22 year old, 130lbs, 5'3..Natrelle Inspira SRF 415cc

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I went in for my consultation with Dr Feldman and...

I went in for my consultation with Dr Feldman and right away I knew he was the one. He was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. Jeannette was also so helpful and such a sweetheart. We spent a good 20 30 minutes talking before we tried on any sizes. I am 132lbs and 5'3. We decided to go with 440cc silicone. They look great with my body frame. I am super excited and cant wait to see the results!

surgery is a week away

this time next week i will be freaking out for surgery the next morning! i am extremely excited and cant stop looking at boob pics! i keep having nightmares about a botched boobjob so im reaaally nervous!!!!

5 days away!

here are some pics from my consultation i forgot to include. 440cc sientra moderate

surgery was today!

I have a new pair of boobies ! we went with 410cc natrelle because the doctor thought they looked better and did not want me to end with a uniboob if he did 440cc. the last thing i remember was laying on the bed with the iv then i woke up in the recovery room. on the way home the pain was pretty bad once i got home it felt better. I took a nap and whn i woke up I coulda hear a gushing sound on my right breast and it hurts so much. the other breast seems ok. I am in so muvh pain i have already cried alot and took my norcos they dont really seem to help with my pain. I will be back to office on Monday. I am wearing a thong bra for my cleavage, the surgery bra and a strap across the top of my chest

before pics

here are some before pics.

swollen and in pain

i am still in so much pain. The pain seems to be at its worst when i wake up from my naps and try to get put of bed. All ive been doing is watching tv and keeping my upper body at about a 30° angle. The thong bra has now started to bother me i loosened up a bit but put it back to how it was. i get itchy around the bra and its hard to move my arms around to scratch. my boyfriend has alarms set to wake me up from naps when its time to take my meds. I havent been feeling nauseas. The main problem is the pain im feeling. it feels like my chest is being crushed and have some pain towards the side boob area. They look very swollen and one looks higher than the other. i have my nipples pierced so for surgery i went ahead and put plastic jewelry on. you can see in the pic

bra from hell

so this is the thong bra i have to wear and it is so uncomfortable! its like a harness and presses down on my ribcage very hard. Dr. Feldman said its to keep my implants from touching in the middle and keep my cleavage from lifting. I think this is whats causing my bad pain he did mention i might have some bruising from it

post op visit

I went in for my post op visit this morning at 9:30. I had to drive there myself because my boyfriend went back to work today and I have nobody else to take me but I didn't have a problem driving at all. I felt so much anxiety as I was in the waiting room. I was so nervous to see my boobs! Before he even took the bra off he let me know not to freak out because these are not the end results they're going to look better. He removed the top strap, and the bra and had me look in the mirror while still wearing thr thong bra. then the thong bra came off and omg they lool great! ofcourse theyre still high up, swollen and hard but i can already tell theyre going to be amazing! he said they cane out perfect and can already imagine how they'll look on my next visit. I can finally shower. he said after i need to pat dry the incisions and i can even take the blow deyer and aim towards them for about 2-3 minutes to get them completely dry. i can take a break from the bras for about 2 hours after i shower but i still need to be wearing all 3 garnments until my next visit. I will go back Oct 9 at 10.30 he said we will talk about what kind of bras to shop for and about massaging. my pain is starting to go away like i had mentioned before i wad doing 3 norcos every 4 hours because i couldnt stand the pain. I have been sleeping so good. Im so glad everything went well today I was really scared for him to tell me something was wrong. Im in bed as much as ai can. The valium really helps with my tense muscles. i also feel my breast get spasm and they really help me relax. if you have any questions feel free to ask.

day 5 post op#

omg i think they look amazing! cant wait to for my next visit. i am so happy with them and so thankful for Dr. Feldman

more pics

more pics


My breast are looking better each day I tried on some of my sort bras i had before and I love how they look. the pain had gone away already but about 2 days ago they started feeling a bit sore. alast night i took a Norco to help with the pain. I have a lot of troubel falling asleep. This morning i woke up and as i stood up I felt so dizzy couldnt even take a step without going off balance. Not sure why i am feeling this way i am back in bed resting. I will see Dr. Feldman tomorrow morning hope everything is ok

got sized new bras!

my 2nd post op was 3 days ago. They took off the steri strips and cleaned my stitches. Dr. Feldman said i can stop wearing everything and buy bras :D He did say to sleep with the thong bra but i dont need it in the day. He showed me how to massage my boobs and i have been doing but they feel a bit sore and hurt because I have to press hard on them. Right after i left I went straight to Victorias Secret and they told me i was a 32DDD. i bought 2 bras about $115 total.. then i decided to go to kohls because inusually find really good bras for a great price. At Kohls they didnt have 32ddd so i went ahead and grabbed some 34dd to try one and they actually fit really good! one bra was a 34d and fit good too. I guess it depends on the brand i tried on close to 15 bras at kohls. i ended up buying for about $50!!!! I am so excited to finally be in a bra. Here are some pics. If anyone knows of other good places to buy bras in my size and at a good price please let me know :D

more bras!!!

all i wanna do is shop lol!! i bought 2 more at Kohls today. black one was $38 and the other one cane out to $15 after 50% off. Here are some scar pics too


i just now started using the silicone scar strips. i hadnt been putting anything on them and they already look pretty faded. its almost 4 weeks since my BA and i love them. they are so soft and feel natural. I have been massaging like Dr. Feldman told me to. at night i wear my thong bra then in the day i use either a sport or regular bra. Everyone keep complimenting my boobs and mentioning how they dont look fake at all and that my doctor did awesome! i did get used to them already so i keep saying I feel that theyre small which is insane because im a 32ddd or 34dd! here are some fullbody pics. i think they look great with my frame and i look well balanced

I've had an amazing experience with Dr. Feldman. I did research and chose about 4 doctors in Houston but as soon as I met Dr. Feldman I knew he would be my surgeon. I didn't just choose him for him great prices but because of how comfortable he made me feel. Other surgeons were charging were charging $63,000-$6800 and some didn't even take measurements or go over important information. Dr. Feldman answered all my questions before I even asked. I think I went in for my consultation on August 4th. Not too sure of the date but I know it was that week. I had 2 more doctor to see after him and i wanted to cancel because I just wanted to choose him already! I still attended the other consultations but had no interest in anyone else. I saw them as a waste of time. My mind was made up and i don;t know why it took me 2 weeks to call and set up my surgery I was just nervous. I called August 26 and spoke to Jeannette and set up my surgery for September 24!!! Payed my $500 and it was all set! My pre-op was Sept 9. The anxiety started kicking in. I barely remember surgery day. I remember going to sleep and waking up with amazing breast! 415cc Natrelle Inspiras! saw him back in 4 days for post op and I was amazed to see them!! I wanted to cry from how happy I was! I am only 8 day post op and so happy with my results I LOVE THEM! i know they will look perfect in a couple of week. My boyfriend love them, I've showed my friend and everyone thinks they are also perfect!! Friends who have had breast augmentations are even jealous of my results! I am so happy I found Dr. Feldman I feel like my mood has changed and I am so excited to wear clothes i haven't been able to wear before because I didn't feel confident. I have friends ask me who I went to and I have recommended Dr. Feldman.

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