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I wanted to share my experience with Airsculpt...

I wanted to share my experience with Airsculpt laser lipo. I had my procedure done at Elite Body Sculpture in Houston. My procedure was done by Dr. Blome. When I arrived I was greeted by Joyce the nurse. She took my vitals and I changed into the paper bra and panties. Dr. Blome came in and marked up my body for the areas of treatment which were full abdominal , flanks and back rolls. Joyce then gave my a shot Demerol in my shoulder for pain and 4 pills one was a Valium one was an antibiotic and the other was for nausea. I was taken into the operating room where Joyce prepped me for an IV. Phones and headsets are not allowed because it can get in the way of the provider because the doctor is constantly moving from your left and right side. Dr. Blome came in and cleaned the area and began making the injection sites. You are awake during the entire procedure and this procedure was not painless for me. When he began injecting me with the numbing solution I experienced some discomfort but he did stop when needed and I was giving laughing gas which had no effect on me. I also experienced some discomfort and pain when he was suctioning the fat near my navel and my back closer to my spine area. Dr. Blome asked if I was ok during the entire process and inserted more numbing solution if needed. The pain and discomfort of the procedure was not unbearable but it is no where near painless. The entire procedure lasted a little under 2 hours. The final 30 minutes of the procedure Joyce started the IV fluids so I would be done when the Doctor completed the liposuction. After the procedure Joyce put maxi pads over the incision sites and put on my compression garment. I felt sore afterwards but I was able to put on my clothes by myself. I was sent home with bedding covers to help so the drainage would not soil my bedding, an abdominal pad to place in my garment after I shower tomorrow and instructions. I was able to walk myself down the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotic and Tylenol with codeine that was prescribed. A few hours after arriving home I was in a lot of pain. I'm very very sore and have a hard time sitting and getting in and out of bed or sitting. I've had to take the pain meds to help with the pain which I truly did not want to because I don't like taking meds. My garment and bedding was stained from the drainage. I can not remove my garment and shower until tomorrow. I'm extremely sore and stiff in the treated areas. I'll update tomorrow after I shower and remove the garment. The surgical fee is due at the time of scheduling the appointment and the remaining balance is due a week before the procedure date. The pictures attached were taken the night before the procedure. Hope this helps!

Day 2 update

I'm having a rough day today. Very emotional! I started my period last night which makes the pain and discomfort worse. My period was not due until 7 days. The nurse called to check on me yesterday and she said sometimes your period can come early after a procedure. I took a shower this morning which was challenging for me. I'm doing this alone. When I took off my garment I became very dizzy and I followed the instructions giving which were to take garment off sitting, rest for 5 mins and stand slowly because some patients may feel dizzy. I felt totally dizzy but was relieved to get the soaked pads and garment off me. I wish I had some gauze and bandages to cover my incision sites before the showering because they stinged from the soap. I was very dizzy in the shower and still dizzy now. I realize that I need a nurse to help me for a day or two and made a few calls. Hopefully someone will come today or tomorrow. It was a challenge to get my garment on. I bought a design Veronique torso garment as a backup so I could wash the other. It took more than an hour for me to get it on and now I'm dizzy and nauseated. I'm sure I'm overly emotional due to my period but today is not a good day. Here are a few pics right after I took the garment off. I'll update again tomorrow.

Day 3

Feeling much better today both mentally and physically. I hired a private duty nurse for 2 days which has been a huge help. Yesterday was horrible. I assumed that my healing and recovery process would be fairly simple from reading other blogs and based on a friends experience. Each person heals differently. I texted Dr. Blome yesterday about starting my period early and he said that this is quite normal to have an irregular cycle due to the stress of the surgery. He responded in less than 10mins with answers to my questions and concerns. I'm still very sore and I get dizzy after I taking the garment off to shower. I had my first bowel movement today since the procedure and it was a challenge because I was constipated. The nurse gave me a stool softener and said she recommends taking them after any surgery. I did not feel well enough to return to work today but I'll try tomorrow. I'm itchy which the nurse said is apart of the healing process. She said my incisions are healing great. The zipper on the garment does rub against some on my incisions but I feel much better with the garment on than I do with it off.

Feeling better

Day number 4 is looking up for me. Still very sore and stiff but I'm a lot more comfortable and moving with ease today. I drove myself to pick up a prescription for nausea meds today Big mistake! I have a full size SUV and I'm still too stiff and sore
to get in and out of it without a challenge. I'm going back to work tomorrow but I'll take an Uber. The additional garment I ordered from Dr. Blome's office arrived today. I would strongly suggest having more than one garment. They soil easily with wearing them all day. On day 2 when I could not put my garment back on for about an hour I really swell up from not wearing it so I won't do that again. The cost of the garment was $100.00. This garment that is pictured provides great support. I also ordered a design Veronique torso #80 garment and it really doesn't provide the support that this one does. The design Veronique was over $100 with shipping so it may be cheaper to buy an additional garment from your physician's office if your comfortable with it. I did not have the nurse with me today and I was able to shower and put my garment on by myself.

Day 7

I'm back to work full time now. I'm still sore and have lower back and stomach pain if I sit too long. I'm still taking it easy and walking a little slow and stiff. It's a little difficult to drive because my back hurts if I sit to long. I have no feeling in my stomach, it just feels numb. I stomach is lumpy near my navel. I do take one Tylenol 3 before bed to help with pain so I can sleep through the night. My back hurts if I don't shift positions at night while trying to sleep. I have my first post op appointment with Dr. Blome next week and will update afterwards.

9 week update

It's been awhile and pics are coming soon. My still healing after the procedure. I was told that I could stop wearing the compression garment all day after 6 weeks but I still wear it often because I find that I don't swell up so much when I wear it and it helps with the soreness. Some days my stomach is flat and other days I look like I had no procedure. I'm still sore in my abdomen area, back, hips and leg. I'm anemic now and my iron is low. My doctor prescribed iron pills. I have swelling in my right hip down to my leg which is sometimes painful. I went in last week to see Dr. Blome so he can exam my hip and leg and he said it is swollen but he did not know why because I did not have any fat transfer done. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

11 week update

Still healing. Some days my stomach is very flat and others I look bloated. I'm not happy about the incision scars, the seem larger than I assumed and I assumed that they would not be so noticeable. My stomach is lumpy but I don't have any hardness. I will say that I get so many compliments on my figure now. I still wear a garment daily. It helps with my swelling and honestly I feel better with it on. I have my 3 month follow up appt. in a few weeks so I'll update afterwards.

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