Butt Implants /Hour Glass Augmentation Need Weight Gain Advice! - Houston, TX

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So i went to see Dr.Cortes this saturday, and he...

So i went to see Dr.Cortes this saturday, and he was very nice and honest i would say. I'm a bit disappointed that I have to gain 10 pounds, in which Im trying to do in 1 week lol!. I would like any advice on how to gain some weight for those who have been told to do so as well. I normally eat relatively healthy, so this change would definitely be a shock to my body, I'm sure gaining the weight will probably be no problem, but I don't not want to have any other health related issues during the course. He's going to go with the 450cc round, and as well look to inject 400-450 cc of fat into each buttock, giving me nice projection and fullness. again, any advice is nice!! Keep you guys posted on my weight gain journey lol!

Few pics pre-Op

Here are a few pics, I'm gratef to have a little butt fat but I need more!!!

4 days before surgery!!!

Please excuse my filthy room lol. Another pre op pic!

1 day til surgery!

Really excited and nervous!!!

Surgery Cancelled

Surgery has been cancelled because my blood count was too low. Although they could of told me, the day before, they decided to wait until the day of when I had a freaking IV already stuck in my veins. I'm not sure I even want to reschedule. I know I will lose money, but I am not big on doctors who lack good communication skills.

Pre-Op pics

1 week pre-Op. Gained 3 more pounds. You see where it goes lol

Surgery Date Set- April 9

Ok, so I have my new surgery date set for April 9th!! excited and nervous at the same time. I guess the count down begins after my blood work is done.

3 days until surgery

wow does time fly!!! I did my pre-op today and everything seems to be going well (I haven't gotten that "somethings wrong" call). Hopefully all is well with my blood test, Im sure they will be this time! I will post pics as soon as I can, hopefully the day of and tell you the magnitude of pain I am in, if any. Wish me luck! I will be back in a couple of days :)

Surgery done and I feel great!

This is very brief, but in a I love my results!! Looks very natural and rotund lol loooooove it! I will post a thorough review a little later in the week when I've become accustomed to laying on my stomach

11 days post op

Just uploading some pics to give you all am idea. I still am too lazy to write a complete review. However I will say I am up walking back to normal. Yes I feel the implNt when I walk. I'm tender at lipo spots not sore and still a little bruised. Everything feels and looks great

2 weeks post op

3 weeks post

Blah. Lol
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Cortes was very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable! Ive never met him prior but he waved and spoke as if we've had a previous engagement. He answers all questions realistically and in a way you understand, no medical terminology!

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