Chin Implant Surgery and Recovery Experience

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I’ve read through a bunch of experiences and it...

I’ve read through a bunch of experiences and it helped me get more informed about a chin implant procedure. It was super helpful so here are some details on my experience with a chin implant procedure and recovery.

My chin is on the smallish side, and I’ve always been a bit self-conscience about it. I would wear my hair down more often instead of back in a bun or ponytail to conceal my chin. Sometimes, l would even stick out my jaw, like around an attractive guy or something. That’s really silly when I think about it. When looking at pictures of my profile or from a side angle, I did not like what I saw. During the winter-time, I liked wearing turtlenecks because I felt it made my chin look better.

When I felt I had the extra funds, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I went to three doctors. Quotes ranged from $2.400 to $4,300. I chose the middle-of-the-road doctor because had the most thorough consultation, only does facial plastic surgery, board certified, and has been doing it for 20 years.

Although he only quoted iv sedation, I emailed his office and asked if was possible to do it under local. He agreed and it was a cost savings of $750. In retrospect, I’m not sure if I would make that choice again.

Medium size implant placed under the chin.

The procedure:
I’m going to go into a bit of detail here because I wasn’t able to find this information when searching online, and I hope others will find it helpful.

Local and valium only for a chin implant surgery is what I chose. I had watched youtube videos of the surgery and felt I knew what to expect. I think I’m pretty tough and not a complainer. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and a cervical surgery done under just local. I think I have a high pain tolerance.
I arrived at the office and was given valium. It helped me be slightly less anxious and a bit sleepy, but I felt very much sober and aware. Honestly, I don’t think it had much of an effect. I was taken to the room and sat down in a chair. I kept on all my clothes and shoes. (I thought I might need to get undressed, but that wasn’t the case.) The nurse draped some blue cloths over my chest and head, cleaned the chin area, then the doctor came in, measured my chin and drew a line down the middle, and gave me about 10 shots to numb the area. Ten more minutes or so passed for the numbing to take effect, then it was time.
The chair was positioned back and light turned on. At this point, I closed my eyes and did not open them again until I was stitched up. Everything was numb. There was no real pain throughout, but I was very much aware of what was happening.
I felt the incision and pressure from opening the incision. There was a burnt smell and electrical shocks from the cauterization. The electrical shocks kinda hurt. Then there was scraping against to the bone to create a pocket. I did not realize how aggressive and loud this part was going to be. I was as still as I could be but the scraping kept pushing my head a bit to the side. The nurse held my head, and I tried to keep my bottom jaw as stiff as possible so the doctor could get could traction. The bone-scraping sound and vibration were the worse part and trying to keep my jaw still. At this point, I wondered to myself, “what was I thinking?”

Finally, the pockets were created (I say it took about 5 min) one side of the implant was pushed in and then the other side, I could feel the implant being inserted, especially at the edges of the implant where it was less numb. Once again, no real pain, but freaky feeling.
The doctor used his hand to mold the implant in place then began sticking me up. Finally! I felt much better, relaxed, and opened my eyes while he was stitching. They sat me up, put on a bandage, and had me sit for a few minutes. I felt so relieved it was over and ready to get off the chair!

Now, I want to say this was say this is just my experience, not everyone will have the same. There was no real pain throughout, but lots of pressure, movement, and sound. I’m glad I saved the money but not so sure I would do it again. (In a month from now, I will probably say the opposite, but right now it’s fresh in my mind.) I also wish I had known more of what to expect before hand - especially the bone scraping part.

Later that day:
It took about 3 hours after surgery before the pharmacy had the pain pills ready, so I was feeling intense pain after the numbness wore off. Finally, the pharmacy called, and I took the pain pills. I felt better and slept for the night.

1st day after surgery:
I feel sore and tight, but not too bad. My chin is completely numb and bottom lip slightly numb. Can’t open my mouth too wide. Eating soft foods. Feel well enough that I took off the bandages briefly and went to the grocery store for a few things. I like what I see in my profile. I’m taking antibiotics, pain pills, and arnica montana (prescribed by the dr) along with vitamin C (studies show it helps wound healing and dr ok’d me taking it.) I’m also icing regularly. I have an extra-wide headband that I place over the chin wrap and slip the ice bags in there, so I don’t have to hold them against my face. An extra chin wrap would also work (so for those getting the surgery, maybe ask for an extra wrap.)

2nd day:
Swelling is worse. I have chipmunk cheeks now. Chin still completely numb. Pain is tolerable. Eating soft foods, and sleeping on my back on 3 pillows. Feeling okay and went to Target. Brushing my teeth is a bit difficult because I can’t open my mouth fully.

3rd day:
Took a bath for the first time since surgery. Still very sore and swollen. Chin is numb. I’m slightly concerned about the numbness and hope to have some sensation coming back soon. First “social” day when I went to my sister’s house and talked and smiled more in two hours than I have in the last 3 days. All the talking and smiling has made me sore. Back to being a hermit for another day.

4th day:
Swelling and pain is improving. Chin still numb. I return to work tomorrow and a bit nervous about that. I only told my direct supervisor what I was doing. I hope no one notices and asks about it. I do not want to lie. My plan is to wear glasses (I wear contacts 95% of the time) so hopefully the glasses will distract. Also, because my chin and bottom lip are numb, I talk a little funny and have to concentrate on articulating my words. I will not be wearing any bandages, but put them on when I get home. I plan to lay low at work.

Will update and post more pictures after the swelling goes down


1 week:

No one noticed at work, whew! Or at least, if they did notice, they were polite enough not didn't say anything. Stitches removed today. Swelling improved (but still slightly swollen) and did get some yellowish bruising under my chin around day 5 which continues today. Chin still very numb.

11 days

Here are some updated pictures. Smiling in the pictures so my chin seems to pop a bit more. When not smiling, it's smaller. At times I wonder if I should have gone with a large instead of medium implant. I'm pleasantly surprised how my chin is slightly longer from the front. I think it balances my face better. My mouth looks a bit smaller than before. I'm okay with that. Swelling is mostly gone but still so numb! I'm tell myself to be patient and the numbness will eventually go away.
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