30 Yrs Old Live in Houston and Mother of a 8 Yrs Old. Been overweight most of my life. Now i am at 282 lbs.- Houston, TX

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I am actually getting a (GASTRIC SLEEVE). My...

I am actually getting a (GASTRIC SLEEVE).
My expectation of this surgery, overall is to be, feel and ultimately look healthy. After 4 long months my insurance gave me the approval last week. Is going to be a new beginning for me and I know it won't be magical but I will reach my goal which is to be a new healthy me.

6 days pre- op im almost there!!!!

6 more days I'm more than ready for this journey Dr Turnquest put me on a 3 days pre op diet but I have been practicing this diet since Monday. I can deny that I am extremely nervous. This are my latest pictures 280 lbs.

Im very anxious!!!!!

I cannot go to sleep thinking about my surgery which will be in the next few hours. Finally the day has come and to be honest it is still unbelievable to me. I already packed. I ran some errands today and all I have to say is "I'm ready". Thank you god!!!

Pain pain !!!!

Sorry that I didn't update you guys sooner but I I'm 2days post on. But the pain specially the gas pain has not gotten better. I can barely eat 2 spoons of jell-o. But one thing I got to thank god for is the awesome support system I have, (mom, sister, cousin , hubby and friends).

3 weeks post op

Tomorrow is going to be exactly 3 weeks since my surgery. Thank god everything has been going good except for the excessive burping and of coarse a little bit of sadness for not being able to enjoy or do certain things. But other than that I'm happy with the results so far. I started off with 282 lbs. The day of the surgery was 276 and as of now I weigh 259.7 coming to a total loss of 23 lbs.
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