Im 25 Years Old and I Have 2 Kids. I Weigh 230, I'm 5'8. Houston, TX

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So I am 25 years old. I have two kids. 3 and 2...

So I am 25 years old. I have two kids. 3 and 2 years old. Before kids i was underweight. After the birth control i started gaining wait drastically. I want to loose 45 pounds before I have my procedure. I will start my Herbalife Weight loss journey on the 22nd. I am scared and nervous. I am afraid to fail. I will have a breast reduction as well as a fat transfer. I plan on receiving the reduction before the fat transfer. I would love for Dr. Cortes to do the fat transfer. I haven't spoke to him yet, i am still trying to get my husband on board. I hope and pray all goes well. I hope y'all will join me and help me through this Journey.

I am having a Breast Reduction

So I am having a Breast Reduction in july. I figured get that out the way first. Do anybody know a good Dr in Miami for BBL?

Before pics Breast reduction!

So i am having my breast reduction july the 7th and i just set up my appointment for consultation with Dr. Cortes about the hour glass Brazilian butt lift. Right now i weigh 218 i have lost 12 pounds. I want to loose 30 more but i will see what Dr Cortes advise me to do. My consultation is April 29th. I am anxious.

Breast Reduction

So I had to postpone EVERYTHING because I got pregnant but now I am back on track. My breast Reduction is scheduled for June 15. So nervous and anxious. Then I can focus on my BBL.

Breast reduction

So I have been through so much this year. I had to appeal my Breast reduction. It took a month and some to to just that. I am scheduled to have my breast reduction August 16th early morning. My pre op August the first. I have gained weight unfortunately. I hope to loose 15 before breast reduction. I have cut down on my calorie intake but I know I need to do more.

Breast reduction

So I have went to my pre op. My breast reduction is August 16th. I am so anxious and scared. I can't wait but I can lol. Wish me luck guys. Photos coming soon.

Breast reduction ?

So I had my breast reduction yesterday. It was a fast procedure. For me that is. Seems like I woke up five minutes later although it was 5 hours later. I'm uploading day two pictures. My pain level is bearable. I am home safe and sound.????????????
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