Bikini Area Burned by Laser Hair Removal: Make Educated Decision if You Are OLIVE or DARKER Tones - Houston, TX

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Though I am fortunate that my burns are minimal...

Though I am fortunate that my burns are minimal compared to others I do want to share so that other make more educated decision than I did by trusting a tech to "know" what she was doing. I hold her responsible for not asking me questions about how my body reacts to the sun and assuming that we are all cookie cutter people.

I went to get underarm done and they have turned out ok, I did notice fleckels and my underarms look shaved, I mean that the color is grayish and not even toned with the rest of arm. Before procedure I always waxed and color was even toned. I know it doesn't same amount of sun but I noticed the diff.

Bikini and upper lip
I have w EASILY. Scars don't resolve very well on my skin either. The upper lip didnt hurt much but 2 days later I noticed that I had hyperpigmented and it looks like I have a brown maxed for year but finally grew tired of it and went for my first session 2 weeks ago. I was foolish enough to do this in a haste that I didn't consider that my skin is hypersensitive and tends to get freckles/sun spotsustache WORSE than a hair one that I can remove! I already had a few sparse fleckles on upper lip but now it looks like a mustache and it may not be noticeable to most BUT IT IS TO ME. Maybe the heat setting was to high.

As for my hurt like hell she said it was no worse than waxing, not true. She did a bit of my inner thigh too and I wanted to cry, that was the worst. I was foolish in not voicing my pain maybe she would have turned the heat down. It turned red immediately then dark brown by the next day. BTW the laser gave me PMS cramps for a few days, some may try to refute my claim but it happened.

I can clearly see 3 or 4 diff shades of brown on me where she positioned the laser, some areas are still my natural color sine the laser didn't touch them. I have a 5o'clock shadow then all the browns overlap. Not sure why but it really freaks me out that it may not go back to my normal skin tone. I would rather be hairy. I may sound calmish but I am a wreck, I did this to myself and REGRET enormously. It is playing with my mind b/c I don't feel comfortable with the outcome. I will give it time but I will not do this again. That was my first and last sessions, now I will request a refund.

- DO A TEST SPOT. Not all body areas will react the same.
- Consider how your skin reacts in sun and to scarring.
- ASK WHAT SKIN TYPE she considers you and you can also tell her your concerns if you have sensitve skin..dark skin doesn't mean that it resist more than light skin.
-Ask them to start at a LOW SETTING then work your way up. I would have prefer that the first treatment not me as effective than what I am going thru.
-ENSURE YOUR TECH is experienced, don;t be afraid of asking. IT'S YOUR HEALTH AND BODY. You're paying.

I will update in a few weeks.

I went today to request a refund on the remaining...

I went today to request a refund on the remaining sessions (I bought packages) and was refunded for treatments that I will not receive. I am glad that they were very helpful about refunding me completely with exception of the treatments I had already received.

As usual, they told me it will clear up "completely". I really want to believe it but.... Who in the cosmetic industry wants to admit that there is a possibility of it not changing? They told me to purchase a bleaching cream that they sell, it contains 4% hydroquinone but I am not sure b/c of the controversy that surrounds it.

The laser used was Gentle Yag with 18/18 setting. A tech told me that it was very uncommon for this to happen though I am skeptical.
Aesthetic and laser center

Compared to DermSUrgery where I had my arms lasered, They are not very professional, they didn't even ask if I was on medication or pregnant or any of that. I just signed my life away. They are quick to take your money.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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