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Hello all! I am soo excited that I am having my...

Hello all! I am soo excited that I am having my sx in less than two weeks. Had I known about this site earlier I would have been on here sharing my excitement with everyone here. I have been met with so much negativity from so many people. But looking at some of the comments this site, a lot of people seem so supportive of one another, and that is just what I need. I have done my research on Dr. Cortes and from what I have seen so far from his site, his You Tube videos, and the lovely Mrs. Mariel2013, I am so ready for my big day.

One more week...anxious and can't hardly wait!!

Good evening ladies...I wanted to post my before pics...please excuse all the cover up marks....I have a lot of tattoos lol...but I am soo ready for my new bootay. I have exactly one week from today before my big day is here, and time is passing really fast. I will be keeping everyone updated as I get closer to my date. Thank you again to all my real self sisters for wishing me luck.

New Surgery Date

My surgery date has changed and is now this coming up Monday, instead of Thursday. I am sooo excited and can't hardly wait. Praying everything goes well and also praying for a safe recovery. Will keep you guys updated. Talk to you soon!

Big day tomorrow

The big day is tomorrow..I am excited and anxious. I will be setting my alarms and making sure I am up and out of here no later than 4:30 in the morning. I know I am not gonna be able to sleep because I am so excited. Soo happy!!

Two days post op

I am up walking around and doing pretty good.. I am sore all over...does anyone else's fill like this..when you lay on you stomach, what's the easiest way to get up.. I experience so much pain tryna get up.

3 days Post Op

Wanted to share some more post op too tired to black out my tattoos..lol ass looking good from the back and side.

Getting around

I will say that anyone that is gonna help you must have patients because you will need them constantly..It's hard for me having the bbl and thigh lift but God is good he gives me the strength to push forward and help me get out of bed in the morning.. I also already had a tummy tuck before the surgery.. So I think everything came together pretty good.

Sorry so late with updated

Hey all my Real self dolls.. It has been a minute since I have been on here.. I have been on a roller coaster of a ride trying to heal and get better..there have been many tears and many late nights and early mornings.. But I still think it was all worth it..I have plenty of pictures of everything..plenty to update you on..give me a couple days.. Until then my dolls... Bye for now

Four Week Update

Hey my RS Dolls…It has been a minute since I updated my profile. I am 4 weeks and two days out as of today and I am feeling a lot better. Remember I had my butt augmentation and a thigh lift, my butt is doing really well, my thighs are still healing but are coming out nice as well..I just think that it is gonna take a few more weeks before my thighs are fully healed. All and All I am very happy with my results.

Right now I have the healing itches…everywhere that I had lipo I am on fire itching..I bought Benadryl and Allegra..the only one of the two that work in my opinion is the Allegra..but it’s only supposed to be taken once a day and after so long it wears off. I am just ready to get over these itches because they are no fun..I take an Ambian at night to help me fall asleep..the Allegra is taken early in the morning and wears off by the time I go to bed.
Other than that I am good I am going to add a few pics of me today at 4 weeks out…I will post more in another couple weeks…update you later dolls!!


Hey RS.. Just a quick update.. I'm doing great.. Swelling in the leg is going down.. Butt is off the chain.. Lol I'm loving it.. I post a few videos on my Instagram page.. @thisladyredd hit me up and kik me with any questions my kik is in my bio

6 weeks out feeling good

Hey RS.. 6 weeks out feeling really good.. Stepped out all weekend..


Hey Real Self...It's been Real 2 months PO

Hey real self dolls..I want to thank all of the Cortes angles that reached out to me and gave me all the helpful information and support that I needed to get through my sx and more. I have spoken to a couple of you on the phone and met some of you...Some of the nicest people I have ever met. This will be my last post update as I requested to have my profile deleted. Even though the profile will be deleted, I am told my post will still be on here. Even though I did not post much, I hope the little that I did will help some of the girls thinking about going through the surgery.

On another note, it is always good to have a friend that is supportive even through the beginning stages. Even at this time when you checking out profiles trying to determine if sx is right for you. Someone that I thought was supportive ended up going on here creating fake profiles just to be hateful. I wont entertain haters but I will say this, GOD BLESS YOU!!! Take care of yourself real self dolls!
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