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I had gastric bypass July 2013. My highest weight...

I had gastric bypass July 2013. My highest weight was 688 lbs. I am currently 273 and I am excited. Thee journey was long, but it was extremely worth it. I like the option of having dumping syndrome as this kept me on the straight and narrow during my journey. I was not able to work out like i wanted to in the beginning of my journey but now i work out twice a day as well as swim. Achieving your weight lost goal is doable even at a high weight like mine was. On August 19, 2015 i will be having my arm lift and back lift. I will post before and after pictures when i go in for surgery.
Houston Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Turquest is by far the best gastric surgeon in the land. He is very straight forward and I trust him to perform any surgical procedure on me. His staff are all nice and willing to help. Sometimes I think they are more excited about their patients losing weight than the patient.

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