Finally Writing my Journey!!

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So hello ladies!!!!! I have finally plucked up the...- Houston, TX

So hello ladies!!!!! I have finally plucked up the courage to come and write on here. Have been months of researching and following all your wonderful journeys.

Bbl soon coming! Nervous as hell but hopefully be all worth it. Plus going by myself Which is going to be a nightmare I'm sure especially having to fly back to the UK.

Anyways so sent in my pics to Dr Cortes etc been told I have to put on weight! 15/20lbs yeh I could do that! Just eat and drink everything and anything!!! YES!!!:)

NO!!!!! Has been the hardest thing ever!!! I have actually put on weight now finally . 15lbs since Oct is not too bad I suppose. I'm just hoping it will be enough as I have my review 1month before surgery.
If he says its still not enough I will literally die!!!!

Probably the heaviest I've been and I don't even remember feeling like this when I was pregnant.
I can't fit into any of my clothes,underwear etc you name it. Thongs stuck up my ass and all sorts!!!
Now do I buy new clothes just to fit now but is it worth it? I'm gonna have to buy new clothes when I'm all done up anyway errrrgggh pulling out my hair. Feel so ugly :(

Well be back soon guys need to shove some more food down me

Time for pics

Just a couple wish pics

Little Update

Omg!!!" I am really, really sick of food now. Ive been getting the runs but i dont know if its what i ate or if its my bodys way of telling me to get rid of all that shite im eating. Dont actually want anymore fast food. My skin is really bad now I'm getting pimples everywhere and its really dry.
I so can't wait to detox!!!!
So Ive been told that if I carrying on eating ill be obese, not knowing the reason why I'm eating like a pig. Still don't know why I'm stuffing my face so much now I'm sure I've put on enough but my bf says it's never enough the more the better.
Easy for him to say! He says its better that if too much fat it can be thrown away, too less and ill be very dissapointed that I didnt eat.

Anyway so he is the only person that knows! I've kinda hid it from everyone as my family are very opinionated and always have something to say and to be honest I don't to be up for disscussion. I just wanna get on with it and get it over with so I can get back to normal. My on. When I get there and how my recovery will go with noone there to help me. Then I have the long flight back help me!!!!

Anyway enough of my moaning! Probably just woke up on the wrong side but thanks for reading girls be back soon!

Fingers crossed

So i weighed myself this morning and seems like ive lost a bit hmmmmm is it my stupid scales???.... Ive been eating like crazy. I have digital scales and i will be getting a different one as ive been told now that the digital one is not very accurate.
Anyways spoke to Lucy today and was told i need to send in my pics so ive just done that. Fingers crossed guys!!!!! Hope it will be enough weight so i can relax a little.
Oh so nervous now time is getting closer!

More Weight!""""

Ok...... The update with my weight gain is great!! BUT! I still need to put on 8lbs arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!! Not impressed. I was hoping for the yes great keep it that way.
Anyway i have now turned to the calorie shakes that i did try ages ago and give it another try. Hopefully ill be 8lbs next week lol....
So ive now booked my flight yay! And now looking for a hotel as all the ones that was recommended seems to be fully booked now damn it. If any of you guys know of any good ones please let me know.


Another week and bit to go and i really cant put on this weight.!! I am still 145lbs i went to 148 now im back down.
I just dont understand. I was sick with a tummy bug for 24 hours which was a nightmare as i could not eat or drink for the whole day but that was it. Im back to normal and im starting to give up. I feel like shit

omg Happy!!!

I finally told my sis.!! And there is goes all the questions about how, why, where and who etc.. She is not impressed. And can't believe that I tried to keep it from her considering she is the closest to me. She said she will not allow me to go to Houston on my own so she is coming yay. I'm so happy that I've told her, she says she would love to have it done but is not going through putting on weight and all of that. She said she was starting to think that I actually was enjoying putting on weight as I kept eating like a pig lol. She's not gotta tell anyone but at least I feel a lot better now :)

1 week to go!

ll be in Houston on Saturday so at least I'll have a little time to settle in before surgery. I'm so excited. Anyways my weight now is 148lbs so getting closer to target not worrying too much now as I'm trying my best and that's all I can do. My thoart is getting so sore and Im trying not to take take much for it but honey and lemon. I really hope I'm not getting sick.:( I can't deal with that now. Im still contemplating on what to pack with me so I've ordered some vitamins, benadryl etc think I'll get most of the stuff out in Houston as I heard it's much cheaper. I so hope I'm going to recover ok since my flight back is on Saturday so I've only got like 3 days omg!! My fightback is going to be a nightmare and it's a night flight!!!

typing errors

Sorry about the spelling guys! Dunno why phones try to spell for you like you don't know what your typing lol

Touch down in Houston

Wow what a night! 10 hour flights are really not the one. So arrive here at my hotel at 9pm after all the waiting to pick up the car and all sorts. This hotel is actually really decent. Has everything that you will need etc. Beds are comfortable but did not get a good nights sleep because of the time difference so was up at 4am this morning.
Gonna go explore a little today , hope everyone is good.
Be back soon. :)

comfort inn

Pre Op

Just found some time to update my blog quickly.
So i went to my pre op yesterday and all went well. The staff there are really nice and office was really really busy. The ladies sitting in the office were really cherpy and talking about all their procedures which put me at ease a little. Had a chat with Mariam and she was really nice.
Dr Cortes is really friendly, he looked at me took pictures and told me that he was gonna get rid of all my fat from arms, flanks, inner thighs etc. I was like yes, yes please do!!! Thank god finally its all going to a better place lol.
I was suppose to go to the hospital but didn't get to make it so will be there this morning at 10am instead. My surgery will be at 1.30pm. So gonna be off to the hospital now wish me luck! Will update soon.

2 days post op

Hey ladies!! So the first day is the hardest. Wow that anesthesia is good. I was spaced out the whole day. I had no idea i was even going into surgery. The last i knew of i was talking to the nurse.
Anyway so it all went well, had a really nice night nurse who really looked after me. Cant even remember her name i was so spaced out. After she took out the catheter i was Going pee pee literally all night.Dr Cortes came to see me in the morning he said i had 1000 CC in each cheek and 250 in each hip. I was like wow you moved all that fat!!! Yes Dr Cortes sucked me dry.
So he will e visiting me in my hotel in the next day or so but he is worried about me flying home so early he may have to give me some injection to prevent blood clots.
He worrys about all his patients bless him.

2days post

The pain was not too bad as i was all drugged up with everything which i suppose was a good thing. I stayed at the hospital till 7pm and i was discharged. Getting in and out of the car was a bit difficult as obviously not cushioned and not as comfy as the hospital bed but i made it in the I'm back in my lovely hotel room and its been a bit of a hard night i have so much medication i was what the hell but make sure u read it first. I've Ben up every two hours or so to go pee and walk around for 5 mins or so and just had to take a pain tablet which should have me knocked out in a bit. So thought I'd quickly update you guys and will put up my pics soon


I know I've been away for a while, been a crazy week for me.
So where shall I begin.

Back in Houston I had my garment changed and had another visit to cortes before I flew back. Everything was good. Cortes said my but was good and I will definitely love it but his main concern was my flight back. He said no sitting and gave me a pillow which I have to place under my thigh for take off and landing or during flight if I have to sit.
He was very worried about it as he didn't want it to ruin my new booty. He gave me a shot for blood clot and the rest I have to do by myself when I get back.

flight back

Car journey to the airport was forever I was getting cramp in the back as the car was so small. When we finally arrived I couldn't move.
Oh the stiffness in my ass and having to waddle slowly through airport security was a nightmare.
Got scanned and all that and guess what! I get stopped, sorry but we have to pat u down' I couldn't believe it I was like we'll Ive just had surgery so please be gentle. So she pats me and then wipes my hand. The alarm rings!! Wtf really?? I had to go to a private room to be patted down and test my clothes. Any so after all that it was all negative then I was let out what a waste of my time. Apparently my sis said they could see patches on me.

It was 2 hours till boarding and my legs were killing, my ass was stiff, I just wanted to go home.
The called up disability people first to board. I was sat there thinking hold on a minute, though I'm not disabled I actually can't move really fast. So I showed them my docs note to say I had surgery, and they actually ok with it and asked if I wanted a wheelchair to hel me to the plane. I was like no its fine I'll walk but will take me a while and boarded first. Thank god!
So anyone who's flying home after surgery. Remember show the attendants your note it really does help.
I show them all on the plane they said they will try and help but the flight is really full. At this point I wanted to cry. I was thinking how've he'll am I going to do this, I can't kneel down as my legs were on fire! I couldn't even bend them. So I waited until everyone was on and yes!!!! There was a couple spaces and my sis kindly asked the guy next to us if he minded movingly he didn't. Bare in mind they all think I've had back surgery and need to lie down so I managed to get 3 seats to myself!
The flight felt like the longest ever I couldn't sleep I was up and down and weren't allowed to stand up to eat because of turbulence so did everything laying down but I am glad I got the extra seats as it did help a little.
Never doing that again!!!!

back home

Got home and was so happy. I could wait to take the garment off and have a shower. I have been feeling the urge to do a,number 2 finally since I hadn't been for like 4 days. Had a shower and my bf helped me wash and put my garment back on. After a few hours yes I did it! Had to take my garment off and my bf had to help it off my ass I can't do it on my own. I finally done the number 2. Wasn't that much but felt good as I was feeling really bloated. That day and the next happened a good few times and I was glad, was starting to think something was wrong.


Oh sleeping is the most difficult part for me. I cannot and never been able to sleep on my front. I thought it was fine but I think it was due to the drugs at the hospital and hotel.
My legs get really stiff and the bruising on my legs really hurt that I find it difficult to bend my knees.
My face swells up from being on my front all night and the aches in my lower back.oh why oh why! What have I done to myself. I'm refusing to take talking as it makes me really dizzy and weird. But I know it knocks me out. I've been taking ibuprofen still and seems to be ok. I'm just still having trouble. Sleeping at night. I really can't wait until I can turn around. Does anyone know how soon I can or have any suggestions that could help??

10 days post op

I'm now starting to itch at my incisions. I really wanna scratch. I've bee taking benadryl at night and it's a bit better. But Im really dying to take out my stitches too. I emailed Lucy to ask when I should remove them but she says that it will come out after 2 weeks. I hope the will or I will be pulling theist myself.
I finally with great difficulty and the help of my bf squeezed myself in a large garment today. I was so swollen after surgery that they had to put me in to and xlarge. But the large feels more comfortable and holding me in well as I still have the lumpiness from lipo on my stomach.


Sorry typing is bad on my phone


2 weeks po

Time seems to be taking forever! I feel like I can't heal fast enough. I do actually feel better though my sleeping is still really annoying. The bruising in my legs are a pain at night and seems to be really numb while I'm sleeping. I'm still a bit achy everywhere else but overall it's ok. I'm my large garment and I thought I could fit in a medium as the large was getting abit loose. Boy was I wrong! That was not going over my thighs lol.... I put myself right back in the large. Maybe another week ay..
Still itching like crazy, I think it's due to the incisions healing. I really wanna scratch out my stitches. Some of them are poking all over the place I get my bf to cut them down. Has anyone had their stitches in and left to dissolve? As I understand they are dissolable? But they are doing my head in with the glue coming off too. I'm actually tempted to get my bf to try get it out

final garment

Yay! I finally made it in the medium garment since the other day trying force it on lol... I feel like I can't breathe though but I think it's a good thing. Needs to be tight. The only.thing now is my arms. Does anyone know how long I have to wear the sleeve to compress my arms? It seems as's not doing much at the moment. My bf helped me take out my stitches and boy did it feel great!!!!! I couldn't.take it anymore.the glue and the ends of the stitches were making me itch. Like crazy! Think there are two where my skin has healed quite q bit over the stitches so he had to leave them and will time. Getting there guys, feeling about better


And another thing.
Does anyone know.if I have to change in a smaller garment after this medium or will it be this for the next month or so? Otherwise will.have to buy more :(

booty in garment

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