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I'm so excited! My surgery date with Cortes is...

I'm so excited! My surgery date with Cortes is apporaching! 8 days away! WOOHOO!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited! I've saved all my pennies and this is something I'm doing for me. I'm 5,4-175 I gained weight for my procedure. I'm getting a fat transfer to the hips and pretty much full body Lipo. I can't wait!

5:00 AM TOMORROW IS MY BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Soooooo, tomorrow is my big day! To be more specific I'm getting buccal fat removal, lower and upper back lipo, full stomach, flank, arms and chin lipo! I'm currently right now 5'4 and 177 lbs so I'm so excited to be REAL FINE! I'm going to upload pre=op body pic so you dolls can see. It's 7,500. 5,558 for Dr. Cortes and 1,970 for hospital fees BUT you still need your prescriptions! So, it came out to about 8,000 I just hope its worth it. I've been wanting the like FOREVER even thought about going to Duran in the DR a few years back!

Question - why does everyone say.... "Omg , you don't need that" But the girls that have beautiful curvy bodies are worshiped by society and the same people saying oh... you're fine just the way you are. WHAT'S WITH THAT? :/

I'll update in the am!


3 more hours!

Getting ready to try and sleep even though it feels like the first day of school eeeeeek! :) as soon as I heal up I'm going for a great aug. lift and implant. To see those titties hanging on those pics makes my flesh crawl lol - I'll post in a few hours!

Crying. So sad.

So my big problem area was my back fat well it's still there. Every roll *cries real tears* I saved all my money to do this just to still see rolls I'm not happy. Could be swelling but still why isn't my back smooth. My post op looks the same. Could it be swelling?

Sore, tenderness and tired

So I made it through.


So I made it through. I'm tired and sore mostly and tender in spots. Now we play the waiting game. Wait for the swelling to go down and my body to take its shape and form. Cortes was nice and ensure my mother that I will have a nice figure. Idk how much fat he took but I'll find out in my post op visit. I look and feel wide. That's all for now.

My swelling is going down

I've only taken my garment off to do #2. I don't want to chance losing shape by removing my garment. Haven't seen my body naked yet but I'm excited. I feel my skin attaching back. It stings

Loooooooving my results!

Sooooo I'm LOVING my results. Took my garment off fully for the first time to shower bc I stunk so bad smh lol I just couldn't take it! There's still a lot of swelling but I look GOOD and over time I know I'll look GREAT when everything settles. My back fat is starting to disappear and it's becoming much smoother back there. I'M HAPPY!

Now to save for my BOOBS!

I know I'm not fully healed from my Lipo but silicone boobs are next on the list. The saving starts today :) Full and perky is what I'm going for. A lift and moderate implant.

In my New Garment

Sooo, I had my first post op appt. today with Cortes and let's just say I'm healing good!!!! But I also take a vitamin

my hips

I'll be posting more pics soon. As of now my hips are a lilttle to big for me. I want them to go waaay down. Cortes says they will and I sure hope so. They stick out too much! My waist is tiny which is good but I don't like the super C shape. :(


Here's pics!

Pre op

1 day post op

This was my first day post op. Swoooooolllen and sore!


Does anyone know where I can get a good compression garment online?


I woke up today loving my results! However, I can tell now I will have some revisions with my breast aug.

Revision areas:
-ARMS! They're still too big!
-Top of my stomach! Sticks out too much but gets super flat while sucking in.
-Inner Thighs! I want a tiny gap if possible.

Updated pics

Ok so here's pics of me fresh out my garment for the first time today. Tell me what you dolls think.

First day at work

It's my first day at work and I must say I look GREAT!!!! I won't be needing any revisions at this point. I'm starting to take form. I look and feel great! I'm starting to see my thigh gap coming in! OMG! YAY! I'm really starting to see the finesse Cortes took with making my shape and sculpting me. I'm HAPPY and BEYOND PLEASED! I'm also now in a medium fajas butt out.

First day at work PICS


Swollen or NOT

Yea I know some will say I'm still swollen so I can't fully see my results. But Today makes a full month and I will be getting my revisions asap. Tummy, upper back and arms. I started working out today while wearing my garments so I'm excited to see how I will look after 2 months of exercising while in a XSmall Fajas.

Tummy update.... It's getting bigger

They give super flat stomachs in the DR. I'm thinking about having my revisions with either Duran or Cabral and ill be getting a small bbl with the fat removed.

Going to CABRAL for Round 2

$5800 BBL, BA w/lift, Revisions Back, arms, stomach. Anyone going in Aug? Let's buddy up!

I desperately want my round 2

I LOVE my body so much in my garment but out..... Not so much! I'm obsessing again saving and stacking my money I need $8000 by Aug. Wish me luck dolls!

$2,000 saved $6,800 to go!

So, I've started getting ultrasounds and massages to break up the scar tissue to prepare me for my round 2 in aug. Saving $2,000 a month is my goal and VERY achievable for me! I'm soooooo EXCITED! I'm going to get with my primary care provider to get me and my homo levels in TIP TOP SHAPE! I found out I'm anemic :( my last homo level was a 10.2 YIKES! DR HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!

He's so nice. His work is sloppy though.

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