Chin Implant Too Big and Pointy - Houston, TX

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I had my nose surgery and my chin implant 17 days...

I had my nose surgery and my chin implant 17 days ago but I'm unhappy with the results. The Dr told he put a large implant now i see a big and pointy chin i told him i want it to be remove but he said he is going to put a m size. Is there a big difference between? Because i don't want a front change

Big chin

Sept. 12 2013 I have the appointment for my nose and chin implant and my Dr. Told me he is going to put a medium size is there a big difference between L and M size. Since I don't want a change in my front just little improvement I don't know if M size still is going to make a difference in may face that's is why I prefer to remove it. And I would like to know if my Dr remove it how long is going to take for my sensation and my numb lip is going to be normal?


I'm so nervous about my chin implant revision on Thursday 12 my chin implant is too big for me I found out that is XL size and I'm so disappointed with the results I never talked with my dr about the size and now I assumed my responsibility for not asking. But my Dr. Says he recommend me a M size since I told him I don't want a change in my front just a little improvement in my profile but I'm not sure what to do if remove it or M size ? I had a really weak chin now it's too big so I don't know. Can someone told me how many mm is M size and if the M size made a noticeable change from front.

Big chin

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