Elite Airsculpt Lipo FAR exceeded my expectations!! SO WORTH IT!!-Houston, TX

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I am a 35 year old mother of 2-both c-secs-that is...

I am a 35 year old mother of 2-both c-secs-that is about turn 36 in 2 weeks. I have been miserable and self conscious about my body since I was pregnant with my first child in 2004. So much so that I have not allowed anyone, even poor husband included, to see me standing up fully naked since before I had my first child!! Then I came across one of Elite's ads and was instantly intrigued by the "no needle no scalpel no stitches". After the c-sections I didn't want to damage my body even further with more ugly scars. Well after watching every single video and reading every testimonial I made an appointment at the Houston location. My youngest is now 8 years old and with my 36th birthday coming I was ready to get my sexy back! Lol after meeting with the friendly staff and having an amazingly comfortable convo with the honest and obviously experienced and talented Dr. Blome I KNEW this was meant to be!! I decided on going with a full abdomen (which with them includes flanks hips) and lower back (which makes the booty pop!) and the amazing friendly Ms. Channing was able to get me scheduled the following Thursday (which was 6/30). Today I am only 48 hours post op...and was terrified to take off the garment not knowing what to expect...thought there was no way id see any results so soon....BUT I AM SO EXCITED AND SHOCKED ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE THAT I HAD TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!! SOOOO happy and can't wait to see more results 10 days from now, then 3 months and so on and so on. I know I will probably still have a pooch from my previous csections but Dr.Blome did an amazing job contouring the rest of my body to where I don't even care about it anymore!! He was open and honest and realistic about the results so I was already prepared not to be "perfect" with just LIPO...but this is a big deal to me and I cried when I unveiled for first time for shower time today. I would recommend this outstanding doctor and staff to anyone and everyone looking for a dramatic difference and a huge uplift in spirit! Can't really say the procedure was "painless" but it wasn't painful. Just uncomfortable but not unbearable and as soon Dr. B was very attentive and concerned about my comfort the entire time and did a great time making me Comfy (with elite you are actually awake the whole time! No complications from general anesthesia to worry about which was great. Best decision I've EVER made and BEST bday present I have EVER given myself lol

1 week PO appointment today!

Dr. B answered all my questions and seemed as surprised as I was how good things are looking already so early on lol just love this guy! Receptionist & nurse welcomed me back by first name, I swear they make you feel SO comfy here! I'm SO glad I picked these amazing people! Will make sure to stick to a good diet, start light exercise again now so I continue to see more even better results as swelling starts going down more (still super swollen, especially on back which is totally normal for now)! I can't wait to see in 3 months! Wish I had a crystal ball - I'm so impatient & excited lol
p.s. First 3 days kinda rough, but now I am almost back to feeling normal physically - I'd say 75-80% Still a little discomfort when getting up/sitting down, but honestly it just feels like soreness after gym at this point. I was able to drive myself to appointment with no trouble, and can sleep a lot easier now then before. Switching positions still a little uncomfy, but really was expecting so much worse, that this is not too bad at all...well nothing us women can't handle easily ;)


Seeing a big difference, but really hope to see more as more weeks pass...especially in the lower abdomen area and frontal view. Again Dr. B was very honest upfront and warned me I wouldn't be flat with just lipo cuz of my age & since I've had 2 C sections, suggested I'd probably want to consider a TT if that was my goal - but I doubt I would want that TBH.

Still some numbness in back and abdomen, and laying down or sitting too long can still be uncomfy and I get sore sometimes-but nowhere near as much as beginning.

Feel like lower abs were flatter at first week than now...I've watched my diet, and have been exercising 20 min a day every day. This week I switched to using compression only 12 hours a day instead of full time since its been 4 weeks. Maybe this could be reason? Is there still swelling at this point?

I've already lost 4 inches in waist so far. Just wondering...Has anyone experienced a peak of improvements at a certain stage, or is this what I can expect to stay with? Would love some feedback!

5 week update!

For a while there I was really starting to feel like I was actually getting BIGGER....not as happy as I was with my 2 day or 2 week POSTOP pics. HOWEVER, today I'm feeling a lil better about myself cuz I asked my husband to take better angled pics to compare and now I really see a big difference again. There obviously is still lots of residual swelling plus pms giving me all these ROLLERCOASTER emotions! Still have little numbness and some soreness, lots of hard spots especially in lower abs...but now I'm more hopeful results will continue to improve. It's SO hard to be patient for final results - but I'm trying!!

7 week update

It's still a ROLLERCOASTER ride - 1 day I'm very happy with results, the next I feel super bloated and discouraged. My menstrual cycle was 3 weeks late but did finally come. So PMS for me means retaining a ton of fluids and cravings and mood swings which I think has contributed to my madness lol I am trying to hang in there and remind myself that I am still in "earlier stages", and hanging on to hope that more and better results will come. My skin in abdominal area feels looser, and it's my understanding that it now between the 6-8 week stage that swelling has mostly reduced and it will start to tighten (again, being hopeful). I know there are big changes already and I should be more optimistic. I was just imaging being able to flaunt in crop tops and having flatter results, but I guess that may not have been very realistic expectations? Keeping fingers crossed and convincing myself to stay patient!

8 weeks Update

Feeling more confident now about changes - like difference in my back view the most so far :)

I do still get folds and indents around belly button/midsection/lower hips areas if I sit too long especially when wearing pants (you can kinda see the swelling around belly button I'm talking about in my frontal view pic). Unfortunately my work entails mostly sitting in front of a computer so it's hard to avoid it, but self massaging and switching to looser clothing do help get rid of that.

I look forward & am hopeful to see more results as weeks pass!

10 weeks later

Was happier in beginning then I am now, trying new exercises and different weight lifting and getting a lot stricter and diet to see if shedding a few pounds will help enhance the results. I thought 10 weeks has been long enough to see more results start to emerge, but I feel my progress has been stagnant lately. Here are some pics of 8 WEEKS vs. 10 WEEKS and 1 day PREOP vs. 10 WEEKS. I do see a difference from day 1 but not much since past 2 weeks. Will there be more? Seriously hope so...


Had my 3 month checkup exactly at 12 WEEK mark today. Doc said there's actually still more that I can have removed in frontal abdominal area that he couldn't 1st time because he had already taken max of 5500 cc he could in 1 surgery....but that for this round this was pretty much as good as the results are going to get. Guess I really can't complain too much...I do see the difference is huge and I feel SO much happier now about myself spiritually & physically than I felt before I did it. So even though I didn't quite get the EXACT results I had hoped for, I still think it was totally worth doing, I have no regrets and am very grateful I was able to get this far towards my goal. Now is time for me to just do my part and jump into a new diet/exercise routine to try & enhance the results so that a revision may not even be something I'd want as much down the road...OR, maybe for my next bday I can convince my hubby to gift me a round 2 lol we shall see ;)

More 1-3 month comparison pics

More views to show at preop, 1-3 MONTHS. This makes me happy :)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Blome is not just an amazing surgeon he is truly an ARTIST! He has changed my life and I can't say enough GREAT things about him or his entire staff!!!

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