24 yo, 5'2, 115 lbs, 1 son, 400cc high profile silicone implant Natrelle

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I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation since I was like 18 years old! It wasn't bad before having my son..I was probably a 34B or a bit smaller. I'm 5'2 about 110 lbs or so. My son is 2 1/2 yrs old and I breastfed him for over 2 yrs. Being pregnant and then breastfeeding for over 2 years have deflated my boobies. I grew to a C cup and overtime it had gotten smaller and smaller. He was more picky and only fed on my left side so I let the right side stop producing milk at 3 months but continue to feed him on the left so I was basically lopsided and uneven for so long! I couldn't find any bras that fit right except sport bras. I hated wearing tight clothing that could show my uneven-ness. But now that I had completely stop feeding him, my left side is so much smaller than my right and loss of volume. I don't even think I fit a 34A. I finally have the money (or will have the money by April) to have this surgery! I am so excited!!! I finally finished nursing school in December and started my job end of January so having the nurse pay helped. ;) I called to schedule consultations with Dr. Feldman in Sugarland and Dr. Weiner in Clear Lake. I love love love Dr. Feldman's results and from what I see on this website, everyone seems satisfied! I'm not sure about Dr. Weiner but I had an acquaintance get hers done thru him and she's really happy with the results. She had her mom and few friends go thru him to get theirs done too! But from what I see on his website, I'm liking the results more with Dr. Feldman. So my appt is scheduled for March 18th with Weiner and March 21 with Feldman!! So excited!!

Looking up other doctors

Just saw reviews for Dr. Freiman in Coral Gables, Fl. I didn't think of flying out of town to do surgery and the rates are competitively priced! Well I emailed them today and will talk to them tomorrow to see how this would work out. But I'm wondering with the price and trip and stay will equate to the same price down here. So many choices! I'm still loving Feldman's results!! I can't wait for the consultations. These two weeks are taking foreverrrr

Wish Pics

I want more of a natural shape to my body but big enough so I can have cleavage and fill shirts and bikinis :) I loved my boobs when I was nursing because I was a full C! It was very nice to finally have some boobs.

Any picture results from breast augmentation from Thomas Wiener?

Sigh I can't wait for the consultations so I can start planning the surgery! Does anyone had their BA done thru Wiener so I can see pics? It looks like no one posts their results :( I wanted to see more

Dr. Vitenas

I'm looking into Dr. Vitenas too! I love how his results are natural as well but I wasn't looking to spend more than 5k :( And the sucky part is I work at the hospital where he does his surgery and that would be really really uncomfortable and outside my zone that people would know me..decision decisions!


No boobs lol

Some more pics & wish boobs

Is it normal for me to spend tons of time on this website?? Lol, my husband thinks it's crazy I keep looking at boobies all day long on here and reading stories. Well, I want to know what I'm getting myself into and what boobs I want! I remember my mom asking me when I was about 20 yr old if I had gotten a boob job and I was shocked and laughed (no of course!). She said well people in the family were wondering because my boobs looked bigger (my family lives in California so all they get to really see is pictures of me on facebook). Well, I did gain some weight so some went to the boobs but secretly, it was those VS push up bras but I didn't say that. Then, we had a conversation about boob jobs and she said she didn't want me to get one (or my father more so..) But hey, my body and that was a long time ago! I haven't told my parents recently about a boob job. I'll let them be surprised the next time I come down to visit them ;)

5 more days until my 1st consultation!

Being impatient sucks. I called Wiener's office to see how much they range. They said 3700 or 3800 for Saline and 5500 for silicone. Called Vitenas and finally was able to get ahold of LIndsay. Set up a consultation in 2 weeks (all PS gets so busy!!! Ugh sucks! Lol i hate waiting). Sounds awesome they do like a 3D model thing. Prices 5000 for saline and 6000 for silicone. I like Vitenas results as well and he's more into the natural look too, which is what I want. The good thing too is that he's nearby my house. Then there's Feldman..4000 for saline and 4500 for silicone (such a steal!!) and i like his results too. I think I narrowed it down to Vitenas and Feldman based on results. But I'll still go to Wiener's for consultation since it won't hurt to get opinions.


I emailed my photos to Feldman to see a preliminary look..they said according to the picture, my breasts looks challenging?? and could be an extra 1000. Maybe it was the angle of the picture since I was taking it myself. I don't think my breasts are challenging, especially after looking at this site. If anything, they are uneven since one is bigger..

Working Out

So I started working out again end of January or so. I gained weight from not working out and not eating right last semester due to working and studying so much! I was looking at pictures a year after I had my son and I didn't realize at the time, but I lost all my weight and looked great! At that time, I was doing Les Mills Pump workout and Shakeology and kept up with it. Sigh, now I gained love handles, bigger arms, big thighs, and flabby rounder stomach. That's what I get for being lazy lol. Well, I started back up with Insanity again to hopefully jump start weight loss and muscle gain. I also still will go to the gym and will try to drink Shakeology on a daily basis. I want to look good with those new boobs!

So I made two more consultations today (lol, i know..so many) One with Dr. Rodgers in Katy for Friday and one with Dr. Patrick Hsu April 2nd. I'm hoping to find the ONE soon so I can schedule surgery soon. So I'm actually hoping I find the right surgeon by end of March to have surgery beginning of April. I'm so excited to go to my 1st consultation tomorrow!! I'm also still indecisive on saline/silicone and I see the pro/con for both. How did yall determine which was right for you?

Some before photos

1st consultation

I went to wiener this afternoon. Dr wasn't very personal at all. He was more straight forward kind of guy. Told me my breasts were uneven which I knew. Said I wouldn't have even boobs because breast implant will enhance the uneven ness. :( he said he would go no larger than 330cc on me. (300 cc filled to 330). And didn't let me take pictures :( boo I wanted to look back and see how I looked. I got like a few seconds to see how it looked. They quoted me 3700 for saline im0lants. I guess you pay for what u get. I really liked tanya the receptionist. Well I don't think I will go with him.

wiener continued

I totally forgot. I also asked for more photos and he said that there's no reason for him to post more because it all depends on previous person breasts so even if I saw one that I liked, I won't come out like that. And I said well I also luke q more natural shape and he said it really only depends on your body and we wouldn't know yet. Ugh... so I'm gonna go to other consultations and see what other drs say. The good thing is he didn't say I nreded a lift, which I don't.

Two Consultations

Today was an exciting day!! I got to go to two consultations. I went to Dr. Rodgers in Katy & Dr. Feldman in Sugarland. I really liked Dr. Rodger and Dr. Feldman >.< It was hard to choose between the two! They both charged me the same price for silicone ($5500) so it was just the work I had to choose from. I decided to go with Dr. Feldman because I do love his work. I showed him the pictures that I liked and 3 of those photos were his work anyways. But Dr. Rodgers would be a great choice too!! His office was super nice too. Today's consultations was a 360 degrees from Monday's consultation. Both offices was really nice and both doctors were very informative and gave input. Both did measurements and let me try on implants of course. They both agreed with 400cc hp! I tried on smaller implants and the mod profile but I loved the hp!! They both said it would look great on me. In my email to Feldman, I told him I wanted natural breasts but the pictures I showed him, he said it's less natural but with cleavage :) I guess that's what I want hehe. I want those cleavage, especially if I'm paying big money! Woohoo!! I'm really excited! I put down deposit today and set my surgery date for April 1st!!!! I can't believe I'm really going to do it. My pre-op appt is going to be Tuesday...bye bye to all my money. I also told Feldman about the ridiculous thing that Wiener said. Wiener told me if I was positive for MRSA (and of course I would be because I work at the hospital) that he would refuse to do surgery on me because I'm a high risk. Feldman said that's not true, you can still do BA as long as you're doing something about it so he will be giving me antibiotics and IV antibiotics to prevent infections. So HA Wiener, I'll spend my money elsewhere! :D


I'm going to be doing the crease and under the muscle :)


Just purchased Ester C (Vitamin C), L-Arginine, Quercetin/ Bromelain, Zinc Chelate, and L-Glutamine. I already got the multi vitamin at home woohoo! Ended up only spending $12 total because i had $20 worth of points from Walgreens (I coupon a lot!) and I did not want to spent almost $70 on makemeheal.com so I look at the vitamins they used. :) Saved me some money!

pre op

Just went to my pre op. Woohoo! Tried on 400 cc hp, 425 cc hp, and 304 cc mp. Lol I loved 400 and 425 cc. They said they will put 400 or 425 cc, whichever one will look prettiest on me :) yay! My sister in law went with me and agreed that it was a great size for my body! I was afraid it was gonna be a little big but it seemed like a good size. Ahhh!!! Im so excited!! One more week!!!


Woohoo! Just got my 4 prescriptions and ended up only being $12 out of pocket. I was expecting it to be more but $12 is good enough for me!


Ugh..can the surgery date be here any faster??!?! I'm so impatient waiting until Tuesday! Anywho, I've been working yesterday, today, and will work tomorrow (12 hour shifts) so my feet are killing me!! Will be off Saturday..go back to work Sunday & Monday....thennnnnn TUESDAY is BOOB DAY!!! AHHH!! I seriously am so jealous of those that have theirs done! I started my Vit C and daily vitamins. I'm slowly getting my shipment of the after surgery vitamins. Plus, I got that scar away package too! So ready for my new boobs to be here! I told pretty much majority of my coworkers so they know that I won't be able to lift, pull, push patients. All of them seemed okay with it...I will just have to bribe the CNAs :) Especially since I plan to go back the following Wednesday or Thursday. ^_^

Tomorrow's the BIG day!

I can't believe in less than 24 hours I'm gonna have boobs!! So excited!! I was at work today so I missed the call from the PS to remind me about my appt but I would not miss it for the world! I'm trying to get the house cleaned up for tomorrow and have all my belongings near me in bed so I wouldn't have to go far. Well I'll be at the PS by 11am :) Too bad my surgery isn't earlier..i'm gonna be up so early tomorrow!

sitting in the room waiting to grt marked up!

Been here since 11am and totally forgot our baby bag which had my meds in it. Oops lol so hubby and sister in law went back to grab it. While doing that, I was taken to the back to pee in a cup and get my IV started anr change into a gown. I thought it was pretty cool they numbed the area for IV. And the socks are nice too. It even has his logo...I should be going soon!


Ahhhh!!! I got them!!!! I'm so happy I wwnt thru with it. Now I just want to see them all healed and d&f. So I wanted in the room until like 12 and the crna came by to talk to me about anesthesia. After that, Dr. Feldman came by 15 minutes later. He spoke with me about timing of medications and how the surgery was going to go and finally mark me up! a couple minutes after that, another person on the anesthesia team came by and walked me into the surgical suite. Laid on the table and they had heated pillows, heated blankets and SCDs for me to out on. Then the same crna hooked me up fluids and gave me a cocktail meds and said I would feel it in a minute. And then I was out!

I didn't even know what time I woke up and someone was in the recovery room and got my husband. Everyone asked how I was doing and I said I feel drunk without the nausea lol. And I smiled when I realized I got BOOBS!!! Dr. Feldman told us that he tried on different sizers on me and 400cc high profile was the best size for me and its on both sides. Anywho, they had me get on a wheelchair and go home. I fell asleep in the car ride and woke up once we got home. My husband got me tapioca to drink yay! I killed that drink. I was so thirsty. And I don't feel nauseous at all. Hubby fluffed my pillows and had me go to sleep and I was out knocked out. I just woke up to my 2nd dose of pain meds. I'm not really hurting. ..to me it feels like my boobs are full of milk, especially when its hard. Hubby also brought me chicken noodle soup around 5 pm and I downed that too. Oh and im wearing the danskin zip up bra with the strap across my chest. The strap doesn't bother me. I can't wait for Friday for my post op visit to see the girls!!

Well good luck to everyone getting theirs today! I really love Dr. Feldman and his surgical team. Super nice and professional!

darn pics

I submitted it before I posed the rrst of pics. Oops

Crinkling sound

Lol I also forgot to mention when i feel my ribs below the breast, i hear like crinkling sound kind of like bubbles popping. Feels very weird and feels like i did an awesome ab workout. My brother's girlfriend came by and says they look great! and that she says she can't stop looking lmao. Well that's a good thing hehe. Said size is perfect for me! I can't wait to see the girls Friday :) Oh yea!! Dr. Feldman says my original boobs looked more like 2nd/3rd cousins hahahah! but he will try to get them to look like 1st cousin. Well, I told him I just want pretty boobs (:

Took a sneak peek

Hehe, took a sneak peek. They look great! It looks like he even out my crease yay!! Can't wait to see them Friday at post op. My pain is minimal still..little more sore than yday but today feels like I did chest workouts. I'm pretty much able to do everything myself since yesterday but I'l let my husband help me with getting food, etc. Oh yea! Sucky thing was the day before surgery I started my period! Ughhh but good thing I'm able to take care of it myself. My appetite is very good. Only thing is mouth feels very dry but I've been drinking tons of fluids to flush my system out.

I feel really bad for my son. He wanted to go upstairs and sleep with me :( or hang out with me. He started bawling because he couldn't. My son always likes touching my boobs to fall asleep lol so I knew it wasn't a good idea for him to lie with me.


I asked my hubby how was I acting when they called him to pick me up. He said when I woke up, I immediately asked to see my boobs and I kept repeating myself LOL He said it sounded like I annoyed the nurse but I seriously don't remember asking her. Oopsies I must have been super excited.

Feeling good

So today was POD 2 and I feel really good. Throughout the whole time, I haven't had any pain. If anything, yesterday I was sore like I did chest workouts. Today, absolutely no pain at all. I drove today to work because I had a test to take but ended up not having to do it. So I ate lunch with my friends and they said my boobs look great! Yay :) They said it fits my body and they may even go to Feldman when they're ready for breast augmentation. My best friend saw my boobs today too and says she surprised I'm walking around like nothing happened...I told her I feel really good like normal. Can't wait for tomorrow's post op appointment to see the girls!

Online Bikini Shopping

Hehe just bought a bikini!! Can't wait for it to come so I can try it on!

TMI: I finally had a BM earlier today. But my tummy feels so flabby and bloated still :( Can't wait to go back to working out.

3rd day PO visit

Yay! I can finally shower! Doctor says everything looks great! And swelling is going down :) I love my new boobies! He said for me to keep the strap on during the day. I feel more comfortable with the strap and sports bra on anyways. It makes them feel secured. Can't wait for them to heal! He also gave me another Danskin sports bra to alternate them out.

Better Pic

More pics


Feeling normal except it feels weird to shower since the boobs don't feel like me just yet. I also took pics and it the pic it kind of looks like the shape inwards doesn't look even but hopefully within time it will. I do see a mini bruise in the middle too but that should fade.

gave in

Hehe I went to the mall today! I stopped by VS of course since I had $10 off coupon and free undies. I ended up buying a wireless bra and 3 bralettes (on sale for $10!). The wireless bra may not fit of course but I'll just exchange later once I'm fully healed. I did fit a 34C :D We will see what my bra size is in a few weeks. Having boobs is fun!! I can't wait to buy cute bras! I also did buy those coobie bras too since it is a one size fit all as well.

Week Update

Just posting pics..I don't see difference at looking at them so I'm taking pictures to see the changes :)
I'm finally going back to work tomorrow (ahh!!) We will see how I do with 12 hour shift. Not looking forward going back..I've enjoyed my stay home!

2 weeks tomorow!

I can't believe it will be 2 weeks tomorrow! Time has flown by so fast! I see Dr. Feldman on Friday for follow up so hopefully he will take off steri strips and I can start using my Scaraway thing and cream :) So I went back to work last week and worked my three 12 hour shifts. I was pretty much able to do everything with no problem woohoo! I did refrain from lifting,pushing, pulling patients. At first lifting above my head (to hang IV medicines) felt weird but now it feels somewhat back to normal. When using my arms, my boobs/muscle feels weird! Lol hopefully that weirdness goes away. And my nipples are always sticking out! You can see in the pictures my areola has like a mark from my nipples lying flat against it lol. Normally, my nipples goes soft and doesn't stick out unless I'm cold or whatever. Also, I feel the nerves coming back in my boobs..i can feel my nipples and boobs with some numbness at the bottom part of the breasts. I am so happy with my results! So glad I can fill out bras and bikinis with no padding! And sexy outfits too ;)

2nd post op visit

Woohoo!! Doc finally took off those nasty steri strips and cut the ends of the stitches. He says they're dissolvable stitches :) The scar looks great so far and I've applied the scar away silicone sheet. Hopefully they will fade within time. He taught me how to do massages and I can wear whatever bra I want, including underwire. Yeah! So excited to start shopping for bras! He said to make sure I wear supported bras especially during the day so kind of the same support with the sports bra. I asked when can I start working out and he said I can start now walking, light cardio. In a month, I can do Zumba and cardio. Then by 3 months post op, I can do light weights and chest/arm workouts and increase from there on. I think that's what he said. Lol, I might have to email them to verify since it was all verbal. I have felt amazing and they feel like a part of me except throughout the day I feel numb like my boobs fall asleep so I "wake" them up by touching/massaging them. I really love them so far!! And I think they totally fit my body. Right now, I fit a 34C and I'm totally happy with that size. I can play them up or play it down, especially for work.

before and after

The photo dr gave me yday..before looks horrible! lol

Just to update with some pictures

Taking a break from doing homework to post some pics. I'm totally enjoying my new boobs! Love the way it fills my shirt/bras. I'm currently wearing a 34D also. I'm also wearing my scaraway silicone strips religiously. My scar is dark :( but hopefully will fade within time.

an update

Can't believe it has been 5 months since I had my surgery. I am so happy with them! Love that I can wear bikini and dresses and feel confident :)
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Feldman and his associates are awesome! Dr. Feldman took the time out to talk with me and my husband without rushing us and listening. He gave lots of great information. Also, I loved the work on his webpage as well. He also let me try on different sizes and gave recommendations as I showed him the pictures of breasts that I liked. He does dimensional analysis, which I think is great so you when you choose implants, you're choosing implants that fits your body type. Overall, that made me choose him as my PS. All the employees were all professional and very nice. We had an oopsie when my 2 yr old son was there at pre-op...he broke their vase but they said it was okay and to not worry about it >.< I felt really bad. But I'll bring something by to make up for it. Anyways, overall this place is great! The only bad thing I would say is wait time was long but to me, that means the PS is taking his time with his work and not rushing others. :)

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