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I'm a male. Not long out.. Swelling almost...

I'm a male. Not long out.. Swelling almost gone. But but smile is smaller.... Probably gonna stay small, or at least smaller than it was. Do this... Push out your jaw and look in the mirror.... What happens? Your smile becomes smaller or even looks crooked... So, the larger implant you go with, the more change in your smile you will see. It's not really a 'nerve issue'... It's physics..... I'd say for women, go with a small... never a medium+... Really, not one at all... For men, small or medium. They went w/ a medium on me, but I'm thinking small may have done it and been less risky. Secondly, for women... I personally think a weak chin is a nice and feminine characteristic... Maybe go for cheek implants and other fun stuff, not chin. The women you see on TV like angelina jolie, megan fox, etc have custom made implants by hollywood surgeons who put 2 L-shaped implants next to eachother to create an extended jawline awesome look...probably costs $50k+/who knows what for these completely custom implants by the BEST surgeons. These other surgeons around the country are NOT experts like that.. They all have the same standard ones, and they will not look good on you. They will make you look more masculine, give you a smaller smile, and probably embarrass you. Plus, when you have it removed, like everyone else does on here you will have sagging skin and dimpling that can't go away. So, just get some neck skin tightened up... That would be MUCH better. or, do something else to make you look better like a make-over, weight loss (I've never seen a gal who is skinny and has a good outfit look bad).. No matter what their chin looks like, . It's either A) Call a hollywood surgeon. If they do not charge At Least $20k, don't use them b/c they are not good enough, or B) Don't do it at all. or C) Do Radiesse every couple years.

Being a male, however, I feel it has made me look more masculine so far... But, smile is less than it was, so I am indeed afraid friends will notice that. I'm gonna have to say if have a toothache that makes 1/2 my face numb..It kinda looks like I'm chewing on tobacco. I am able to grow a beard to disguise they actual chin... As men, we can do the beard thing, but ladies can't cover it up... So, when it ends up crooked (like 1/2 of them seem to do), you can't disguise it.

As for mine, I can't decide whether to try and change this from a medium to a small NOW (before scar tissue forms), or wait til later.. But, there's a good chance I will downgrade to get a bigger smile again... But, if I wait too late to downgrade, there may be too much scar buildup and it could still cause dimpling.

Studies have shown that NINE out of TEN implant patient removals/reductions cause DIMPLING in the chin. This is due to all the scar tissue that forms in there. So, when it doesn't work out, you are screwed and it can't be fixed.

I had mine placed through the gum. Minimal pain or swelling as soon as 2 days out, so that was nice. I'd recommend that. Ones that don't do it through the gum line just don't know how, I think.. Plus, there's no way you want that scar as male... For women, I think you could probably just cover up a scar under the chin w/ makeup...

I keep a tight ski gear ear cover over my head a night to prevent swelling. Works wonders. They also have me a steroid pack which has seemed to work well.

Men, a large implant will Screw your world... By that, I mean your smile will be eliminated. Go w/ a medium maximum. My guy said he'd make me a Smedium (1/2 way between a small and medium), but afterwards he said he went w/ a medium. Kinda upset about that one. Again, all these guys just do the same old ones.. .small/medium/large/x-large.. Not fully custom. Also, don't let your surgeon fool you into thinking they are a chin implant expert. They just do one here and there.

Mine implant has basically improved non-smiling look, reduced smiling look due to small smile.

We men need strong chins to look masculine, so I think it's worth the risk.
Women, please, please, please stay away and do other stuff to look better. This is like a woman becoming a bodybuilder to look better... Or, just try radiesse or fat injections into the chin.

Women: It will make you look masculine, deformed, dimples/sagging skin after removal. (Or go to LA and pay $20k)
Men: Possibly worth a shot? We will see. But, you'll have a smaller smile. Small/Medium max size. Bigger the size, smaller the smile.

Hey fellas... I've some more research and wanted...

Hey fellas... I've some more research and wanted to share it.... There is a particular surgeon, Barry L. Eppley ( http://www.eppleychinaugmentation.com ) in Indianapolis that specializes in removing or reducing implants and making great efforts to eliminate/reduce the scar capsule and re-attach some of the muscles to prevent lip-sag and ugly dimpling. So, he seems like a great choice in doing that rather than just having it removed by your normal doc.

And, it seems from reading online that sliding geniplasties have great reviews.

K... This is Day 14 for me. The swelling comes...

K... This is Day 14 for me.

The swelling comes and goes... it's not really a gradual decrease from one day to the next. First 2 days pretty swollen.. Day 3-14.. Pretty much the same... So, it's not really going down AS Much as i hoped it would... But, to strangers, the first 3 days, no one will notice....

THE RECOVERY HAS BEEN SO EASY. BUT, My surgeon lied to me about the size....and over did it.

For me, my thing is I don't want anyone to notice. I come from a small town and getting it noticed will be embarrassing. So, it sucks but I'm hanging out at my brother's house for 40 days, then getting it reduced to a small... Then, I'll have to hangout here for another 40 days after that until all the swelling goes down. 3 months out of pocket for this. The medium he put in is too large and noticeable. I told the surgeon immediately before surgery, 'The Medium is too large. I don't want it.' He assured me he wouldn't. After the surgery he told me he put it in anyway.

Basically, I am super pissed at my surgeon.

But, the recover process has been VERY easy.

'Smedium' is usually best I think if you care about people not notcing... That's a carved down Medium.. A medium 'May' be noticeable.

I basically got talked into doing this.. I went in there thinking my nose was too big... They said, no, your nose is fine, what you need is an implant... Actually, my chin wasn't weak.. It was fine.. So, now I have a chin that protrudes from my lower lip and looks obvious and weird. So, if you are like me, don't get tricked into doing this when you really don't need it.

Anyway, I'll have to get it downsized instead of removed, because straight-up removal could lead to dimpling and sagging.

Dang, I wish my surgeon had gone w/ a small or 'smedium.' Now I have to go through TWO surgeries :-(

Also, ladies, sorry for telling you not to do this... Recovery seems to be easy.. But, those hollywood ladies do get different ones from what i've read.

But, if you absolutely have to get a chin implant or have to get a reduction, I'd use Barry L. Eppley in Indianapolis. I talked to him on the phone. He is the expert.


Before I got this done, I thought Chin Implants were THE ANSWER TO LIFE... Then, I got one and was like... 'Dang, that doesn't even look that great.' And, it's kinda embarrassing.. .Looking not as nice AND thinking people will notice. I, personally, look a tad different, but Not Any Better or Worse than before. It's kinda hilariousness. But, if your chin is REALLY weak, maybe it's ok.. Mine was just slightly weak.

Anyway, before I got my implant, I looked at all males.... Dang, that guy has a strong chin and that makes him look good. Wow, that guy has a weak chin, he doesn't look as good.

Now that I have an implant, it's like, 'Dang, that guy has a weak chin and looks darn handsome.' 'Dang, that guy has a strong chin and looks like crap.'

So, It reversed. Ha. Crazy

Then, I noticed some of the leading male actors have WEAK chins.

* Guy Pierce (pretty darn weak)
* Brad Pitt
* There's a lot of others too I've been seeing on TV shows, movies and so on.

So, I was thinking, if it's not a chink, WHAT is that will improve someone's look the MOST????


K.. So, here's what I came up after observing people over the past couple of weeks.

#1) Be strong/in shape if you are a man... Be thin if you are a woman.
#2) Be sharply Dressed
#3) If you are a man, get plugs.. Make sure you have hair.

I have a full list, but those are the big ones... I have CHIN like at #20 or some crap after noticing all these actors and handsome people have weak chins... Behind cologne and perfume. ha

But, I know we get OBSESSED with something, and MUST do something other wise we can't move on.. So, get a small one if you want and move on. But, staying in shape and wearing nice things will WAY outdo a chin that no one even looks at anyway.

These are my thoughts for now.

With all I have said.... As of Day 12 for me, I'd...

With all I have said.... As of Day 12 for me, I'd say it's Worth It... Why? Because there has been minimal pain, minimal swelling, and my smile and speech have actually come back.

All I'd say is don't expect an enormous change in your looks.

If you want to keep it Discreet, men, go for a medium.. Gals, go for a medium or small..

If you don't care if other people notice, go for a Large.

Was it worth it for me? No, because I didn't need it and basically got talked into it by my surgeon.. Now, I have to go get it reduced.

If you are a guy, I'd make sure they put it in through the Mouth and use a Screw to hold it in.. That way there is no scar and you never have to wear a harnace around your head. I was golfing by Day 4. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I had so minimal swelling I didn't care.
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Probably Good for others, but I didn't need it and kinda got talked into it by my surgeon and am gonna have it reduced. It's more of an 'embarrassment' issue of other people noticing than an issue of how it looks. It didn't improve my looks.. Just made my chin bigger... Turns out how big your chin is isn't as important as they make it out to be. How you do your hair, how you dress, what kind of shape your body is in, etc. are WAY more important than this chin thing. But, pain is minimal if you really want it.

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