Full Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo - Houston, TX

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I just turned 47 years old. I do not have any...

I just turned 47 years old. I do not have any children but did endure an abdominal tumor surgery when I was in my early 40's. This surgery left me with very little stomach muscles so this year I have decided to make it better. Working out has not helped because of my age and lack of elasticity, so a tummy tuck is the only option. I'm scared of the surgery and recovery but very excited to see the results. I can't remember the last time I had a flat tummy! Surgery is on 6/22/16 in Houston, TX.

Surgery Day is approaching

My surgery is just two days and a wake up away! I'm prepared. Thank goodness for this site and all the wonderful pointers I've read.

I bought a used electric hospital bed so I can be more comfortable post surgery. You can also rent them but I got a great deal and will plan to sell it after I'm done with it. A few other things I have ready...most is to help with swelling and to aid in recovery:
Stool softners
Chicken broth (low sodium)
Gauze pads/tape
Cotton granny pannies (7 pair)
Pain meds
Protein drinks
Milk of Magnesia

My mom flies in tomorrow to be with me for a week. I think it's important to have good support after any big procedure.

1 Day post op

I gamy surgery yesterday at 9am and felt fine until around midnight...that's when the pain started. I don't have any photos from today but I do have one while in the operating room. I also had lipo on my inner thighs. I just hope the pain goes away very soon.

Day 2 post op

The pain is really bad when I have walk but julaying bed I'm doing really well. Can't wait to turn a corner and not have pain! Today I'm REALLY swollen and I can't even see a belly button. Has this happened to anyone else?

Day 3 - Post Op

Feeling pretty good today. Still using a walker but the pain is much less than the past two days. My doctor doesn't want me to wear a compression garment wish seems odd to me but he said he wants to ensure the blood vessels are heathy first. I'm also not sure if I like my belly button yet but over all I'm feeling good about this decision.

Day 4 - Post op

My wonderful mom has been here helping me to recover. She has been wonderful. This morning she removed my bandages to get a good look at my belly button. Everything looks good. A lot of swelling has even gone down. My inner thighs are still quite bruised but no pain at all.

Day 5 Post op

Feeling little pain today but still can't do much and my back hurts because of being hunched over. I saw my doctor today and the drain was removed as well as belly button stitches. Very swollen still but I know the best is yet to come.
Dr. Phu Do,

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