Butt implants with breast augmentation.

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I'm 26 years old I had 2 surgery last year tt and...

I'm 26 years old I had 2 surgery last year tt and fat transfer in butt area but had no results my butt is the same like before my surgery .So now im going to have butt implants with lipo and breast lift with augmentation with Dr cortes in Houston tx.im a little nervous because I when to several doctor and they told me this procedure was not a got idea because of the recovery of the way u need sleep one is in your tummy and the other one is sleep in your back.dr.cortes said that it was ok theres this kind of pillow I need to buy for my breast recovery.im I nervous and excited hopefully everything goes right .has anybody had they procedure together?

tummy tuck 2012

pre op

I went to my pre op appointment and it went great I'm just I little concern about my breast implant I'm getting 425 cc on the right and 410 cc in the other one and a little lift in the areola.right know I'm in 36 c in Victoria secret I don't want to be that big I just want a nature look..what do rs friend think would it look to bad and big.im getting silicone

4 days more

Hi girls 4 days till my surgery I'm a little nervous. I gained 18 pounds and I feel like a pig.. All my family and friends tell me why I'm I getting butt implants if my butt it's getting bigger since I'm gaining weight I really don't know if I want implants I don't want to look fake or like a duck .what do you girls suggest help me please!!!???

4 more days


In pain

I just can't describe the pain I'm going thru this hurt more than a tt or c section or any surgery.

Sorry not to good pic


more pic

Feeling better

Having cramps!!

I'm having pain in the muscle with contraction I can't walk I'm in much pain is this normal girl? Beside everything it's been fine .

better each day!!

Loving the results I'm just concern on the lipo areas I guess he did do all what he told me ; (


Felling better each day just not able to sleep a lot . Tomorrow I have a appt. With Dr cortes to take my stitches off. Got my drains out my 4 day of my surgery . Right now I'm in a medium garment hopefully I get to use xs like for my tt.what to you guys thinks ?

stitches off!!

Stitches Off feeling with some pain .took a shower and tried on a dress!!

not good

I took some pic 10 day from my surgery and I have not lot a lot I keep thinking Dr cortes did do well my liposculture and I'm a little upset I know it a little to soon by I know the differences I have had a tt and I know how my body is ...

upset !!

Dislike my body!! I think I had it better before I gain the wait the Dr cortes told me!!



draining a lot !

Sorry haven't update I don't have Internet right now and I been having so much complication that make me depressing just talk about.i don't know why I'm I draining a lot of my incision a lot of fluid color orange.



dont know what to do

im still undecide on having my revision with dr cortes what make me think he going to do a get job if the first time he didnt .all body is uneven ,ulgy stomach and my butt is nasty and square instead of a rounding butt.my both implant flip baclk and fourth.what do you girls think he is still charging 3800 just to fix one cheek .and if i what more lipo 6900

more pic

nasty pic dont know what dr to go i need a revision as soon as possible..i think im canceling my revision with dr cortes i thiought he was the best dr. in butt implants ??? need help girls ?

domt know what to do

Didnt go with dr cortes after all alot of girl of realself didnt want me to risk it.I still dont know with who to get a revision.im still thinking on going with dr ryan stanton or dr gongora .i really want to go to the republica dominicana i just dont know what dr work with butt implants need your help girls.

I need a revision asap!!

Think on going to colombia with dr. DueƱas or gabriel lobo.i really need some opinion help me realself girls !!who has got a butt implants revisiom.



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