Arm and Thigh Lipo... To Start - Houston, TX

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My arms have been the biggest thorn in my side my...

My arms have been the biggest thorn in my side my entire life. Literally. Even when I was at my "ideal" weight. Large arms just run in my family. They are a deformity, not your typical pudgy arms. But legitimate deformity. Anywhoo.. I was always disheartened Bc I felt as though I had to go straight for a brachioplasty. But when i went for my first consultation, the surgeon assured me that I can suffice with lipo. I was hesitant. However, he said, because I am young and darker toned my elasticity is much better and he's confident he can help with just lipo. Which surprised me, Bc he's a doctor and this is his business so why shouldn't he push me toward a a definite and more expensive procedure? So that alone allowed me to believe a bit more.

So then I went to the second consultation and that surgeon said he can do lipo as well but would be cautious not to remove too much. But he said , I would have a significant improvement as far as the "debulking"

This has literally ruled so many aspects of my life and I'm beyond ready to do this. I don't think I can go any longer without it, it just has to be done. I'm hoping for the best, but either way.. Something had to be done.

I hesitantly upload my pics as I am very sensitive about my arms and literally NEVER show them or let anyone touch them. But you all stories have helped me tremendously. So here goes nothing...

Oh also plan to get my inner thighs done :) little less anxiety about that.

Preop Complete

Had my prep appointment, went well. However I was expecting to be able to speak with my doc again but only got the coordinator. She's amazing of course. But kinda wanted a little more assurance. I also decided to just go with the arm Lipo and try to do a little more leg workouts before getting my thighs done. As I believe those are not a complete lost cause as my arms are.

I will be going in October 5th, 0730 sharp!! (As they charge 200 for every 20 mins you're late!!! Lol) I've got my prescriptions, except 2. Apparently my insurance needs to presumptive the Celebrex, otherwise it's going to cost 217 outa pocket!! Ain't doing that!! They have me a prescription for Valium, norco, promethazine, Celebrex and an Antibiotic. Just waiting for the Celebrex to be approved.

I've been instructed to drink a Gatorade beverage before surgery. Which I understand, with all the leaking of fluids after surgery. They told me that I won't be having an IV inserted, and that freaked me out. Bc in case of emergency, what're they gona do fumble for 10 mins inserting an IV instead of giving me emergent drugs? This is just part of my irrational fears as an icu nurse.

Anywho, I'm nervous but ready to get this going!! Will post pics as soon as I can.
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