Before and after fat injections pics, 25 Years Old , 2 children , Houston, TX (aesthetic surgery institute)

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I decided to under go fat injections after...

I decided to under go fat injections after noticing I was aging far faster than peers my age. I noticed facial fat loss in my face and was mostly unhappy with my eye brows a lot of people always asked me if I was angrey. after extensive research and consults I settled for Dr. Phu Do, he was had the best reviews and for the price also had exceptional service. I went in for the consult and all of my questions/concerns where immediately answers by Angelic the office rep. Who sees you before you actually see the doctor. She was very knowledgable, easy to talk to and addressed all my areas of concerns, so I immediately knew this was going to be the doctor I would allow to do the fat transfer.
Two weeks after the consult I was scheduled to have my fat transfer to my whole face with the exception of my jaw line. The doctor had me take vitamins in preparation for the surgery and no food after mid night the night before.
On the actual day of my surgery I was a little nervous but had total confidence everything would turn out great so I tried not to worry. The doctor had a blood exam preformed and checked all my vitals. Then shortly after they gave me a pill to help relax me and injected me with some antibiotics and other medications in preparation for the surgery.
Then all I remember was waking up and feeling dizzy, my face felt really swollen it didn't hurt just felt really tight. My abdominal area was the part of my body that hurt the most due to the lipo. Other then that I felt fine. The staff and doctor was very attentive once I woke up from surgery they rechecked my vitals to make sure everything was still okay. I forgot to mention the surgery was on site it was skeptical at first but have to say I was impressed with the room that looked exactly like a hospital room. Everything was very clean and satirized also the anesthesiologist comes on sit the day if surgery. Because the surgery is insure it allows for the savings in cost.

3 months after fat transfer

A lot of the swelling is gone and I look like my self again only rested and refreshed!

After 3 months

So it's been a little over 3 months and as you can see much of the fat has reabsorbed and the swelling is completely gone. My face looks almost as before except refreshed and more rested. I would have to say the fat transfer survival rate was about 30% . I am planing on having one more transfer done in the near future just to get the results I really want

Al little over 4 months

A little over 4 months and I still love my results! No one even notices I had anything ever done , all my friends I haven't seen in a few months just say that my skin really cleared up and that I look great. I'm am so glad I had my fat transfer done I love how I look now and that's what counts

Memory lane

Memory lane

Looking back at old photos and wondering if fat transfer to my face was worth it....??

When I look back at photos of how I used to look I am very glad I decided to go through with the fat transfer and feel really blessed that I had a great doctor. I've heard of stories where people have been left unhappy by their results fortunately that was not the case for me. At times now that I'm further along in the healing process I look at my face and just see me a beautiful girl. Then the question comes " should I have had the fat transer?" I look perfectly fine I sat to myself. I can't even notice a difference.., but then Iook at old photos like these an realize I've grown use to this new. In the old photos bring back the inner feelings I didn't like about how my face was changing! I do see a huge difference in my before and after photos and realize once again it was worth it. I'm much happier now and don't really really sit in front of the mirror going over every part of my face I wish was diffrent. From this experience I've also grown to love myself more and embrace change. :)

Memory lane

2 fat transfer

So I just underwent my second fat transfer. It was completely different from the first experience with the first Brett transfer! I'm feeling a little blue again because of help my face looks and the swelling! However I don't feel that my face looks as swollen as the first time. I'm not sure if it's because we focus on different areas this time. And I'm unsure right now as far as what to expect the in result to look like. I reminding myself that I felt this way on the first time so I just need to give it some time. I will update you guys on my progress though

2 fat transfer to face

My experience the 2nd time around

3 days after fat transfer

Short video to update you guys on my progress

A week +days later

I looke normal! Most of the swelling had gone down cometely! I love then after, and I am anxious to see what the final results wi look like in about 3 months.

21 days after 2nd fat transfer

It's been 21 days after my 2nd fat transfer. I still like my results and I am very axious to see what the change will be at the 3 month mark. I hope my face stays just the way it looks now and most of the fat survives :)

2nd fat transfer

Hi so this is before I got my PRP after my second fat transfer.this Picture was taken right around the three-month mark of the second fat transfer. I reminded you for my second fat transfer I had full face fat transfer. Mainly with an emphasis on my four head. As you can see the texture of my skin looks very different and my face does not look as swollen as with the first fat transfer after three months.

2nd fat transfer +prp

So I decided to make a video to update my progress on my second fat transfer plus PRP results. I got my 2nd fat transfer the week prior to thanks giving 2014 and the prp was done separate it been about 4 day since I had it done. A key thing I forgot to mention is that the extraction of the fat for the facial fat transfer is done completely different than what is known as the Brazilian butt lift.

2nd update after 5months of the 2nd fat transfer

3rd time is a charm

it's officially five days from the time I've had my third procedure to the face done and this is what it looks like so far.

3rd Fat Transfer

its now day day 6 of the fat transfer to forehead and cheeks. I also had a superficial vain removed under my right eye. I had the prp also done at the same time and already i can see the difference.

3rd fat transfer to forehead and cheeks

this video is a documentary to document the progress of my third fat transfer to the fore head and cheek area this is day six after the fat transfer.

Two weeks from the third gat transfer

its now 12 days officially from the time i had the third fat transfer. I felt like my cheecks look very huge so i did a lot of massaging and they seemed to have gone down some. Im happy with the way they look now and hope no more of the fat is lost! It will be interesting to see what the final results look like at 3 three month mark

3rd fat transfer

this is the 3rd fat transfer

Fat transfer

okay so its coming to the year mark this may from first fat transfer, its been about 5 months from the the 2nd, and Bout 3 weeks from the third. I haven't had any problems with transfers how ever i will say i have noticed recently my inner thighs now seem to be gaining wait!! Seems like the fat that was taken from flank area is now reappearing in my thighs ????
Houston General Surgeon

(Aesthetic surgery institute) The staff was very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. When I meet the doctor he was very friendly and addressed all the areas of concerns while also giving me his recommendations. I was very impressed with the facility. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the procedure being performed on site, because the building is in a shopping plaza, but after seeing the operation room and all of the equipment how sanitary and clean the operation room was I felt very comfortable going through with the procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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