*DR Cortes 27 Yrs Old 5'5, 125 Pounds Gained 20 Pds Now 145 - Houston, TX

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Surgery is 15 days away and I'm super nervous! I...

Surgery is 15 days away and I'm super nervous! I have a million questions ???? I was originally going to do just a bbl but I was too thin, I never thought I can gain this much weight.. Soo I decided to get the implant for more projection.. Now with 20 extra pounds I hope Dr. Cortes is able to give me some hips a fuller butt with a lot of projection. I'm nervous with the bad reviews I've read about his lipo but I decided to go with him because one of my good friends had great results with him.. She didn't love her lipo which makes me even more nervous ???? ( I know that should be enough reason to not go with him ) but I have also seen a lot of his work that I'm in love with. I know every person is different and I just hope I've made the right decision.

Addicted to periscope

14 days and I'm so excited! I watch all the live surgeries Dr. Cortes does, I'm in love with his work! I can't wait!


Another amazing job live on periscope... I hope my results are just as great!

I made it to the other side

Finally it's done! 26 hours later I'm doing great, no nausea or vomiting. I am in pain but nothing unbearable I'm getting pain meds at the hospital, why suffer! I should be discharged today by noon. Garment is tight I can't really see anything

So discouraged

My recovery is going great no complains.. I'm actually on my way to get my drains removed.. Ouch! I'm so sad my butt looks so tiny.. You can't even tell I got my implants done. IMPLANTS! You would think you would get a better result than just a bbl.. Hopefully it looks better with the new garment .. As of now I'm so sad :(

I had my consultation in May, the wait was about 4 hours and I was in the room with him about 10 min.. He was straight to the point.. There's was so many ppl there you can see he's a busy man. It took me 4 hours to get there and 6 to get back home due to traffic because I'm from out of town.

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