (hope it comes out) and tell me what you think?? I have no reason to lie about my body, on how it looks small from bottom and increases to a large size going to chest area.

Its a shame I paid for something I didn’t get and when I remind them about it, they don’t want to correct it. If you not going to do it, then refund me my procedure cost plus anesthesia fee for supposedly that area I was supposed to do. But apparently, no refund either – it’s in the works they say.

And plus, only the good videos make it online...not all pictures/videos -- I bet mine wont be up there because its a disaster sight. I should of just stayed fat!!

Almost 4 months.....

Well, it's about to be the 4 month mark and I still wear my body binder and stomach board per Dr. Cortes. I don't see much difference. Again, some of ya may say, chill out, it's too soon and your still swollen. We'll, I'm not, the days I do take off my body binder and rest for a little, I feel disgusted when I sit upright. My stomach rolls on the half line and it feels nasty when it rolls inward. I'm just not satisfied with this procedure and I don't care what anyone says, it was not done in that area. I have enclosed a picture so ya can see the big gap/line/area where it folds in.

What do ya think, truthfully??

Just got a call today 10/24/2013 ......

From Dr. Cortez's office - I was just informed I have been discharged.

I wasn't given a reason today but the office manager will call me tomorrow to let me know why ?? Really ...the same person I have been calling for the past month is finally going to return my call but this time to tell me that I have been discharged -- trust me, I will post the reason why.

It's hard to believe that a procedure that was done with this PS in June of 2013 and my results don't match what I paid for so now I have unfinished work....and the answer is I'm being discharged. Is it just me or does this sound professional ? Wow, what kind of after care follow up is that and this really shows his persona and character.

More to come....and I'm not trying to sugar coat my story, everything I have said is true.

Discharge update....

It was a misunderstanding ...he got my name confused with another patient. No hard feelings, my appointments/ post follow up care still continues with Dr. Cortes.
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