26 Years Old, 1st Session on Right Leg... WILL UPDATE - Houston, TX

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I have very thick long body hair and finally...

I have very thick long body hair and finally decided to have electrolysis done, this is my first session and these are my pictures. It does hurt more than expected but I have hopes that it will be worth it. I have read that within the 2nd CLEARING I will have 90% of the hair permanently removed... (not what my electrologist told me though just what I've read). I will keep updating every week with the updates and pictures.

Been Close to 2 Months Now

It's been 2 months now, 1 hour to 1.25 hours each Saturday or at least 3 hours a month and still haven't gotten the lower part of my right leg done, only the FRONT of the lower leg has been treated thus far... It's frustrating, my skin is taking its time in completely healing (to where I don't see any red dots) but where the skin has been treated the hair that is coming back is minimal, maybe 20 hairs per square inch. Getting frustrated BC I thought it would be a lot faster (those where my best hopes anyways) but the process is slow and expensive. I'm hoping that a year passes and I have my legs 90% hair free!

Because the process is SOOOO slow I decided to post every 2 months; not even worth posting every week.

January 13th.

For personal and economical reasons I have put a stopped on the treatment but I wish to continue soon in the future. These are the pictures of my right leg and how it's healing.

My Conclusion

I stopped going to the weekly sessions and let the hair grow; to my surprise the parts that were treated the hair came back thicker and stronger, the part she had first treated is very different from the rest which makes me suspicious that she might of changed the settings while treating me which is very upsetting (she would mess with the machine throughout the treatment). Now when I shave I have very bad stuble where I had the treatments and can't seem to get a really close shave and the marks aren't going away. I spent around $500 for half of the lower leg and only one passing, for no results and now I'm more insecure than ever because of the scars. It COULD work for smaller body parts like the abdomen or the underarms and nipples but for the legs... I just wouldn't recommend. I would of spent thousands if I had seen results but what I got was the opposite.
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