I'm 44yrs old, married with #3 Children. Looking to Live a Better, Healthier Life. - Houston, TX

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I have always been a very private person about my...

I have always been a very private person about my life and vowed to never tell or share anything I felt was personal to me. Today I have been a member for over a year and have finally got the nerve to share some of my life and experiences good and bad with you. I weigh as of today 255pds. I have been struggling with being overweight ever since the age of 9. At that time in my life I really didn't know any better or how to make better food choices. Choosing to eat the foods that are bad for me everyday has put my health in jeopardy. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure/hypertension and joint pain. If years ago somebody had told me that eating the foods I love would've brought me to this point in my life, I probably be a lot happier and healthier. However today is a page turner for me and I cant look back at all the bad choices I made to put myself in this predicament, so what I focus on now is to make better, healthy food choices so I can find happiness again. I am on my way with help from an amazing bariatric surgeon. I don't have to worry about anything because my insurance is handling everything. For the last six months I have had all my work ups done, and my insurance requirements are all complete, now just waiting to hear from insurance approval. I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time. I have never had major surgery and I worry about complications although physically I am healthy enough for the surgery. Please for anyone that's had this procedure done, can you tell me what I am to expect now that I have completed everything needed and how should I prepare myself for it all, Thank you for listening.

My surgery date, so ready!

4/22/16 Having a very good day today, although it didn't start out that way. Being so excited about my up coming surgery I decided this morning to make a call to the bariatric surgeons office to see if they had received the fax from my PCP doctor giving me the contraindication clearance I needed to be approved. Come to find out they never got the fax. I was kind of frustrated, so I remembered that I had a copy of the letter, so I faxed mine over to the doctor. All I could say was thank god I was able to speed up the process alittle quicker. The surgeons office received it with no problems. But to make things even better I called my insurance because the surgeon told me I was approved for the surgery from his standpoint and they were just waiting to hear from the insurance. I toke a chance a called the insurance hoping I could get some info to hopefully push the process along, little did I know the representative I spoke with told me they've already talk with the Dr. and they have the date set for the surgery which is 5/10/16. OMG its around the counter literally. So I'm just waiting to meet with the surgeon for the next step. I'm so happy this couldn't be any better at this point other than the actual day of surgery. I feel really Blessed to have this great opportunity to have the life the lord intended for me to have in the first place . Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you up on my progress.

Still Waiting

5/9/16 I am suppose to be scheduled for surgery tomorrow but I haven't heard from the surgeons office or anything from my insurance for approval. I called my insurance on the 22nd of April and was told I had been approved but was waiting I guess for further approval. I am nervous and scared somethings going to go wrong and I'm going to be turned down. waiting for me is a headache. I am very sick Diabetes, hypertension etc. Its a lot to deal with and if the insurance does turn me down I'm going to be so hurt and disappointed. Should I try and call the insurance again today or just try and show some patience and wait for and answer to come? really up in the air about it all. Thanks for listening!


I received a phone call from the surgeons office on 6/8/2016 and I was told that all my paperwork and clearances went through and I have been approved for the surgery. I have an appt. with the surgeon on Tuesday the 21st to discuss all I need to do before surgery which is at the end of the month. Just so happy and so nervous at the same time, it's really happening this time. No more wondering and being impatient. "All I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU JESUS". I will keep u up on my progress but until then keep me in your prayers. Thanks for listening!

I Have A Surgery Date Finally, So Excitied!

Today after waiting 4 months and getting on and off surgery dates it looks like it will finally happen for me. The wait has been the most agenizing aggravating I have ever had to endure. I have been miserably over weight my hole life this is all I have ever known, so now that I have been approved a date for this life changing surgery all I want to do is cry. The big day is Aug 24th at 12:45 but I half to be at the hospital 2 hours before. It all seems sir- real rite now i'm scared and nervous at the same time, after I got the call and then a email with all the dates for my pre-op appointment at the hospital to the pos-op appt's I was thinking it's rite around the corner I have all kinds of thoughts going through my head. It's not all just about the surgery though I get nervous about after the surgery I don't want to mess up and make any bad mistakes that will hurt my new pouch. I don't know i guess I'm just worrying alittle more than I need to. Mainly I am ready and I just had to tell you guys so I can now move on and as I get closer to the surgery day I will keep you up on all my progresses along the way. Thank you for listening and God Bless!!

Coming Down To The Wire

We'll decided I wanted to share today. On Aug 8th I went to my pre-op apt was there about two hours. To make a long story short they did test and weighed me which was as bad as I thought, and they also toke at least 15 tubes of blood. Basically it just all made everything so much more real for me, thinking like I am really doing this. I started my diet on the 14th and I feel like it's going pretty well. I'm drinking protein, beef and chicken broth, yogurt and water basically. I'm not craving anything and I find I have amazing willpower. I weighed before the diet 245, today I'm 239 so I must be doing some rite and I feel really good to. 7 days to go WOW, thanks for listening!
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