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I've always had dark under eye circles since I was...

I've always had dark under eye circles since I was about 15. To help correct this, I received restylane injections (along with botox) under the eyes 4 months ago. About one month into it I noticed a large bag and half-moon dark circle under one eye that continued towards the middle of the cheek. I had the filler dissolved but the circle and bag did not go away. I will write another review about this later.

Enter Radiesse - about a year ago, a cosmetic surgeon (separate from who I received the botox/restylane from) suggested I get filler in my cheeks to help correct the hereditary dark circles. I was VERY hesitant and nervous and did NOT want to look like I had plastic surgery, which is why I put it off for so long. However, after developing the bag, I thought cheek injections might help conceal it and decided to go ahead and get it done. I asked the doctor to be conservative....

Two weeks later and I HATE how I look. I don't recognize myself; the bone structure is all distorted and the contour of my face is out of proportion. The 'bag' is gone, but I look like I have cheek implants and would much rather have bags under my eyes than look completely unnatural. I should probably also note that I'm 24, 105lbs with small bones so this is really noticeable on my face. Sorry I can't post a picture, I don't have a phone right now but will update when I do.

I was told the filler would dissolve within 9-12 months. However, after reading about the stuff apparently its more like two years? Other people's posts on here have indicated they have seen no dissipation after 2 , 3 (and even 5 and 10) years. I'm terrified... Can anyone who has experience with radeisse say if it does in fact go away COMPLETELY or not? If so, is it gradual and when do you start to see a difference? Doctors all say it goes away within a year or two, but real people are saying different things (like that its semi-permanent?) and I'd like to hear from actual patients

I'm so mad at myself for ever touching my face and wish I could go back to looking the way I did before botox and fillers. I don't look anything like myself and its very sad. At this point I don't care if I have to wait a few years for it to go away, I just want to know that it WILL, at some point, and I'll be able to see my real cheek bones again :(

Thank you to anyone who replies!!!

Still there

Its been almost 10 months since I had the injections. The carrier has dissipated and the volume has decreased. HOWEVER - it is still there, very much so. My facial proportions are still completely distorted. I can feel the product; it is very hard and bone-like. It has pushed up my naturally full cheeks so that when I smile, my eyes are very small and like slits. It was a horrible, awful decision. However I can't blame myself too much because I was lied to by the nurse and doctor who performed the injections (Nurse said it would dissipate in 9 months, Dr said 12 to 18 months). I also asked the Dr to be conservative and he said 1cc in each cheek was a small amount (yeah, right). I've stopped looking in the mirror because I have panic attacks. My heart goes out to everyone who has to live with bad plastic surgery. Please, if you;re reading this, especially if you're young, know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! If you think you look bad now, just know that it can get worse. Learn to love yourself the way you are, don't make the mistake I did which has ruined my life.

I told the doctor I was nervous about getting this done and asked him to be conservative. He said one syringe in each cheek was a small amount, and didn't seemed concerned. He injected way too much and I'm really upset that he never went over the fact that radeisse is non-reversible and also didn't say how long it would last (I had to ask the nurse). The nurse said 9-12 months, which apparently is a VERY conservative estimate, and considering that I specifically told her I wanted to know how long it would take to wear off if I didn't like it she really should have given me a longer time frame.

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