Age 24: Extra Facial Hair That I Need to Get Rid Of, Starting at Under the Chin/upper Neck Area. Houston, TX

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So today was my first electrology session. i was...

so today was my first electrology session. i was nervous. i have been waxing my upper neck for a little over a yr. i have a few course hairs, not too bad and a lot of fine long dark hairs i want to get rid of.
I thought it would be painful, but i bout a numbing cream applied it an hr before and wrapped it with plastic. There was barely any pain and when i did feel it it wasn't bad at all!!!! she said its because i used the numbing cream. this is my first visit and so far i don't know the results but i will keep you updated. my electrologist is very experienced, she also used to teach it. she's sweet and her office is comfortable. she's kind of pricey 15min=45$ but i rather have someone know what they r doing than someone who may potentially scar me bad.

Second session

I still haven't seen results from the first session, but it usually takes up to 4 to see improvement. Today I recieved my second 15 minute treatment of electrolysis. so my pictures the left is a month after my first treatment (still no result yet) the right picture was taken right after my 2nd treatment was finished. I will try and keep posted

Session 3 electrolysis

The picture on the left is a months growth after session #2. On the right is a picture right after session #3. I can't tell if I see any results yet

Hair removal by electrolysis session 4

Session 4

Session 5 electrolysis

Session 6

Forgot to take photos, I will next time. But on the right side of my neck the tick hairs are so thin and not so long and black anymore. The left side is still thick. I need more sessions. Now instead of every 1-2 months I want to try and schedule biweekly appointments

Electrolysis session 11

Soo my results are slow but I'm still going. I guess this takes time the left side is okay and the right needs more work. I only did 15 minutes today to get rid of all the thick and darker hairs. I'm going in for another session next Wednesday for the finer dark hairs. I will try and go more often but I'm really busy with school and work.
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