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Hello , I am an 18 year old female who has...

Hello , I am an 18 year old female who has struggled with obesity my entire life , most people usually gain weight after a bad break up or during high-school , for me , it has never been that .. I tried dieting and exercise many times and always gain the weight back. now weighing 250 , I am currently in the process of having gastric bypass. I have Insurance which requires me to do a six month weight supervision program , this is my 5/6 month , my last month will be in April. I am hoping to have the surgery in May or June due to the fact that I am a college student and will be taking classes this summer. My surgeons office is a little unprofessional as far as the way they do things , I recently found out two months prior to my surgery how much I was going to have to co pay. They say they can't give me a number until I get approved which does not make any sense. Anyway , I saw I couple of people write their journey on real self and I wouldn't to have one of my own so here I am.


I'm almost there ..

This friday will be my last month with the supervised program , after that , I will be able to be summited to the insurance for approval , and get my surgery date. I am very excited and hope that it works for me ... I have a lot of questions to ask about the surgery itself ...

The before I guess I can say ..

6/6 completed

Finally completed my 6 months supervised weight program today , I really didn't loose any weight , now I must wait to get approved my the insurance that I hope to get in May .... Let's see how this goes

So ready

Update ????

Pretty disappointed in my physician office , they didn't fax the stuff they needed to the surgeons office slowing down my process ... I'm gaining weight and having too many food funerals lol ... But my boyfriend and I are going to the gym next week ... He's really skinny and doesn't gain weight ! I love going to the gym though , it makes me very energetic. Anyway, I hope they call me real soon to let me know they have sumitted my paper work ! DID YOU GUYS HEAR ABOUT THE HOUSTON FLOOD ? Literally was so scary !

The wait .....

Today all my files were submitted to my insurance, now I must patiently wait ... So excited to be the real me !!! Let's hope I get approved

So excited

Got my surgery date for June 1st !!!!!!!

bad newss

The hospital just called me , they are charging me a lot of money , I can't afford , I'm a college student and cannot afford it , this sucks .... I'm so disspointed !!! Ughhhh

My disappointment

I've had a rough 2 days knowing I'm not able to have enough money for a surgery that was supposed to change my life , the part that sucks the most is how deceiving the process was from the beginning , they never actually told me how much the total cost of the surgery was in which I could have done the math , so I worked 2 jobs I part time and one full time , while being a full time college student as well . Busting my ass every night and day barely sleeping and almost dropping my 3.7 gpa but I got it together and then 2 months before surgery I get told that I was going to have to May roughly around 3000 just for the office , in which I worked long sleepless nights for .. After my insurance is approve in a week , they let me pick my surgery date out , and I'm so happy because my life is about to change ! Yesterday the hospital calls me 2 weeks prior to my appointment to do all my blood work , they tell me I need to bring close to 6000 by that date , and my face was in shock ...... I literally cried , why ? Because no one cares , and it sucks because I'm not high class nor low class but realistically I could not even make that in 6 months ... And that's after my insurance paid 80% .... Don't know what to do , I hope God has other plans for me ...


Back it again ... After all these months of working to get money and using up my deductible , my new surgery date is nov 23rd !!!

Picture updatesz

Some body pictures over the summer current weight is 256


Hello guys !!! I got my surgery moved to an earlier date NOV 16 I go for my pre op appointment on Nov 8th I'm so excited and can't wait for change !!! I'm excited to share my wls journey !!


Ok guys ... I got my surgery nov 16 at 11am weighing 254 pounds ... surgery was so easy for me like I literally was asking the nurses if everything was okay because People talk about the first couple of days being the worst pain ... but I barely has anything except nausea !! Okay so to start of at my pre op the doctor was actually really cool it was only the second time I've seen him in almost a year which is bad .. he explained everything to my mom and boyfriend since I'm with them most of the time .. which was exactly a week before my surgery he did not put me on a liquid diet for the week he just required a low fat diet and a liquid diet from noon till 12 pm the night before surgery .. again I was surprised! I actually was not nervous at all, I just wanted to get it over with just how I feel with college lol !!! Day of surgery I was actually a little scared seeing how I was giving up all these foods I love for a long time ... the staff was really cool , everyone was saying I was too young for the surgery ! they were ready by 11 , I went under and it was really scary waking up just because you're continuously in and out .. there was actually a nurse I wanted to talk to for the longest but just couldn't ! I finally woke up and it was a while before my dad and boyfriend came in .. i told them to go home because I didn't feel like they needed to be there just waiting on me .. I finally got a my room after that and I did not feel any pain at all ! Just my largest incision where they took my stomach out from .. my wounds are sealed by a special glue. I did not experience gas pains nor shoulder pain. They kept asking me if I wanted pain killers but I kept saying no ... I threw up like maybe 3 times it was black liquid .. also it was very weird to use the restroom because I couldn't wipe myself due to the pain so my mom or boyfriend would. They kept coming in and checking my vitals , sugar , and changing my iv fluid ... I didn't get an X-ray until the next day to See if I had any leaks with special liquid I did not receive any food or ice or anything until maybe 4 pm and it was all gross !!! I just ate the popsicle and jello. I did not get any hunger either. I'm currently 4 days post op I'm not able to take any viatimins till after my 2 weeks ... I've been drinking liquid but I can tell somethIngs off in my body it's light I feel like after u suck at helium out of a balloon and then u feel light headed except I feel like this all the time.. I don't get hungry and I've gotten used to liquids .. is hard to see people eating because then I want some lol anyway I lost 9 pounds 4 days post op .. also I haven't felt the regret stage yet like not at all but I feel like dropping 9 pounds is not worth feeling like you're on helium lmfao but we will see how this goes !!! I'm also not looking forward to loosing my hair or sagging skIn ... I've walked everyday so far too ! Ask questions !
Dr. B

I've only seen him one time , his office doesn't really. Check up on people who are looking into the surgery , they actually don't even tell you how much you're paying until after you're approved by the insurance

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